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If Rockstar made another CTW styled game

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23 hours ago, RetroMystic said:

2D games in this style no longer appeal to mass audiences, I doubt if Rockstar made another CTW styled game it would be "successful". If you don't believe me look at Nintendos reports of extremely poor sales of CTW itself.


I never said 2D you Porc Fou !


I said top down perspective , TPP/FPS sort of.


Nintendo is no PS much sales were made by GTA on PS consoles.

Edited by CHARMANDER50

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Reyiz Kovan

Yeah it'd be so cool.i really enjoyed CTW when i started playin it.And another game with style of it can be really good.

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плюс это сделает фанатов старой школы GTA очень счастливым человеком

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just do it bob1

I would like them to make a second one, but no one would play it. It's sick to see some of the new generations of players just brushing this game off because of its semi top-down view. Rockstar Leeds made some great PSP ports. I wish they would work on another game with the old 3D era graphics. Drug dealing was a fun part of the game. I wish it would come back in maybe GTA Online. 

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If they do ever do another top-down GTA game, I want it go all out silly like GTA 2 with a points system and absolute carnage.




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Only if they include Shark Cards... 

Microtransactions to keep playing missions and buy new weapons make me real horny me love it long time :inlove:

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On 5/27/2017 at 7:15 PM, Keano said:

3DS is definitely a good market for Rockstar considering the success of Chinatown Wars

GTA CW on DS was a failure in term of sales. They ported it on PSP and iOS in order to make at least some profit.

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Love CTW, and would love CTW2 😍

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It would be killer if we had a GTA2 remaster with CTW gameplay mechanics and graphics.

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Ronald Reagan

I guess a game similar to L.A. Noire would work, maybe N.Y. Noire?



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Guest Billy Russo

I never got around to playing Chinatown Wars, but I'd definitely still be interested in a classic 2D top down GTA. It probably wouldn't be super difficult for them to develop, it's just whether Rockstar is that bothered over it anymore. There's probably not a whole lot of money to be made there, and they are so focused on GTAO now. Would be cool to see Nintendo Switch get a GTA game. I wish Sony released a good handheld console, I really miss the days when I used to play on my PSP, I know it was flawed but I loved it. PS Vita deserved more love as well.

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On 5/15/2017 at 4:52 AM, Junior_Djjr said:

I'm not advertising at all, but I'm creating (with some few guys) a GTA CW style game set in Brazil.






And yes, we were fans wanting to be like a Rockstar.

gimme a demo download link Asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good-bad news:


Due to the large negative reception of the idea, we switched to low camera in third person perspective.


Almost everyone didn't like the idea of GTA CW style camera, and we are making this game for people, so we have to follow what people want, even if it's harder.


Also because the game started to get so detailed and realistic that it made no sense to continue with this simple gameplay style.

Anyway we don't even want to come close to a GTA V-like, we are a small indie team, the game will still be simple, probably with DYOM style elements, we don't know yet.


Unfortunately the few people who wanted a GTA CW style game will be disappointed. And no, we didn't think about having a GTA CW camera option, it's not just a camera lift and it's all right, it was supposed to be a whole style, it wasn't just a camera, it was gameplay. The gameplay we are going to do now will no longer make sense with the CW style.



More infos about this decision: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2019/09/2nibble-novo-jogo-e-futuro-do-impunes.html


So... It will not be now that you guys will have a new CW style game.


Who thinks of doing this, try something really simple, we were doing something like GTA CW but with HD graphics, it made no sense, we looked at a high camera and the game was ok, we switched to a low camera and the game was pretty nice.

Try to make it something like a game jam, challenge yourself to do this in, for example, 1 month at Unity, so you will be able to finish without exaggerating the game's detail. 


And don't make the same mistake we think, that being a high camera everything would be easier to create. Other difficulties came up, it was not necessary to care about animations, sounds etc, but we had to worry about other limitations and technical problems, it is not something so much easier to create compared with third person camera, but in general it was.

Edited by Junior_Djjr

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Ronald Reagan

From what I've seen, a lot of developers don't care about fans opinions, so maybe you shouldn't - fans don't always know best.


You could have created something special, but you will create another generic Grand Theft Auto clone. Sad.


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