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Looking for PC players with mics for heists/jobs/races

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I'm looking for a few people to do jobs, heists, and races with or to just drive around. I've never done a heist before and have wanted to find people to do them with for a while now. And before anyone gets turned off from that, I've watched Broughy do the Criminal Mastermind challenge, so I know what to do and what roles I could perform, I just haven't done it yet :lol:. I would love to eventually do CMM, not only for the accomplishment, but that sweet, sweet bonus.

My character is rank 150 after the x2 grinding and I've been playing since October 2016 on and off. I've spent the entire life of my current character in invite-only, so anyone could imagine how boring that can get. I don't cheat, mod, or glitch aside from clothing glitches. I've got a good internet connection as far as I know. I've never lagged out during a session.

I'm 23 with a lot of social anxiety, so for me, that translates to no friends :rol:. I'm CST, have a mic because I can't be bothered to use the chat, and am able to play whenever. I'm former console trash so I've only played with aim assist if that's a dealbreaker. I'd be willing to try keyboard/mouse, but I'm afraid my driving would suffer from it. I also can't fly a plane for sh*t; helicopters, a little. Driving is what I'm best at, by my own account, and I'm a clean racer from the few public races I've won.

I'm hoping to find mature people over 18 that can work as a team if doing missions or heists, won't get mad if something happens to go wrong, and who are laid back, friendly, and have a sense of humor. I don't care if you're a guy or girl or anything in between, as long as you're cool with me being a little shy at first. It would be nice to meet other female players, though, since I find it easier to talk to and relate to other women. All I ask is no public lobbies. With all the talk of modders going around on PC, I don't want to run the risk of losing my rank or my money.

If anyone's willing to give me a chance, you can message me here or on Social Club. I also have Discord. The name's the same.

Edited by LadyThornBird

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I've gotten a couple replies so far, but would like to find a few more. I've gotten some experience thanks to funkyunderpants on SC. I've been through everything but Pac Stan, give or take a couple setups. And no screw ups on my end, either!

Edited by LadyThornBird

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Mmmm, was about to say your name seemed familiar until you mentioned funkyunderpants. I did his PB finale with you as well the other day.


Add FluffyDeathBunny if you want. I don't mind doing races occasionally for something different. I have a mic but seeing as it was for the 360 (just happens to be able to be used on my PC) I have no idea what it sounds like on the other end of things (things sound a bit tinny on my end) so i tend to stick to text chat but i tend to have voice chat set on anyway so i can hear stuff during heists etc. Happy to help out if you need it.

Edited by Aussie_Hunter

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We meet again :). I'll add you.


You don't have to use a mic if you don't want to (I didn't even have one until last week). I already know that you're reliable.

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Congratulations! I must say, I do enjoy getting drunk with workmates whilst on the job :beerhat:

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Hey, add me if you want to :)
ign: .Snorlax.

Im looking for people to play too :D

20 with a mic and neither salty or annoying (at least thats what i keep tellin myself)

Edited by ThatFatPokemon

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Hi LTB n palz, if there's room in the car I'm definitely up for this! I'm an advanced, legit and helpful player who's been away for a long time- I decided that this time I'm staying away from the mess and danger of public lobbies, so I'm making a list of reliable friends/crew from scratch for heists and debauchery.


Add me if you can handle a cooperative team mate who is out of practice and useless for the first 5 minutes, before it all comes back to me at which point I will naturally destroy you all.


I'm mic'd up until my housemates go to sleep, after which point my devastating wit and smack talk will come at you via text chat.


If I've got the job I'll come join this week :D



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Hello, I'm looking for a crew to do Criminal Master Mind. Let me know if you're interested.


My SC: hyabakk

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Hey, sent you a friend request on SC. I'm relatively new to PC (have experience running most of the heists on PS4), and I have a buddy I play with who's fresh to the game.

We're pretty much in the same boat as you, and we're looking for some chill people to run heists, etc. with. I have a mic but he doesn't (yet).



Also, I might send friend requests to people from this thread if y'all don't mind.

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