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thirteenag's GTA2 widescreen fix


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Edit: get the latest version, it works great now

hifi is also working on a widescreen patch that will give a 1080P viewing area. It hasn't been released yet, still some things to fix.

Edited by Sektor
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That widescreen hack has other issues aswell, cutting off the heads and text and breaking the arrow offsets. Best not to use it.


hifi is working on proper widescreen patch that will give a 1080P viewing area. It hasn't been released yet, still some things to fix.

Thanks for telling me the issues. It'd probably be best not to use it and wait for hifi's patch.

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  • 2 weeks later...

That widescreen hack has other issues aswell, cutting off the heads and text and breaking the arrow offsets. Best not to use it.


hifi is working on proper widescreen patch that will give a 1080P viewing area. It hasn't been released yet, still some things to fix.

All of that was already fixed in latest version.

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Sorry, I didn't realize you updated it, I remember the missing head problem being tagged with no fix but looks like you figured it out. I'll have to try it again. Nice work!

Edited by Sektor
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I just tested it. Working nicely in singleplayer and it also adds a quick save feature (F5 by default). It doesn't let you save during a mission but it will start you on foot in the place that you saved, so no more needing to always go to the church or start at the church.


+ and - on the numeric keypad allow you to zoom the camera in and out.


You can change the settings by editing scripts\GTA2.WidescreenFix.ini


I set a resolution in there lower than my desktop so I can play in a window without anything being cut off. The framerate was much lower in network mode for me than singleplayer, especially fullscreen but it works fast in a window.


Quick save crashes the game in multiplayer or if you use the skip frontend option from gta2manager (no big deal, just don't push F5).


Arrows pointing to other players are in the wrong positions in multiplayer. All players need the widescreen fix to play multiplayer or the game will go out of sync. Show instruments debug hud element must be offscreen since it isn't visible.

Edited by Sektor
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  • 2 months later...

For me it doesn't seem to work with Glide wrapper. Running v9.6 with Glide wrapper, I get "Videomode 16x16x16 is not available".

Edited by spaceeinstein
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  • 1 year later...

Hi guys, for those who think that GTA2 is not as playable on Widescreen patch as on 4:3 mode (or w\o widescreen patch), I am dropping by to share my method of how I got GTA2 to run perfectly at 30 + FPS with the widescreen patch and how you can even have some CONTROL over the FPS you want. The steps shall follow below, but I hope my steps give you a definitive guide to enjoying this game IN WIDESCREEN, using my own experience messing around with the game for 2 (mostly) sleepless nights..lol

About FPS (Go 60FPS or NOT)
Okay, First things first.. Do not play this game at 60 FPS.. if you must play it at a higher FPS, 35 is the sweet spot or max 40 (this is on foot~ fps goes down when accelerating) is ideal. 
60FPS only increases game speed to 2x and that's not what you want, I wish I could run Dino Crisis 2 or Resident Evil 3 in 60 FPS.. but you get my point..  i.e. some games are designed (unintentionally) to just speed up at 60FPS and in contrast, some are (again, intentionally) designed to take advantage of the 60FPS. (Silent Hill 1 on PS1 60FPS is a great example of taking advantage of modern systems).

GTA2 belongs to the latter, its not designed to take advantage of modern systems, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, as the gameplay is already fast, and we don't want it to hit more than 35 or 39 ideally (still better than the game's own 30FPS default. Trust me, 35 - 39 or around that.. that's the sweet spot.

(NOTE: These steps are for the FreeRockstarClassicsVersion which is version 9.6 and is still available on the "www.chip.de" website or elsewhere, the WIDESCREEN FIX by the great ThirteenAG seems to have been designed for this version, and a big shout out to him for enabling me to enjoy this game and many other classics in widescreen. )


The Steps,in order
After installation: 

1) Copy the widescreen fix folder contents to game directory in order to apply the widescreen fix. Notice that the game performance is severely compromised after widescreen fix.

2) To remedy this, right click for properties of both gta2manager.exe and gta2.exe and set to "reduced color mode" 16 bit and also check "run as administrator" for both . (CREDIT TO "Commander 238" on this forum for this ESSENTIAL tip)

3) Turn off frame limiter in gta2 manager as its limiting us to around 25FPS. Our aim is to get around 35FPS for GTA2 
(Our desktop monitor resolution will affect frame rate so adjust it accordingly to get desired frame rate, ideally 1600x900 for 35plus or 1920x1080 for 30fps) 

4) Open "regedit" in the RUN command and go to to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen", here adjust "max_frame_rate" to 0 and "min_frame_rate" to 1 (Tip: if you want to lock to 30FPS, then keep max_frame_rate to 1, but for now lets keep it simple and go with 0, as you can change this later. )

Important: No need to adjust resolution in widescreen fix cfg file, if you want the patch to automatically run game at your desktop resolution.

Bonus Tips: use lower res in widescreen fix cfg than desktop res to get windowed mode.

That's it. Try these steps and please follow up and let me know how it goes. Cheers!


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I am kind of puzzled because GTA 2 already works for me at 1080p widescreen without a patch.  But I hate the default zoom level, and love this patch because you can change it during the game.  However, 3D graphics performance does suffer a bit when you zoom out, so you need to disable frame rate limits for smooth driving.  And then the game is impossible to control when walking.  The workaround is to set 'CameraZoomFactor = 1', then manually zoom out at the start of the game.  Then it never zooms in too close on the player and performance remains consistent.  Maybe its my imagination, but the 11.44 (unofficial) GTA 2 also seems to have slightly better performance at wide zoom levels.


The ideal solution would be to create a default zoom level in the patch, so you dont have to adjust it every time you launch the program.  But even without that convenience, I appreciate what ThirteenAG has done here to address the most serious game play issue (which for me is the lack of long range visibility).  The game is a lot more fun when you can see whats coming (especially in multiplayer).  The only other thing I could wish for is proportional joystick control, so the cars would be more controllable at high speed.

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I just discovered that my monitor is stretching nonstandard video modes to fit the screen and had to disable this feature.  (Too bad you cant edit posts here).  So I got the widescreen fix working but now the menu is really tiny.

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  • 1 month later...

Almost running perfectly on my PC here,

the only issue i have is a violent screen tearing whenever i'm making turns with a vehicle's full speed..

I already tried everything; including modifying screen values in regedit (my native res is 1360x768)

This actually happens with or without the widescreen fix and any resolution i set in the options.

Did someone experience this? 

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  • 1 year later...

There is a problem with this fix. Because of the changed zoom, there are too little peds spawn in front of you, especially if you are driving a fast car (and therefore zoom is minimal => you see a large piece of the map on the screen, and peds are spawning around all the entire visible map). I think there is a spawning limit, so we don't see a lot of people anywhere. In other words, the spawning limit is the same at different zoom levels.
Sooo, its nearly impossible to complete trailer KF in Residential, (75 peds in 01:30), because the speed of Furore GT. We simply do not have enough peds this way. The only way to complete is to press Accelerate and Brake together => this way we'll have minimal speed and minimal zoom and peds spawning in front of us)



I noticed that for some reason this patch causes less peds on streets regardless of zoom level. 
So almost EVERY KF in the game becomes harder. Especially in Industrial. You should naturally disable this patch to be able to complete some KF, for example, shotgun one. 

Edited by freedom_is_true
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