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Re: Liberty City Stories

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Winner of The Best Conversion in GTAForums Annual Awards 2017, 2018, and 2019 Grand Theft Auto Re: Liberty City Stories (or Re:LCS) is a "Remake" of Liberty City Stories on PC with GTA Vice

Missions that I've been converted:   PORTLAND ISLAND Vincenzo Cilli 1. Home Sweet Home 2. Slacker 3. Dealing Revenge 4. Snuff 5. Smash and Grab 6. Hot Whee

Also, as thanks for people who voted this mod as the Best Conversion 2018, I'll drop some progresses here:  Updated map textures! I've LCS-matched colors better map textures from GTA3 PC (currentl

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i know game was designed for PSP, but i still wonder why PS2 has PSP quality textures everywhere. Did R* just really created every texture in 64x64 or 128x128?

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It's highly likely Lucid/War Drum just don't get access to the texture storage, if I recall Rockstar Vienna did, the textures they make are higher res, but Rockstar seem to have an aversion to letting port studios have access to their sh*t.

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I'm wondering, what TXD is this in, could you not check the mobile textures to see what Lucid interpreted as?

It's in LDS_LUIGI_1.TXD , twin_64 texture Edited by Niko Belic 605
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Staunton Assassin

Nice one! :^::^::^::^::^::^: Ouch, broke my thumb.


Now post a download link so I can give you "some" (which are going to be about 250,000) cookies!


By the way, name it Remastered LCS HUD, I don't want it to sound stupid like my unreleased Homemade LCS HUD.




Where is Hackman128? Haven't seen him in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

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my unreleased Homemade LCS HUD.



MmmmmHmmmm, just like Momma used to make LCS in the good old days.

Edited by Ash_735
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Sandris Gjoka


my unreleased Homemade LCS HUD.

oSRZy0R.pngMmmmmHmmmm, just like Momma used to make LCS in the good old days.

Haha, the good old days :D

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The Hero

I did notice that the timecycle ambient light as well as the vertex colors are in PS2 color range (where 128 = 1.0) so I also implemented a new building pipeline and now everything looks like on PS2. I hope this information is helpful to you somehow.

I have to correct myself. The vertex colors are not in PS2 color range but they are in fact multiplied by a factor from the timecycle. Using the VC timecycle column names the lighting formula then becomes


out[ps2 space] = vertex*materialColor*amb + amb_bl/2
I think this is correct and I also suspect it's the same lighting model used in LCS as amb = AMBIENT and amb_bl = EMISSIVE in the mobile timecyc.dat. Edited by The Hero
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Newspaper Update:

*Click for Bigger*


I think its done.

It is an in-game screenshot.


Give me some feedback about it.

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I'd justify text in all three columns, maybe also decrease spaces in between lines. These are my two biggest concerns. Aside from that, you could add some wrinkles, stains or shadows on the texture itself, so it doesn't look too clean and sharp.

But generally it looks good. Couple of small simple tweaks and it's going to be perfect.

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Couldn't be the picture remade from ingame? I see there is some ped behind the save ferry sign.

Can you give an example?..of how..

Explain it a bit..

By the way, Its Save our Jobs not Save ferry.


@Nihilist I will look into it when I am home.

Edited by _Æ_
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oh well, wonder from where it is.
Both places i remember with "save ferry" doesn't have save job sign...

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Click for Bigger


*The original texture that will be provided will not have the 'NB' sign.


@Nihilist, Done.

Edited by Niko Belic 605
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When using Neo reflections, every car is completely reflective. After checking a few cars from the mod in 3Ds Max (namely the police car and the Exsess), every material has a 1.0 specular value, even the interiors. Furthermore, reexporting the same car (I chose the police car for this) without any changes will make some parts, like the bonnet, be completely white, even though they have a different color in their material.


Checking the same cars but from Majestic's models, they are actually fine, only the car shell being reflective (having the specular value 0.3). Was this done on purpose? Were the materials like this in the LCS port?


EDIT: Also sometimes the hierarchy might be f*cked up when importing the models. Atleast this happened with the Exsess and IIRC once with the police car. Not sure if this is model specific.

Edited by Jinx.
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I have same problems with the white cars. They are normal conversion from LCS mobile gta3.img archive. Even Surya mentioned it once he had same problem. (they work fine on vanilla vc tho)

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Are the license plates in higher resolution, or no? Lazy to compare it myself :D

Yes, they are in higher resolution..


(Edited LCS Mobile Plates)

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And missing textures at the tombstones in Staunton church.

Could someone please post PS2 screens? Where i get there on emulated copy with cheats to get there (cuz i don't have island unlocked) i "see" invisible graves :D.

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