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The Hitman

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>I Proudly Present A Mission Pack!



A Guy Named (Alex) is Poor , He wants to earn money any way he wants.He loved bounty hunting since childhood. He goes to LV and finds out a factory.He finds that the factory is owned by his friend BIP Who leads a group named LVS for bounty Hunting.He Loved It So he joined the group.

They Were Very Strong Because A Pro Alex joined them too.They Wanted to be popular but the Group Named DoT. Is not letting LVS Become popular..............


->(Find Out More By Waiting For The Release)<-



Alex (Awesome)

-Hero Of [MP]

-Friend (Obviously)

-LVS Member

-Alex , A Poor But PRO Combatant



BIP (BananasInPajams)

-LVS Leader


-LVS Leader

-BIP , Very Pro and rich guy , Old Friend Of Alex.Better Combatant Than Alex



Toxi (ToxicVirus)

-LVS Leader2 (Not Co Leader)


-LVS Leader2

-Toxi , Same Skills like Alex but not better than BIP



Vince (Vincent1245)

-LVS Member


-LVS Member

-Vince , Poor In Combat But Very Intelligent



Blu (99Blueman)

-DoT. Leader


-DoT. Leader

-Blu , Extremely Pro And Trained Guy , Better Combatant Than BIP (LVS Leader)



Exo (xN52x)

-DoT. Leader2


-DoT. Leader

-Exo , Very Pro Combatant better than BIP (LVS Leader) + More Pro Than Blu (DoT. Leader) , Best Hitman In San Andreas



Igli (IgLi17)

-DoT. Member


-DoT. Member

-Igli , Very Pro Combatant Same As Toxi.





LVS , Las Vegas Syndicate Or Las Venturas Syndicate. Owned By BIP , A Very Pro Combatant. LVS Is A New Group Of Bounty Hunters In San Andreas , Not Very Old. Base Is In Las Venturas As Noticed From LVS.

LVS Is Getting Very Popular Day By Day But A Group Is Also On The Roll.



DoT. , Directly Organized Team , Owned By Blu Is An extremely dangerous group of bounty hunters. It Is Most Popular Bounty Hunters Group In San Andreas.It Is Popular Due To Its Member xN52x The Pro'est Combatant In Whole San Andreas.They Can Take Anyone Down If They Are United.

Base = In Las Venturas


1- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47393 - The Beginning

2- X - X



Rockstar Games - This Awesome Game

Dutchy3010 And PatrickW - For This Awesome Modification

Xaad - For This Mission Pack Story Etc..

(You Can See Character Names Are in Bracket , Actually xN52x , 99Blueman , BananasInPajamas All Are My Gta san andreas multiplayer crazybobs cops and robbers server friends , and dot and lvs are groups in that server.)

Edited by Xaad

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Looks nice, hope it will be good.

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1st Mission Was Unable To Be Loaded.

Series Cancelled.

New Version might come later.

Stay Tuned

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