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KYX's Art Topic

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Hi there everyone! this is a topic dedicated to post my art and share it with you guys so you can see it and give me your opinions and maybe some advices.


I draw since a was a little kid, watching Cartoon Network and feeling inspired by Gendy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken and many other animators at the time. Since then, i wanted so hard to be part of the animation industry and have a TV Show someday. However, it wasn't till recently that i actually started to promote my art and get professional, doing comissions and stuff. Here is some of the work i've done:






However, the main reason i created this thread is to show you a project im currently working on. It's called "GTA Stars" and consist in all GTA protagonist illustrated with my own personal style. It's almost ready, im only missing GTA V main characters and the project will be complete.








If you're interested you can see the rest of my work on my Behance account or my instagram page, @kvillaart. Thanks!

Edited by KYX

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Great stuff man, Love it!

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That is some very cool artwork right there. Huang Lee is my particular favourite but they are all very cool.


Good work, thanks for sharing :^:

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Hey thanks! Here is my latest work: Trevor Phillips



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