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Pacific Standard Technique


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Hello everyone! As you can see I'm new to the forums and I hope it's the right place to ask this.. As many might be aware there are few techniques on completing Pacific Standard.. I usually do the armored Police car.. But today I noticed someone I did Heist with spawned an helicopter near the bikes which made it super easy to complete.. I've searched alot in YouTube and the forums as well but I can able t find an guide for it.. Hopefully I find someone who could explain it how it's done. Thank you

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Please stop spreading this technique we don't want R* patching it i been using it while kuruma glitch was not patched and i want to keep it that way

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I posted this in the double Heist thread, but will repeat it here for obvious reasons;


I do not know if this is generally known, but my crew and I do it PSJ over and over again, and we almost always keep all the money. And we do it on the bikes. And we take the standard route. In case it is not known, I will outline our method, which will make it easier for you:


the key is to leave on the bikes in two phases. The money guy (who should be the hacker) goes with one other guy (who will protect him). Money guy should be in the lead, as the trail guys draw the most fire. The other two guys remain by their bikes, ready to go. You will get an out of area message with a timer that counts down. One of the two lead guys needs to watch the timer, and when it gets down to five seconds, he tells the other two to get on the bikes (you can also count to three using 1 one thousand starting right after MoLester says "go, go, go!"). The reason for staggering it like this is that the back two guys will draw the most heat. When the money guy crosses the last bridge, there is a short cut you take up the side of the mountain (this is just before the road winds around. There is a log on the ground that marks the shortcut). The money guy should go half way up the embankment and stop. His protector should get ahead of him, get off his bike, and with his RPG, take out the two cop cars at the entrance of the tunnel. Once clear, you just keep following the route. There will only be one more cop car the rest of the way, and to be safe, the protector can take that one out too (if the guy with the money is good on the bikes, he should be able to get around him without getting hit). All four proceed to the boat and finish it just like before,


We did it 12 times a few weekends ago and I think we got all of the money 10 or 11 times (losing very small amounts the other two times). It still requires basic bike skills, but it is pretty easy. Put your best bikers in the back because they will draw the most heat. To avoid dying, I recommend wearing heist heavy armor and leaving your vest screen up (though my teammates don't do this and they never die, but they are all excellent on the bikes). If you do that, remember to close the armor screen before jumping off the bike and parachuting, or you won't be able to get the chute open.


I have probably completed PSJ about 200 times all kinds of ways. Tried the helicopter method with a group a few weekends ago, and I am here to tell you, don't bother. It does not spawn reliably 100% of the time, and even when it does, going to get it takes longer than the bike method, by a significant amount of time (several minutes).


Hope this helps!!


Edit: I should note that we do this by having one of the two crowd control guys running from the bank to the bikes. Money guy stays in the bank (and if money guy is the hacker has the money, he never has to come out). One other guys stays out front and clears out the helis. The runner gets to the bikes, blows them up, then commits suicide. When all the players hit continue, all four players will appear at the bikes. Then follow the instructions above.

Edited by Rockstar_Fanboy
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great, more sh*tty tactics from people who just suck at this game....


If it was not for cockstar doing such a great job at playing this game like it is supposed to be played impossible, this sh*t should be punished by bans imo...but hey, since they do suck at it....have fun :)

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