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Need players for ps4 heists


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Add me : jc10110

I cant host and dont have a mic, but im lvl 312 or so, so i kinda know what im doing 😉

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PS4: SkynetOnlineID


I'm up to date on the latest helicopter, co-hosting quit app and elite challenge every time methods.


Just make sure to leave a message in friend request that you're from these forums.

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PSN: ultracorps


Lvl 233, have full armor and snacks always.

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The Crooked Panda

PS4: Frenchtone83


I can't talk and I'm not online a lot but I know what I'm doing, 38 years old, CMM completed 3 times over, level 455.

I'm on now for a couple hours.



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Im not home right now, will be in like 2 hours. Give me a add: iskypedyourmom so we can group up. If you all are up we could do mastermind aswell. Im up for that

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The Wandering Hunter


will not do series a, prison or fleeca


mastermind completed 3 times



i'm not doing mastermind again though

Edited by The Sole Survivor
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just let me know u from the forums.

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Send me a friend request if you need someone I'm on now


PSN - MrMet2488 (rank 620)

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PSN: Haokizaru

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I used to run a Heist crew if you play on hard with player saved outfits heavy combat gear add me ALLWORLD19

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Edited by DrRumpleSweatyForeSkin
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