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i messed up with trying to mod need help with restore original files

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Hi guys i tried to install LSPDFR and ragehook but somehow cant get it to run and want to play online for now but i didnt back up the original files of gta v and dont know which of the files is modded. i have been trying to delete files that i think i know its modded and veryfied game files through steam. I just want to point out that i think i made a back up files trough ragehook or lsdpfr and im wondering if those files will come back when im redownloading the game because i did that and somehow the files where still there. I am now deleting the whole folder of gta and veryfing the files and hoping to get all my files clean for online. If i choose to install windows again freshly will my modded files still exist there once i download the game again?


kind regards / Ferrelicious

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Use -verify to check file integrity and -noChunkedDownload if you have download problems. (RGSC version only)


Also go to Tools > ASI Manager in OpenIV and click Uninstall on everything.


If you still getting the message, go to your Grand Theft Auto V folder and delete every of this files that you have (then use -verify):


- *.log (every .log file)

- dinput8.dll

- NAudio,dll

- ScriptHookV.dll

- "mods" folder

- "scripts" folder

Edited by papydeath95

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