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Loading a saved game crashes the game, but starting a new game goes ok



I don't know what I did but for some reason, in both 3.0 and 1.01 versions of GTA: SA, loading saved game files crashes the game, but starting a new game goes okay. I encountered this problem when I was installing some mods for the game. Now I don't know some of the details of how I got into this situation, but I know the saved games did load up fine yesterday and I was using the same versions of GTA: SA then as well. I do have the save game editor but I don't know what to do to have the save games work for my versions of the game. Does anyone know?



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2 answers to this question

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Well I've figured it out and here's how I did it. I started a new game, speedrunned through the first mission, saved the game, looked up the save game in the savegame editor to see what version the game it applies to and look up the script version as well. Here's the settings of the new save game.


Version ID: Version 1.00 Unmodified EXE

Script version: 2

Current IPL version: 1

Convert to IPL version: 1


So I applied those settings to my other save games and they now load properly.

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lil weasel

1. A version 3 game uses V2, or V3 game saves.

2. Downgrading only allows a v2 or v3 game to Use Version One Modifications, It does NOT change the game to a version One.

3. V1.01 is the Official Patch for the Version One game, which PREVENTS Modding of the V1 game.

4. V1.01 patch is not needed for either the v2, or v3 games (it is already a part of those versions)

5. To play the other versions' game save you would need to change both the "main.scm", and the "script" files to that of the game save version. Else, Using the Wrong Game Version SAVE (of the .exe) causes the game to either Crash or start over.


There seems to be the continuing and unfortunate misunderstanding that this part (GTA San Andreas) has modding as a feature.

Take Note (as in this section forums rules) That MODDING has its OWN specialized section.

The GTA San Andreas Menu “Subforums” even lists it as: GTA Mods.

Here, again are the basic links:


WELCOME to the San Andreas forum!

<Click Here> Before you post Rules

<click here> For Modding Problems and Questions:

Modding <click here> Requests

<click here> for Mobile Modding.

Modding <click here> Showroom has already made mods.

And <click here> the GTA GARAGE Mod site

<click here> for DYOM Help & Support

Edited by lil weasel

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