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GTA V ONLINE: a digusting community


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Gta 5 online is a disgusting community. Disrespectful players. I was playing earlier in a lobby, and I was in a brawl with an orginisation of 4. I ended up killing them repeatedly, and it was astonishing; considering the fact that it was a four against one (me). Anyway, it's a game, right? There are players of ALL different skill levels! Its all about the fun. Well, I was proved wrong when I opened my mic and told them to stop ganging up on me. The stack of four I was in a brawl with opened their mics, and I knew my fate. 'B*tch' 'I'm gonna ass r*pe you' 'sl*t' 'suck my d*ck' 'little sl*t' - all of these names were being thrown at me by the four of them. Being a girl, this is obviously depressing to hear. I'm not complaining, but come on now, how could anybody be so immature? This isn't the first time. By now, I'm convinced that GTA online is a disgusting community. When you compare it to a game like Overwatch, the community is much more peaceful and mature. I just felt like letting this out, also because I'm a girl - the very little portion of girls who play GTA tend to not speak out on this stuff. hi

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Sounds kinky and hot.


Also B&M thread is waiting for you.

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Yes, the player base is fairly toxic.


R* does f*ck all to improve this. No age verification, no active moderation.


I'd recommend joining a crew so you can try to find a more mature group.

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Every community has these types of people. I just mute them, go passive, and walk away.

Edited by Delta8042
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Which platform are you playing on? Oh, and don't use a mic, except for people you know, or use another voice chat program other than the ingame one. ;)

Edited by Khephera_87_GER
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-Can someone get me a violin?- ((just keeding))

This game is known for having one of the worst playerbases ever.


It's full of little kids and people that could be considered damn near brain dead.


Don't take much notice to what kids say either lol.

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Sounds fun. CEO-groups are easier to spawntrap. :)

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Its simple to understand why this happens: atleast half of the COD and BF playerbase also plays this game because of the FPS-friendly content, and means to grief unpunished.


In fact, if this game had more FPS focused content, with proper controls for it, and more cancerous content that pleases them(which is certain to come in the next DLC), I can even imagine them ditching the COD franchise and move to GTA altogether.


Now, I'm not saying everyone who plays COD or BF is as toxic as these guys you, OP, have stumbled upon, but we all know how infamous this playerbase is.


Luckily, they are not the majority of the playerbase.

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When in doubt, mute everybody. And those people absolutely deserved a report. There are options for both harassment and hate speech. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all you can do.


Edit: Trashing the entire GTA community seems a bit extreme though. There are bad apples in every bushel. Gamers, female gamers especially, deal with this type of crap everywhere, not just in GTA.

Edited by kottonmouth401
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This is why I hate playing in public free roam and why I hate the direction the series is going. OP I would recommend you join a crew that has mature people and playing with them because a girl like you playing the game would attract horny children and losers because they can't believe some girls play video games too.

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el carlitos

My kindly advice.

#1 Don´t use Mic in open sessions

#2 Mute all people in open sessions

#3 Look for a crew


There are plenty of nice and kind people out there. With an active crew GTA offers a complete other experiance.

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The people who fail to name gta online correctly are the worst.

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First, it's GTA Online, not GTA V Online

Second, it's more realistic to compare the community to CS:GO's than Overwaifu's.

Third, Bitch and Moan thread.

Fourth, Find Lobbies and Players to find the ones that suit you


Fifth, welcome to the forum

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