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Recreating GTA SA & IV Cars


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The green Sabre. The Sultan RS.


What other cars are available on GTA Online that are notable from previous GTA titles?

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Gay Tony Schafter


Ryders Picador


Lance Vance Infernus


Yusuf Amir Super Drop

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Pretty sure OP meant cars that were still based on what they were in past games.

Tampa is completely different, Picador is based on a different generation, Infernus Classic is based on a different model.

The Super Drop Diamond isn't even in 5.

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Turismo Classic = Turismo (GTA SA)



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Rancher XL, too.

It went from being a 2-door to 4 (Blazer to Suburban) but it has always been an '81-'87 Chev.

Plus, the FBI version from past games was also a Suburban, so it still counts.

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Little Jacob's Virgo, Playboy X's Patriot, Bryce's Infernus to name a few.

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Vlads silver Blista compact, the banshee from the bullshark testosteron guy (forgot his name), the yellow comet from the same guy, the banshee petrovics son uses to flee (mission at the subway station in Bohan), romans silver cavalcade taxi, bohan gang cavalcade (red and golden with speakersystem), pegorinos cognoscenti, golden infernus from stevies car theft missions.

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