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Contemplating to upgrade my GPU to 1080ti



At the moment I'm running 970SLI setup and although I'm pretty satisfied, my PC gets very hot after awhile and it doesn't help performance after awhile ( a few hours)..


Currently I'm running almost everything at max, besides grass and my FPS runs around 45-60FPS for 1080p. Flying/driving fast sees the performance drop to low 30 with the occasional hickups, especially when things run hotter...


My rig is aircooled and I'm not contemplating getting watercooling this time around, but for my next PC I most certainly will...Still I want to keep my rig a lil cooler, especially in the summertime that's around the block here, by directly blowing the hot GPU-air out...


Now I was thinking about selling the 970's and get one 1080ti founder edition as a replacement. Founder edition, cos I want the heat directly blown out of my rig. With my current setup, the heat stays in and I'm depending on the rear fan to blow the heat from CPU and the two GPU's out. With the founder's edition I can at least be sure it's directly out at the price of higher noise and perhaps a lil less performance/overclocking power in comparison to the customs cards...


Anyhow, has anyone already made this change and what are the improvements. I'm gonna stay with current 1080p, no 4K for the time being. That's for my next PC in about two/three years (or whatever the standard is back then)....

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4 answers to this question

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Well, you've said the pros and cons yourself. Look up some benchmarks and decide whether it's worth it. Nobody can tell you what you think is worth it except you.

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I'm interested in real life experience of gta-players making the upgrade from a similar setup. Was it worth it to them, or not. I'm not looking for

a few more frames per seconds, I'm looking for a big jump in the quality/quantity area, so I want some real life GTA-players' reviews/experiences... Would be unwise when I pull the plug and end up with just a micro-improvement on what I have now... That's why I aks here, that's not something I find in the YouTube-benchmarks (which I already checked out alot)...

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Well if you are going to stick with 1080p. You should save your money go for 1070 instead of 1080Ti it is overkill for 1080p.

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1070 is more than enough for full HD. I have everything maxed out with around 60 fps.

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