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Addons limit

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Hi guyz. Does anybody know in latest update R* fixed limit of addon in dlcpacks folder??? (not for unlimited cars in ONE pack .rpf, cuz is suck).

Now iam use the crack version 877, and game is crashed with Err_fil_pack_1 when iam add more lines in dlclist.

Or tell me how i fix it without big carpacks?!



Кароч парни, поясните плиз, Рокстар пофиксили в последнем патче официальном лимит на количество аддонов в папке dlcpacks???

Не на общее количество добавленных авто, путём объединения в один карпак. А именно на количество адднов.

Сейчас на 877 пиратке игра крашится при достижении лимита строк (папок) в dlclist.

Кто как обходит эту защиту?


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Hey Fake, you're giving the answer yourself.

Messing with gamecofig.xml settings won't help you sadly enough.

You need to consolidate those individuel dlcpacks into larger ones (but not bigger than ~ 4GB)

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Hi Rennie. Of course i use the modified gamecofig.xml and try many of them. All works fine. But now i have ~51 dlc`s in dlcpacks folder. And when i add +1 line in dlclist game focking crashed(( Its really trouble and anyone modified gamecofig dont help me..

Somewhere i saw comments about R* fixed this sht in last patch, but anybody knows 100%.. If its true - i can buy this beauty game)

U have license V? Have u this error? U think any gamecofig fix it?

dlcpacks into larger ones? but its stupid. No one cars works correctly (spawn but not tuning (NULL))

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