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i found a wheelie glitch & somthing quite amusing


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yo, i was working through the unique jumps guide (i delayed getting 100% cos im lazy but now im almost there) anyway, you know those ramps at the airport, not the yellow ones but the kind of stairs. Well if you drive up one slowly with a PCJ, go near the top then pull a small weelie so the front wheel goes over the ledge, if you leave it, the bike sways from side to side, u can press left and and right to give it a bit more momentum, its quite funny,  also if you do it right, the game thinks your pulling a wheelie, so the amount of time your front wheel is over the ledge it counts it as wheelie-seconds, so when u pull back off the ledge you'll have a big ass wheelie time. I tried to take a screenie but my cam is too sh*t and the wheelie brief was un-readable.

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yeah, it's working... kinda fun... We'll see a lot of very long wheelies in record-books from now on...


Edit: not long like distance, because you're not moving very far... swaying back and forth for about a minute gets me 16 meters...

So there's not much money in it either...



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