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How Do You Solve A Problem with Stunt Races

Ray's Occult Books

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Ray's Occult Books

I'd like to get the forums feelings about stunt racing high jacking the normal races, Everytime I fancy doing a race I pull up the phone,

bypass the stunt race option then I select race.

Then wouldn't you know I'm loading into a stunt race. Anyway after sticking it out and winning the odd race,

Then the time has come to pick the next race congestion charge,

business trip the usual scattered mix with Stunt Races. However even though people have voted to play congestion charge, it still takes you to a goddamn stunt race. Is anyone experiencing this. First time post long time fan of the forum.

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Now I want to watch Ghostbusters again.

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Ray's Occult Books

I needed a username Ghostbusters is on first thing that came to mind.

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My unqualified answer to your question, as I haven't tried old races much recently, is host (and set the option to remain host in Options) or suck it up. The vote system has been f*cked for ages, as has quick job.


You could also build playlists and run those instead, pro - no voting con - unable to kick dbags.

Edited by Gridl0k
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Definitely the thing that annoys me most. The voting is just a lot worse than it ever was. A few idiots pick a stunt race and almost all the next options after that race are stunt races or special vehicle ones, and when you select a special vehicle race it gets even worse.

Like Gridlok suggested; playlists. They are the only real option now. But it's hard to get people to join there if you aren't part of a racing crew or have a ton of friends who like to race.

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Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here.

As Grid said making a playlist is definitely the best option. That or finding like-minded players in the Find A Lobby section. With randoms it's very difficult to get to play something that isn't..."new" but if you head in the linked section I know that many will join a session all about clean racing. You can't kill diehard racers.

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if you're playing solo it's near impossible to find a decent regular race, even the first cunning stunts races that came out no longer appear in the choice screen, only the latest stuff, always. annoying to say the least.


Your best bet is joining a racing crew i guess

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I needed a username Ghostbusters is on first thing that came to mind.


I would have gone with Mother Puss Bucket

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Yes, this annoys me intensely. I can no longer start a race without being forced into some horrible special vehicle sh*t that I don't want to play, or at best, a crappy stunt race. Racing was one of the things I still enjoyed in GTA, but I can't be bothered much any more. It's partly the SV and Stunt races diluting the racing player pool to the point where regular races are rarely full, but the constant having to quit to free roam, because every other race people vote for this crap, is the worst. Racing has always been badly organised, motorcycles are on the same leaderboard as cars, meaning lap times are worth nothing, they should be divided by class, with obviously illegitimate records being purged on a regular basis. Cars are in the wrong class and always have been, ridiculous that we have Blista Compacts that aren't compacts and so on, it's a mess.

Despite all the faults, I loved racing though, more often than not I'd be in a race if I was online, but now I have had to start moving away from racing altogether. It's just not the same, too many gimmicks, bells and whistles now. Yes, you can start a playlist, yes, you can join a regular race direct, but either people never join, or after one race, you're forced into SV races. Which are the worst kind of race you can find yourself in, in my opinion. Instant quit, 6 minutes of loading screens, 12 minutes trying to find a regular race again, 5 minutes actual racing, rinse and repeat. Thanks Rockstar.

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I posted this in the bitch/moan topic a couple of weeks ago and some suggested joining a race crew, so I joined NoDo and signed up to the forums. I've been grinding for cash since then so I haven't got involved yet but it's a big crew, active daily so all I need to do is change my crew to NoDo and wait for the invites to come through or start my own and invite crew members. I guess it depends on the host whether it will be stunt/normal/playlist etc. It won't do any good for your W/L ratio as the skill base is quite high but personally I don't care, I did on ps3 (almost equal W/L) but when I started my ps4 character it was 2x$RP on stunt races so I quickly stopped caring about W/L haha

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The Rockstar created races are awful. I never play default races, I only play created ones now as they are by far superior. I've recently spent some 12+ hours creating a template for races on Grapeseed which currently has 4 alternative tracks, and I must say, they are bloody great! Search for them on the Social Club under 'Need For Seed' 1, 2, 3, 4 or go through my gamertag 'beatsdown'.

PS. I've just started a GTA Racers (UK & Europe timezone) community if you want to join. The available communities so far are a bit inactive so was hoping to top them with this.

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