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Mister Pink

Most Recent Page Not Displaying On Topics


Mister Pink

Recently, I noticed thread page numbers not displaying the last page number in the respective forum. For example, while in the Gaming forum looking at the Fallout 4 topic, I used to be able to click on the most recent page. Now the most recent page displaying is actually 3 pages old.




The Fallout 4 topic is actually 311 pages at the time of writing this. It just seems like a recent thing. Same with Mafia III topic. If I'm viewing it on the Gaming Forum, it displays as 135 pages long. When clicking in to it, it's actually 136 pages long.




I'm using Chrome Version: 58.0.3029.96 (64-bit)


I'm going to delete cookies, clear cache etc and will update the post when I do.


I just want to make sure that it was the case that Fallout 4 topic would display the last/most recent page (Ex. Page 311) but now it's not.


EDIT: I've cleared cache and cookies and nothing has changed. Am I going mad, was it always like this, lol?


EDIT: Doesn't matter, I'm pretty sure it's because as Led-By there's and extra function on the right on every topic that's causing the topic-title "cell" to be squashed and not displaying the most recent page.

Edited by Mister Pink

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2 answers to this question

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This is because you're a Staff Member of the Gaming Forum and hidden replies are being counted for you in the topics, whereas they are not for regular members. Usually when you view a topic you see 30 posts a page but for you that includes Hidden Posts as well as regular posts.


The Fallout 4 Topic displays as 309 Pages for members, but for you that's 311 Pages because of the extra posts we can't see. You can check that yourself by opening the Gaming Forum when you aren't logged in, or on another browser. It seems the page numbers in the forum itself only shows the amount of pages publicly viewable though.

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Mister Pink

Yeah I didn't factor hidden posts in. Silly me!

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