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Wish Ryder & Smoke never betray the groove, i always liked them, i wish just that Tenpenny & Pulaski were good cops and instead of Ryder & Smoke, they were good with grove, and betray. Ryder shoulda have survived, and smoke too. He is a pretty funny guy


If literally all the characters you just mentioned weren't antagonists, what would drive the story exactly?

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These are getting thrown around a lot but I guess they are appropiate:






These videos actually pose a theory that Ryder's betrayal was added late into the game, with the last video saying that maybe the voice actor didn't want to do the lines or something, so Rockstar cut out the character.

Edited by ArmyRaidFail404

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. Well there are many reasons why Ryder is never mentioned up until Photo Opportunity. R* either wasn't planning to make Ryder a traitor since unlike Smoke, there was never really any actual hints of his betrayal, but had no further use for his character, so they decided to just simply implement it, or Ryder wasn't originally going to become a main character during the makings of the game, but once the writers saw the appeal of the character, they made him one of the main members of the Grove Street Family gang members and didn't exactly write his motives very well since he was probably an afterthought character. Yeah I'm just going to stick to the first choice considering that R* is pretty notorious for indolent writing.

That second thought's an interesting take on it. Since apparently R* were planning to have three playable characters in San Andreas originally.


I imagine it would have been CJ, Cesar and Ryder as the trio, had the concept seen the light of day.

jeez, i would have liked that..

The way I see it, I think CJ would be the playable protagonist in LS.


Cesar would be the playable protagonist in SF.


And Ryder would be the playable protagonist in LV.


Yes tbh, I'd love to see that.

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