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soloing online


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Does anybody else feel like R* punishes you for solo online play?


For example, when doing the CEO car thieving and you have to get a cargobob and lift the car off a barge. It ain't bad until you get the car off the barge and then the game sends a pair of choppers with miniguns and wtf am I supposed to do with that? One I could maybe get away from or absorb enough punishment to get back to the warehouse, but two? Ok. Fine. So I run for the beach, drop the car as carefully as I can before the cargobob explodes, jump out, whip out minigun and try to take down several pairs of helicopters, but they are like legendary minigun marksmen or something and if I get killed, they spawn kill me. I mean there is not even time to locate the threat, aim and fire after you spawn before they kill you again. If I do everything right and use up all my snacks, maybe I can survive the choppers, get in the car and make a run for the warehouse. But half the time some other player will blow up the car or me or both as I'm dealing with the choppers. If I had a couple of other players to help out, it would be cake. But because I prefer to play solo, they f*ck me up. Could they maybe just send one chopper?


Or when you deliver a car and the moronic "yay you delivered the car" overlay and the stupid call from the stupid assistant keeps you from accessing your weapons to defend yourself from the player (or players) you just successfully outran to make the delivery. How f*cked up is that? Again, if I'm in a party or have some CEO bodyguards, it's not usually a problem. But if I just wanna' solo grind, the game f*cks me up.


Wtf Rockstar? If I don't feel like team play, you don't want my money?


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B&M worthy tbh.

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B&M worthy tbh.

Ok. You can think that. But do you have an opinion regarding the topic?

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There are ways to complete the missions without getting shot up by choppers, the Import export topic has great information in it. Lift your car off the barge, ascend rapidly straight up until the choppers appear on the minimap. Then tear ass back to your warehouse without slowing down and you will arrive safely.

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Collect the car off the barge, fly up, very high, then half tilt directly in a straight line back to w/h... Should be too high for them to catch up...


Personally, I do not feel soloing GTA is punished, it takes more effort than it would with a team, but that is supposed to be the case...

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For the cargobobing a vehicle off the barge-


Stop somewhere close enough and snipe as many as you can.


Hook the car.


Fly straight upwards. Not forwards. Up.


When the enemy choppers appear, go straight toward your warehouse.


The enemy choppers can not catch you if you do this.





Also, if you have complaints about the game, make them here.




Here is a topic with plenty of tips for vehicle steals and sales.



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