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MP3 Player bug


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Idk how many of u guys put ur own music in VC's mp3 player, but its mostly what i listen to while playing VC. i love the channels but i love to listen to my own musc. however there's a bug. idk if any1 has encountered that bug. the problem is that when a song finishes it leaves behind a repeatitive notes. like repeating last played part again. it happens with every song i put. 1 of them even repeats the last played minute for 3 times. idk what causes this issue.


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Same happens with me and that bug also causes my game to crash so I just deleted my MP3 folder forever...

But I would love a fix.

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i dont have crashes but it really is annoying..i honestly dont know if there is any fix to this bug, i'd love 1 too..Im the original writer of this post but cuz of the website's update i couldnt login to my acc :( so had to make new acc..

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