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Grand Theft Auto: Looking Back...May

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Eleven Years Ago

May 9, 2006

The Unveiling of GTA IV...

On May 9, 2006, The Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Peter Moore, took to the stage at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. He had something to announce.


He treated us to a short talk about powerful entertainment experiences and led to the subject of one of the Most Powerful Gaming Experiences of All Time. It seemed that he was so excited about this new announcement that he needed to take off his smart jacket revealing his short sleeved shirt. He pulled up the sleeve of his left arm to reveal a tattoo. This is what the tattoo showed:





So, the eagerly awaited next installment of the GTA Franchise was announced.

He then revealed that Microsoft and Rockstar Games had formed a strategic alliance in order to provide exclusive episodic content for Xbox Live, giving the community ever-expanding gameplay experiences. (Take2 Interactive later issued a press release which announced that GTA IV would be released simultaneously for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360).

That same day, on GTA Forums, adamcs announced the news without fuss in This Thread: and so, the GTA IV story began.

Click to Visit GTA4.net

It was announced on May 21, 2007, that GTA 4 would be available as a special edition on the same day as the regular edition. It was to be presented in a customised Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box, and included the game, a limited edition duffel bag, an exclusive keychain, a selected soundtrack CD, and a Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book, featuring never-before-seen production artwork from GTA4.




Six Years Ago

May 9th 2011

GTA 5 Hawaii Location Screenshots Leaked

​No they weren't.

The 'leak' was a dreadful video deliberately distorted to demonstrate nothing at all. However that didn't stop the bottom half of the internet from erupting as hype-hungry fans whipped up a tidal wave of hysteria.

The gaming industry websites were at first cautious to reject the video but, choosing their words carefully, maintained that the video was very very very probably fake.

Videogamer.com Reaction

IGN Reaction


Three Years Ago

May 13th 2014

GTA Online: The High Life Update Released


The High Life Update gives you the chance to live large in Los Santos with the ability to own two properties at any one time, and the addition of five opulent new apartments. Add to your real estate portfolio with hot new listings at Eclipse Towers in Vinewood, Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills, Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul, 4 Integrity Way in Downtown, and Del Perro Heights by the beach. As always, just drive up to the new property location sale and follow the prompts, or head to Dynasty8realestate.com to look for your next purchase.
Now that you can store vehicles across two apartment garages, you’ll be looking to put something new and shiny in them and The High Life Update offers a trio of luxury cars and a blistering new motorbike to add to your collection. The Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) are all now available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport. Remember, these vehicles can also be accessed from any garage in Story Mode, adding a new spin to your mission replays.
And because success breeds jealousy, the powerful Bullpup Rifle is now available in Ammu-Nation to help you protect your assets.
Gear up with the all-new vehicles and weaponry to take on brand new Rockstar-created Jobs in GTA Online, including 8 new Contact missions

Rockstar Newswire Announcement


Previous issues:


Looking Back: April


Looking Back: March

Edited by ~Tiger~

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Man, time flies!

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The GTA IV unveiling brings back memories. It's been 11 years already.

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I regularly use the lock box that came with my Collectors Edition of GTA IV to hide away certain "things".. Probably the most useful thing I've ever gotten in a Collector's Edition of a game.....and the Rockstar keychain has always been on my set of keys, right next to my Darth Vader house key,Fluttershy & TARDIS keychains.


I played the sh*t out of GTA IV...I always played Luis though....was the best part of GTA IV I think, seeing how each of the 3 characters crossed paths over the story, filling in blanks and unknowns.

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