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Official Metro Redux Topic


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EDIT: All Redux; 2033 and Last Light Discussion here.


Can anyone please confirm if there's been a console patch for the Ranger mode of Metro Last Light Redux that allows users to disable all button prompts as well as the general HUD?


When I bought this game at release I was really disappointed to find that despite the promises of no HUD, the button prompts were still there; button prompt to open doors, button prompt to loot a body, button prompt to set an explosive, button prompt to take items...


But I was just watching some gameplay footage of the game and none of those prompts were there. The player was able to do all those things above without the annoying button prompt pop-ups.


I'm asking this because I know PC versions have far more options (and can be over-ridden if they're not there anyway) but the title of the clip didn't specify PC or console (you can see him taking items and looting bodies from about 18:40 in the clip.


Thanks in advance.


Edited by Mister Pink
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Mister Pink

I updated the topic title post as there's always Metro topics being created, especially since Redux. All 2033 and Last Light discussion can be kept here.

Edited by Mister Pink
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  • 10 months later...

The control system when playing on ranger (no HUD or hints) is impossible!!


Can anyone please tell me how I fight off the cutscene attacks? I'm guessing it's a button bash thing, but which button??


I'm on PS4 - thanks in advance.

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In some instances this game is broke in ranger mode. I'm at a stage where I don't have enough ammo or filters for gas mask, while trying to fight off the beast things, so I'm stuck in a loop of Restart checkpoint >> quickly die >> restart checkpoint.


How am I meant to progress?

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By restarting and being more careful next time :D


That's what I had to do in the end. Go right back to stage one of the level, and I still only got through by hiding in a corner and letting the other guy kill all the giant dog beast things, while gasping for clean air cos I'd run out of filters. He killed the last one and shouted, "Let's go!" just as I was drawing my last breath. Luckily, I only had to follow him through a hole in the fence and the level ended.

Edited by OurJud
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Just a quickie. Can anyone tell me what the long thin sticks are, that are dotted about 2033 Redux? They have a green glowing tip and can be picked up, so they must be for something, but I can't figure out what. They look like josh sticks and are usually stuck in walls, but sometimes lying on desks / the floor.

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