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H-Block - Cillian Murphy dir. Jim Sherridan - A Prison break film

Mister Pink

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Mister Pink

The six-time Oscar nominated director of the recent ‘The Secret Scripture’ is set to tackle the breakout of thirty-eight IRA prisoners from Her Majesty's Prison Maze in 1983. It's to star Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan.


I like Jim Sheridan's work; In The Name of The Father, My Left Foot, In America, Into The West and The Field. Also, Cillian Murphy's work is phenomenal from The Dark Knight, Intermission to 28 Days Later.


Sherridan is also teaming up with Nic Sheff, screenwriter of 13 Reason's Why and the script will be based on the original work of Tony Devlin and Gavin McCloskey.


For anyone who's not familar with the 1983 Prison break you can watch a documentary below. It was one of Europe's most secure prisons, essentially within a British Military base in Northern Ireland. It's the prison that held mostly paramilitaries, namely the IRA as well as loyalist paramilitaries. 38 escaped, sadly one prison officer died.


The plan was quite cunning, taking months of work.They even snuck out plans of the escape for approval by IRA commanders and then had firearms snuck in but it's never been disclosed how. This is a good documentary told by the IRA escapees themselves and narrated by Brian Cox!



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  • 3 months later...

Sorry to double post and bump but this film has been delayed. There was issues with Cillian Murphy's schedule.



The financier for Jim Sheridan’s H Block told Deadline this AM that “the production was postponed due to timing issues with regards to the short time element with Pierce Brosnan’s availability that left us with a very small window to get him wrapped on his production date. That along with creative elements that needed to be addressed with Cillian [Murphy] caused us a conflict with his schedule and we are planning to remount the production in March. There was no financial issues surrounding this production,” said Brad Feinstein, CEO of Romulus Entertainment. A March production restart would mean that Murphy is out because of a scheduling conflict.


So, looks like Murphy is out. That's unfortunate.


Also, another film about the same breakout is coming out. Strange.



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The Time Ranger

It's a pity Cillian Murphy isn't on board any more. What's weird is that I had heard of the Maze movie with Tom Vaughan Lawlor but I hadn't heard of the project headed up by Jim Sheridan.


It's quite a concidence that two movies about this event were being made at the same time. It's a very specific event.

Edited by Neon_Dreaming
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Leftist Bastard

I mean, it might still be good but no Murphy no dice for me until they put out a good trailer.

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