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Law and Disorder: NYC

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So this is a concept I've had in my head for several weeks now. I want to start a TC of the entire True Crime: NYC map to GTAIV (allowed under the conversion rules because TC:NYC is a 2005 game), edit everything to make it as close to the real world as possible and then build an entirely new game (storyline, voice acting, etc) around that base. Is this feasible?


Team (for now):

LawAndDisorderNYC - Texture artist, scriptwriter, TV & Radio



3D Modellers

Texture Artists


Voice Artists

People who can figure out a way to rip the entire map from TC:NYC

People who can put said map into GTAIV


List of vehicles (still an idea, haven't gotten permission to use any yet):

Ambulance - Ford F350 FDNY Ambulance 2013 http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/2013-ford-f350---fdny-ambulance-f26402

Taxi - Ford Crown Victoria NYC Taxi 2013 http://www.gta4-mods.com/textures/ford-crown-victoria-nyc-taxi-2013-f23465

Taxi2 - Toyota Prius NYC Taxi 2011 http://www.gta4-mods.com/textures/toyota-prius-2011-taxi--nyc--paintjob-v2-f22028

Police - Ford Crown Victoria NYPD 2012 http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/4579-2012-ford-crown-victoria-nypd/


Required mods (ditto above):



Anyone who has a copy of True Crime: New York City and/or would like to see a GPS-accurate rendition of Manhattan updated for modern PCs please chip in!




=== The 2-5 ===

Detective Maxine Schellenberg (main character)

Born and raised in Manhattan, Maxine toughed a rough childhood and an alcoholic mother. She graduated at the top of her class from the Academy. She started out in the force as a beat cop, then finally ascended to the status of detective. She is a generally honest cop, but would not hesitate to use excessive force or dirty tricks to close a case. Speaks English, Spanish and Esperanto (a personal interest of hers). After solving 5 cases, the real story begins in which Maxine is framed for murder and forced to change her identity and hide in the city.


Detective Art Novak

Maxine's partner. A granola guy, born into a hippie camp in New Mexico who seems to be forever stuck in Woodstock's shadow, Art uses his harmless-looking exterior to disarm and obtain information from otherwise savvy people; He is also very well-read and has an eidetic memory (something that would put Robert Goren to shame). However, he is also legitimately a hippie. Doesn't like to use his gun except when necessary.


Lieutenant Kimberly Tsang

A female Lennie Briscoe/John Munch updated for the 21st century, wisecracking Kimberly's family escaped the horrors of the Cultural Revolution to British Hong Kong, and then onwards to America. Kimberly grew up feeling persecuted by mainstream white culture and developed a thick shell to shield herself from the third degree she experiences everyday. She is trilingual in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and often uses her language skills to solve cases with a Chinese connection.



=== Misc. Characters ===

Renata Singh

Maxine's on-and-off girlfriend. Works at Columbia University as administrative staff.


=== TV Stations ===

W-ABC: The ABC affiliate for New York City. Shows include Fresh Off The Boat and Designated Survivor.

W-APL: The Big Apple Movie Channel. Independently owned and operated. Shows classic movies.

W-CBS: The NYC CBS affiliate. Shows include Law and Order (CI, SVU, the Mothership) and Criminal Minds.

W-NYW: The NYC Fox affiliate. Shows include The Simpsons, Wayward Pines and Empire.

BET: Black Entertainment Network. Shows include Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Scandal.

HBO: Home Box Office. Shows every kind of movie.

CNN: Cable News Network. 24/7 News.


=== Radio Stations ===

Terrestrial (motorcycles, extremely crappy cars)


Christian Heart 98.4: Bigoted viewpoints galore. Also, sh*tty Christian music

Energy Groove: Upbeat music (Pop, EDM, etc.)

Independence FM: The custom music player.

Hip Hop Nation: Playing every kind of hip hop from N.W.A. to Eminem

Throwback FM: 80s pop music

New York Talk Radio: What it says on the tin


Satellite (cars that aren't crappy)


Metropolitan Opera Radio: Classical tracks for the audiophile

Sirius XM Chill: Easy listening music


=== Safehouses ===

124-10 Ave, College Point: Free

245 E 124th St Apt 11F, East Harlem: $75.000

178 E 2nd St Apt 3B, East Village: $500.000

Edited by LawAndDisorderNYC

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I just wanna say it now, mod projects that're led by people with no modding experience go nowhere. And I speak from experience.

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