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Devils Rejects MC Recruiting 18+ Only

Recommended Posts


Devils Rejects XBOX One


Founder/President: Prmc Blitzkrieg

Website: http://www.johnnorton71.wixsite.com/devils-rejects

Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_rejects_indp


About Us: This is an independent club I began to appeal to MC community members like myself who may not have the time or not want to be in a huge MC at the moment. Yes, we are still a patched club, abide by 1% rules and will hang and be associated with other clubs. But there is no mandatory activity, no mandatory churches/get togethers, only a once a month club meeting. I have great relationships with other MCs so expect to be hanging around alot with other guys and gals, getting to know them and expanding our club. Please read up on the website if you are confused on anything and please feel free to contact me in our contact section or hit me up on XBL @ PRMC Blitzkrieg.


If interested,please comment with your:

- XB1 Gamertag

- Social Club Account

- Easiest way to reach you


At this time there is no officers or prospects. Full patch is given and you have to prove worthy to stay. After we have our first 6 then we will start the officer program.

Edited by TXSBlitzkrieg

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New Emblem is up. Check my instagram and Social Club.

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Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Also, please limit bumps to once a week as per the recruitment rules.



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Still Recruiting! 2-20-2017_5-18-48_PM.jpg

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