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Options to turn off driving assists.

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Ok, so, as the title suggests, would you look forward to an option within the next GTA to finally be able to turn off all the different assists while driving?

For example, how cars slow down for you when taking corners, the auto-transmission, or the wierd auto-counter steer thingo that's present in GTA V.

All this has been done before within mods:

  • InversePower, by ikt
  • Custom Steering, by InfamousSabre
  • Manual Transmission and Steering Wheel Support, by ikt.

(Btw, highly recommend those mods!)


Also, I would like to see the handbrake work more like an actual handbrake (or maybe just when you turn manual mode on), because in GTA it seems to function like more of an instantaneous 'clutch-kick' whenever you're in motion and tap it.

I believe for those of us that are more into the driving aspect of GTA, or just cars in general, that if it were to come standard in the next GTA, it would add a whole new level of:

  • immersion/realism
  • fun
  • replayability
  • control

Especially a big plus to console users, who don't have access to mods.

This paired with only a slightly more realistic handling model, when paired with those assists turned off, would also further improve those extra levels of fun for us car and driving enthusiasts of sorts.

Now, i'm not saying make the handling the sequel to Assetto Corsa or iRacing, or whatever, just something along the lines of like a mix of IV and V.


Also, I realize handling changes and manual transmission been brought up ALOT already within the GTA Next section, but I haven't really seen anyone mention the other assists that i've talked about.

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Queen Elizabeth II

You can only wish. We can't even leave car with wheels turned.

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