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This sucks....


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when you do rampage's, the weapon you use in the rampage, you lose after its over. I had a double barrel shotgun with like 80 rounds, and then I came upon a rampage where you have to kill 25 ppl with the shotgun. I completed it, and my double barrel was gone. That is just b.s.

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I know i hate that bull crap. Why did they add that, to make you mad? i wonder. No offense but that gun sucks at a range of over 10 feat cause then it takes two shots. if your like right behind them well say bye to there insides.

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Of cuares you can get the gun again but you won't have much ammo. I think I herd if you go to the airport or golf coures it will come back.

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Once after doing a rampage i think it was a drive by one

it gave me infinate ammo on the MP5



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DeLorean's Rule!!! :):D  :inlove:

First off, most of you don't know the half of it about DeLoreans. They were poorly contructed, a great place for rust (not the body, but the rest of it), was a bit expensive, and the plant tottally lost all it's money.


Sales really started to shine after B2DF, but by then DeLorean was already packing it's bags.


A funny car to see on the road, because it looks like it's made a metal and plastic. But, not fun to drive.


Though, they are creating vehicles again, nd in an upgrade kit, it's apparently "a real hoot". Whatever, maybe it is.


Anways, I think most knew about the gun stuff, and they take 'em out after the mission, becuse then you'd have a infinate weapon! I think there is a GS code to take it off, but i'm not the one to ask...

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