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2 sweets , one wont go away


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Whenever I do a mission in the cutscenes there is sweet and then another sweet in the background talking on his cell phone, sometimes hes even outside his house talking. Can anyone help me figure out what to delete?

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You sure you didnt mod anything?by replacing PEDs? Or something...because i did a faced a similar issue....By the sound of it.....when you say he is outside his house....on the phone.....talking...im not sure...how to help you out..........i recommend you make a copy of your game saves....and re install GTA SA....

also are you on the mission "Comeback to Los Santos"? i did some googling around

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to make sure which PED is not working right....use PED editor/viewer....it will tell if any of the PEDs are messed up

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No I'm using zaz acid mod, with modloader but now that you mention it, I have a mod where you can visit sweet Ryder etc

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I had the same problem when I had a custom player.img (Niko Bellic). After the cutscene of Ryder mission, he spawned a zillion times and the game crashed after that. So, this might occur when you have custom player.img.

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Solved I had hidden interriors mod that was exremly buggy. Thank you zaz I put main scm in regular data folder and its way smoother, I noticed before PEDs wernt really acting like PEDs do sometimes

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