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Special Tops on next gen


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Are special tops on next gen only available on festive surprise or can you get them any other way?

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Festive suprise was in December. They will be back every dec

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You also get special tops for unlocking various awards, eg. the Showroom Platinum Award (for storing 30 vehicles), the "Gimme That" T-shirt (for collecting 100 packages in any Capture mode). If you go to your social club profile you can see a tab called "Awards", click on it and you'll find a list of rewards which include a number of T-shirts that fall into the special tops category.

I believe that there are also a number of special tops that were awarded for transferring from last gen consoles.

So, yes you can get them at any time of year, not just as a festive surprise.

Edited by badmoon
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Festive suprise was in December. They will be back every dec

There weren't any "second chance" shirts in 2015. Just the mask and pajamas/hats.

Last year there were four chances for a set of shirts that had (for all but one) been available before, but not all Special Tops were in that set.

In 2014 they had Special Crates each day that contained a Special Item (shirt or hat) that was either new or a "second chance"


If you want the full list and when/how they were available and which ones had more than one opportunity, let me know.

Edited by ash-274
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Well too bad now i have to wait till christmas...

Edited by BLADE_San_Andreas
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