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GTAForums Weekly - Issue 7

Recommended Posts




Week of April 23rd - 29th






Hello & welcome back! This is the seventh issue of GTAForums Weekly. Since our last issue, it seems that @Mister Pink has now become the new forum leader of the Gaming sub-forum! Congratulations to him, the team wishes him well. The GTAForums Snapmatic Competition was given a new set of judges, after the prior three were retired. Red Dead Redemption V's topic was also locked up for good, as members used it to argue. About a week ago, the modification ceased production when Take Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, stepped in and contacted the .White team.

In other news, @Mach1bud posted the latest round of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. It's become quite tense the past few days, as the Progen T20 is leading over the Pegassi Tempesta by just one point! Be sure to vote before it's too late.

@Kirsty also posted a topic regarding the new GTAO game mode, Tiny Racers, and the Tax Refund that you can claim before April 30th. Be sure to log into GTA Online in order to secure yours.

After his absence from last week, was able to post a new issue of Custom Rides & Garages. You can check out the compilation here!

@REXX released a new Weekly Outfit Showcase, featuring the top 5 best "Adventure & Expedition" themed outfits.

GTAForums currently has a total of 14,756,859 posts (+11,581 from last week) and 702,794 members (+493 from last week) at the time this is being posted.




Welcome to the seventh week of the Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe. This week’s segment will be slightly shorter, as first – we don’t have RDR2 news; and secondly – your host had to pack up for a trip happening soon, so a lot of his time was taken with that, and apologies for the lower quality of the issue in general. Normalcy will resume next week!

Grand Theft Auto

This week for GTA Online, Tiny Racers has finally arrived! In an oddly clumsy attempt at recreating the GTA 1 nostalgic experience, players must fight to be the last man standing in a pseudo-racing environment. The racetrack contains power-ups to aid you through this journey.

As per Rockstar’s official description, the new mode "channels the spirit of classic GTA titles with a shifting, bird’s-eye perspective designed to bring you a new flavor of vehicle combat. Up to four players can duke it out for the top spot across seven new courses with just one rule: Don’t blow up. Fall too far behind first place and your tiny car goes boom.”Unsurprisingly to some, reactions to this new adversary mode haven’t been all that positive on the Internet..

In a turn of events, and because you, as a very responsible San Andreas citizen have already done your taxes, the San Andreas State Treasury Department is giving out a $425K tax refund to eligible citizens who log into GTA Online between now and this Sunday! The SA Treasury Department is probably planning to mess with inflation as well, as all this generosity probably means the Army will get a HELL of a budget rise. (i.e. Gunrunning is going to be expensive!)

Rockstar General - Brooklyn Red Hook Criterium

The tenth anniversary of the Red Hook Criterium in New York is here! Today, April 29th, the racing event sponsored by Rockstar will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Happening in London, Barcelona, New York and Milan, the Red Hook Crit is an event that according to Rockstar, started out as a race involving mainly bike messengers, urban cyclists and amateur racers.

Nowadays, it’s a part high-speed track bike criterium, part-festival, fully sponsored by Rockstar. Featuring from Olympic track racers to the fastest bike messengers, it’s a lap-based, spectator-friendly race around a short technical street circuit, formed in Brooklyn in the case of New York.

Matching with the tenth anniversary celebrations, this year’s men’s field is the biggest, with over 300 athletes participating, spanning 43 different nationalities. The same thing goes for the women’s field, featuring 75 athletes this year!

If you’re in New York, you can check it out for free by going to the venue! As they’re celebrating their anniversary, expect to party hard with Rockstar, in their Critweek!

Phew, at least I only have to be a sports commentator 4 times a year..

Community Highlight - Appreciation Threads!

Every time a new car releases, the community either hates, or unconditionally loves it! Those who feel strongly for vehicles will all run to make an appreciation thread as soon as the vehicle is revealed. Do you like any of the recent or most powerful cars? Do you have a serenade, a song ready to sing to it? Do you wish to ask it out? Or, more seriously, do you want to show the best of this car by posting the best pictures, videos and descriptions you have of it? Then this is the place for you!

In the link found in the title of this Community Highlight, you can find an index of appreciation threads made for all the recent car releases, compiled by our resident GTA Series moderator @slohbur! Really no one I can credit for each of the threads, as they’re all made by different people! A community effort, if you will!

































































GTA Online



Grand Theft Auto Series









This segment includes coverage that continues from where last week's issue left off. As we near E3 and the four year anniversary of it's release this Summer, we'll be taking a look back at the days surrounding the initial GTA V announcement, all the way up until the release. This will be a multi-part topic that we will be covering, so be sure to stick around.


Last week we left you off around the time Rockstar unloaded a plethora of juicy news regarding the release date, the announcement of a new trailer, new artwork, and so on. The excitement around this time was at the highest it ever was, and fans were excited to know more about the game. GTA V was definitely shaping up to be the most-anticipated game of 2013, and it seemed as if nothing could stop the hype train.

A slight detour..

At this point in time (late 2012), Rockstar was becoming very generous in terms of releasing new screenshots and artwork. Towards the end of November '12, they dropped official artwork for Trevor, showing him holding a sniper rifle while on an ATV in the middle of the desert. Trevor was the first character from the game to get a piece of artwork dedicated to himself.




Official "Trevor" GTA V artwork



As a surprise early Christmas present, Santa R* left more new screenshots under the tree! In these shots, we were given a glimpse of underwater life, a submarine, and the three characters all hanging out together, plus more. They also kicked off the new year by releasing even more artwork, some of which is pictured below. You can view all of the images within their own Newswire links respectfully.




"Stop & Frisk"






"The Trunk"



While all seemed well, some unexpected news was announced towards the end of January 2013. "GRAND THEFT AUTO V IS COMING 9.17.2013". While the game was delayed by only a few months, the community was caught off guard by the news and many members shared mixed feelings. Rockstar told us in their official announcement that "it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require". The GTAForums screenshot below, which was originally captured by @Andreas is by any means not photoshopped or doctored in any way. GTAF Staff added a photo of a crying baby at the top of the GTA V sub-forum in an attempt to poke fun at the community for complaining about the short delay.




GTA V sub-forum screenshot captured by @Andreas showing a crying baby above the latest news



"This, too, shall pass"

After the announcement, Rockstar stayed quiet through February and for most of March, until they shared more screenshots towards the end of it. In this particular set, "Sunsets, Seas, Skies, and so on...", we're shown the true beauty of the game. It seemed as if whether you were underwater, skydiving, or watching the storm on choppy waves, the game looked great during every bit of it. One screenshot even shows Franklin's special ability, Driving Focus, which allows the player to slow down time while driving. Another screen confirmed that police officers were able to hang onto the side of their SUV units, similar to how SWAT teams do so in real life situations.

Shortly after this set of screenshots were shared, a little surprise was beginning to come to life on the side of one NYC building. In the GTAForums topic, "GTA V Box Art Being Painted", images were being shared and discussed of the box art being painted as a mural. A member of Reddit seems to have been the original source of the first few images. The official box art wasn't shared by Rockstar until a few days after, in this Newswire post.




GTA V cover art being worked on, courtesy of iGTA5.com






Official Cover Art via Rockstar Games



Cash and Carry.. by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor

Cash and Carry was a set of screenshots released shortly before the announcement of a new trailer. The screens depicted Michael on a jet ski, carrying a duffel bag loaded with money, while the other showed Franklin on a motorbike doing the same, which explains their reasoning behind the quote "by sea, or by land". The Michael, Franklin, and Trevor trailers weren't treated with any sort of huge announcement, as their Newswire post just gave us a date to look out for. April 30th came by and thus we were treated with what we were promised! The trio-trailer provided us with backstory and an in-depth look at what goes in the lives of the three protagonists. Coupled with the release of the trailer were multiple previews compiled by Rockstar. In these previews, originating from many sources from Game Informer to The Telegraph, vivid descriptions and observations help to explain different bits and elements to eager fans waiting to get their hands on the game.




Signing Off

I hope you, our readers, are enjoying the multi-piece coverage of GTA V. You can expect much more in our next issue! Until next time, I hope you enjoy the rest of GTAForums Weekly Issue 7!




In this week's issue, we reached out to - a member that's more on the quiet side, but contains a glowing passion for cars.



Unbid: What brought you to GTAForums?

KifflomBroBro: My friends and I were playing GTA Online and we didn't know how to mod cars from Story Mode to Online so I signed up and asked.

U: How did you think of your username?

KBB: I liked the Epsilon Program missions in GTA V and I thought it was funny how they said "Kifflom Brother Brother" so I just shortened it to KifflomBroBro for my username.

U: How has your experience been like in regards to you being a part of the GTAF community?

KBB: It's a pretty fun experience, it's a nice place to chat with people about games, cars, etc.

U: Have you been interested in joining any GTAForums groups? If so, which one?

KBB: I'm not really interested in any groups currently but I do check them out from time to time.

U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to?

KBB: I don't think I'm close with any forum members but if I had to choose, it would probably be Scaglietti because we both have the same interests such as cars and photography.

U: What's your favorite thing / part about the forums?

KBB: The people and the interesting threads that get made everyday. Whenever I get bored, I just come to this forum and there's always something interesting going on.

U: If you were admin for a day, what would you do?

KBB: Most likely the same stuff that I do now.

U: What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series?

KBB: GTA V/GTA Online because the location is based off of LA and the car customization options are pretty insane. The missions are all really fun and it's pretty dope that they keep adding DLCs. It's also the first game where I've spent a lot of time playing online. I've actually played with people online and met up with them IRL.

U: Tell us about yourself on more of a personal level. Any favorite hobbies (aside from cars and photography), music, and so on?

KBB: I'm actually a bit antisocial IRL so I avoid talking to people a lot. As for hobbies, I love drawing and binge watching anime, I also like collecting diecast cars but that has sort of stopped because I've been spending way too much money on $1 cars. Growing up in SoCal has also influenced the type of music I like. I really like 90's rap but I'm fine with modern music too.

U: Tell us more about your interest in cars. When did your love for cars begin? Where did it originate from?

KBB: I think it was when I was 3 years old. I ran out of the bathroom with my pants down, tripped and cracked my head when I hit the wall. My parents and aunt rushed me to the Emergency Room with a Camry. We were going super fast and I loved it, I was even laughing according to my mom. When my parents took me to Universal Studios for the first time when I was 3, I instantly fell in love with the Skyline R34 and RX-7 from 2 Fast 2 Furious. I've liked cars ever since.

U: Finally, please tell us more about your photography. What camera do you use? Do you capture objects other than cars?

KBB: My interest in photography started when I was around 13. I was scrolling through Instagram and I was amazed by the photos that professional car photographers took. I started car spotting around my area and took pictures of cars with my phone until I was 14. My mom then bought me a point and shoot camera and took me to car meets. Nowadays, I use a Nikon D7100 and take pictures of rare cars. One of the cars I recently shot was a Pagani Zonda Cinque, which costs around $13 million. I don't take photos of anything else yet but I would like to start taking photos of buildings and people.




Gorillaz - Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)





Featuring as the seventh track on the band's third studio album, Plastic Beach, it serves as a melancholic, peaceful track among the rush of the album according to frontman Damon Albarn. The track features Yukimi Nagano from Swedish electronic pop band Little Dragon on vocals.



Album: Plastic Beach



Genre: Synthpop



Release Date: March 3, 2010



Label: Parlophone/Virgin



Writer(s): Gorillaz, Yukimi Nagano






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News, Blast from the Past



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



Edited by Android

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Well done, as always!!

Edited by DOUGL4S1

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Great issue as usual. I remember the crying baby at the top of the forums lol.

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Ayy lit

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This issue was released on April 29th, and NOT EVEN A SINGLE MENTION OF GTA IV's ANNIVERSARY??? The f*ck is wrong with you guys.

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This issue was released on April 29th, and NOT EVEN A SINGLE MENTION OF GTA IV's ANNIVERSARY??? The f*ck is wrong with you guys.

I feel like next year would be a more proper time to address it..


Great issue as always

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I know that next year will be the 10th anniversary and stuff, but they could have mentioned it briefly at least.

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I know that next year will be the 10th anniversary and stuff, but they could have mentioned it briefly at least.

Yeah a brief mention would have been nice

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This issue was released on April 29th, and NOT EVEN A SINGLE MENTION OF GTA IV's ANNIVERSARY??? The f*ck is wrong with you guys.

Don't forget about London 1969's 18th Anniversary. Everyone forgets about GTA London.

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Great Britain

I think a good idea would be to include this link in the issue itself. I totally forgot about it until I clicked it right now. Nice issue bdw

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