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The Vanillaworks

Recommended Posts


 The Gauntlet Classic has turning lights on the front and back, but they are not used for some reason. It would be sweet if you guys fix that.

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How could someone make part of the Vanilla Works team?

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Posted (edited)


 I'm writing this under the assumption that it hasn't been noticed, don't mind me if it was.

The modpack was updated for compatibility with the last two DLCs each time while 2.4 is in the work, but it seems R* new vehicles are messing with the libraries of the modpack and the game vehicles.


With Arena war and 2.3.1, the apparition of the Vapid Sasquatch somehow broke both the Liberator and itself in relation with the liberator liveries from the modpack I'd say, as all liveries of both vehicles are available on both vehicles, but other modifications are non existent on the sasquash (probably because the liberator has none and it all merged)


With Diamond casino and 2.3.2, it's the gauntlets from R* that pretty much messed the ones from the modpack, R* Classic gauntlet and the modpack gauntlet heist share the classic model, modifications are non-existent on the classic one. R* Gauntlet hellfire  and the classic gauntlet from the modpack now share the model from the hellfire and the modifications of the modpack classic gauntlet.


The result is weird. The pics are to illustrate what I described :







I'm bringing this to your attention because as simple as it might be, I don't know how to fix it for myself as I don't know which libraries/directories need to be changed (including changing their names in the game/mod files).

This being said, the efforts to keep this pack up to date are really appreciated, I am grateful for those updates and can't wait to see what's the next big move. As you can see I like to test and mess with everything within the game/pack.

Edited by Λnonyme²

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Ubermacht Zion Classic from back to the future



Karin Rebel Beach Patrol




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In game testing, tuning parts are work in progress.







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On 10/30/2019 at 6:51 PM, TG_Stig said:

In game testing, tuning parts are work in progress.

this excites me more than the 47th supercar in online

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It's been ages since i checked out the modding scene of GTA V (or GTA V as a whole). This whole "lore friendly" car mods looks amazing!

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