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GTA 2 PC editing

x Aimee x

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I was wondering if it's possible to edit stats in the game and things like that.


As in, if you could change how many cars drive around, peds spawn, and what types of car drive around.


I really want to know if i can make it so there are more of the "Bug" driving around and to see more car-jackers. I love those lol.

but biggest of all, how to get rid of the cops? The PC cheat doesn't work. I'd really enjoy having no cops :) if it's possible to edit that in some file.


Aaaand a seperate question, I've ran debug manager thingy, and sometimes when I steal a car the owner steals it back or has a gun and shoots back, is that normal? I don't remember this happening. o:

they always then try to kill nearby mafia members, this is weird.

Edited by SceneQueen
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It's all possible. While you can disable police completely, it will make some missions impossible since they require stealing police vehicles, so it's probably better to enable debug keys and then just push 5 to clear wanted level whenever you want to: http://gtamp.com/gta2/gta2-cheats/


You can make all peds car jackers with the BUCKFAST cheat but if you want to just increase the chance of them appearing, you would need a custom script or trainer.


In a custom mission script, you would change this command to adjust car jacker or Bug ratio.


MAP_ZONE name = (car_density,good_car_ratio,bad_car_ratio,police_car_ratio, ped_density,mugger_ratio,carthief_ratio,elvis_ratio,gang_char_ratio,police_ped_ratio, gang_car_ratio)


I don't have time to explain mission editing right now but there's no easy way to edit the existing scripts (except for Industrial since Rockstar released the mission code for that level).


It's normal for some peds to attack you back when you steal their car and for your gang to defend you. If it happens all the time then you probably have the BUCKFAST cheat enabled.

Edited by Sektor
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