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The real heroes are the Army Man


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Following are the things I am going to focus. All rating are accounted for your mission pack.


  • Grammar
  • Spelling Mistake
  • Plot
  • Cutscenes
  • Object&Pickup
  • Length
  • Difficulty
  • Presentation




Could be Good



Very Good






Grammar - (Grammar also include punctuation. You have to put some serious amount of time on your grammar. Not as a hater but actually I saw many errors during playing mission also Punctuation need some more attention first after Grammar. Vast number of mistakes in Punctation was caught. Maybe it is because you were new in the community at that time or you need to face some improvements)


Spelling Mistakes - (There were many spelling mistakes like "safly" etc but it was good. I saw many fixes of spellings in missions but still, I was watching the existence so this obtains yellow colour)


Plot - (Good I mean really. That was a good idea making something unique which contains Real life Designers but their roles were not impressive. I was expecting something better from them according to their skills IRL)


Cutscenes - (Cutscenes placements and their movements were good especially when there was a meeting in the office. Rotations were good. I am impressed with the cutscenes but still, I need more impressment)


Object&Pickup Placements - (Seriously, the objects placements were not good. They were like half of their corner was through the other near object like there is no collision in them + inappropriate objects for mission and that cue ball on the actor's head was really unrealistic)


Length - (Too short mission but long distance checkpoints were making the missions longer + I was not able to read and understand the cutscenes as they were concluding soo fast. Please avoid from the short cutscenes as they disturb many designers)


Difficulty - (Difficulty was very easy. Easy enemies + given a hunter to kill 250 health people)


Presentation - (I was going to give it a yellow but when I deleted the colourful hud and fonts then they were looking good. Using green in the colourful text with white in a right position was good but presenting your name in a very colourful way was a new member just joined the community. I want you to keep it up)


+ there were some things like putting a cage for jumping from the top was really unrealistic and too many enemies in first mission was really absurd. Punctuation was bad and too much capital letter.


+OVERALL - 6\10


Try to improve on mentioned mistakes and weakness and you will be awesome!





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Well,I am crying lil but in happiness.Thanks for the review,I will try my best to become good in grammars and spelling and for the cue ball, I was trying to make it like an apple.So,Aftab could be able to do practice with his sniper. Thank you again and sorry for what I said to you. You are actually awesome in reviewing. I hope you will progress here too. :D


EDIT:I have done here mistakes,too. :p

Edited by YasirRFL King
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Hey, nice mp add me also if possible(@Chaos) as a villian. Edited by Chaos17
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Too many spam on the topic!Finish off 02 thing please.Also am gonna give you the review soon.

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