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how TF do you land the damn lazer without crashing


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i do l3 to get its landing gear out and try to keep the nose up but every time it approaches ground it always goes fast and the nose goes down and i keep FKN crashing!!!


trying to complete the effin lazers mission but i keep fkn it up because its impossible to land these fkn planes. when i try and slow down the nose goes down and i try and pull up but its either too late or it takes me too far from the ground


HOW DO YOU DO IT, this sh*t is frustratong me



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It really isn't that hard. Just out of curiosity, what is your flying stat like? The Laser suffers from terrible turbulence and having a low-mid flying stat doesn't really help.


Just glide it down at full speed or at least let go of the throttle to slow down a bit. Lowering the landing gear will slow the Laser down as well.


If you still can't do it, I'd suggest you load up the Jet Lag air race (or create one yourself) and just practice your landings. If you crash, no worries you'll respawn in a Laser.

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Flight school like stormer boy says does help but landing is quite easy....


line up with the runway several miles out enlarge the mini-map to plot your course and then come in at a slope don't descend too fast use your throttle to your advantage biggest thing is turn off your afterburners, landing too fast will cause you to crash as well as coming in too slow.


Turn off your afterburners but don't stall keep adjusting your speed and you'll be able to land just fine as for pulling your nose up you don't need to this isn't like real life you can on all three tires.


I'd suggest practicing in a slower such as the Duster and then move up to faster and faster planes til you master the landing in them and then once you do you'll have no problems landing the Lazer

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Slow the plane down, but don't hold down the reverse button completely. If you do, the engines will turn off, which sends the plane into a nosedive.

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Slow down your airspeed before you descend, properly approach at the right angle, make sure landing gear is down and as you approach level off, don't point the nose down too much, then reverse thrust as you make contact to terra-firma.

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Yeah you're cutting the engine and stalling. Leave the brake trigger alone until you're on the ground, and use the whole length of the runway.

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Like Aircobra suggested; try landing some slower planes first. Just slowly move your way up to the tougher ones like the Lazer.

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Bring out the landing gear and slow down to land it.

Edited by SilverRST
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The Lazer is the trickiest to land for me as well. It's tough to glide, there is no wiggle room and when you're trying to finesse the landing sometimes you hit the L3 and the landing gear goes up, instant explosion.


I get in real low, landing gear down, cut the engines and just hope to glide it down as softly as possible and to keep my left thumb really limber.

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