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Lag issues


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Everyone knows this game experiences lag.


We all loose connections sessions usually after starting missions and of coarse loosing intial start up cash.


Thanks rockstar


Just curious if anyone else is experincing above normal lag issues tonight.



This game has lagged out for me 4 times In a row doing vehicles cargo.


Like I said used to the usual bullsh*t


But 45 straight mins of lag issues

Literally restarting console 2 times and still lagged out a 4th time doing a vehicle cargo


I also know it's not my internet.

As I got a computer right next to me doing a speed test and my down is 140 and my up is 13 so I know zero issues there.



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The lag = garbage


The game =/= garbage


I may be on my first restart of the night if GTA doesn't finish "loading" this lobby after I quit a mission's session interlude.

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Everything is working fine for me. Hopefully your issue is resolved soon. Have you checked your connection?

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Black Terminator

Everything on my ps4 is working fine with GTA Online tonight.

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I've had error with every session I joined today which is not normal at all compared to other days I play. What is going on with the servers today? Something is definitely not right.

Edited by GTASA-Pilot
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I have to agree, the lag issues is still happening.


Seems to be always on:

1) inital load - time out - connection lost

2) return from a mission - time out - conn. lost

3) switching session - time out - conn. lost


I would say there a huge error that's going on with loading the map

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