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The Weekly Vehicle Showdown Week 7


The Weekly Vehicle Showdown  

86 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will come out on top this week?

    • Pegassi Tempesta
    • Progen T20

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Welcome to the seventh week of a forum game called the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. In this game, vehicles face off against each other in a forum poll. At the end of the week, the winner is crowned. The reign is short lived however, the following week, a random vehicle will be selected
to face off against the current champion. We will keep going until we cover every vehicle in GTA V and GTA Online, and have one overall champion. In the thread feel free to
discuss the positives and negatives of each vehicle, your opinions, facts, videos, pictures, whatever you like to strengthen your argument for why the vehicle you are voting
for deserves to win, and the other does not.

If you post mulitiple photos or videos of any vehicle, use spoiler tags.
Do not go off topic. Discuss only the vehicles being voted on.
Be respectful of other peoples opinions.
Do not cheat; creating multiple accounts to vote, etc.
Do not vote based on the photos in the OP.
This is not a Snapmatic competition.

Have fun!

Pegassi Tempesta

The Reigning Champion


The new kid on the block, the Pegassi Tempesta showed up one day and
never ever left. Immediately overshadowing it's cousin the Reaper, it took Los Santos
by storm as the new must have super car. Does it have enough in it to overshadow our
current competitor?


Progen T20


Tell your neighbors you bought the Progen for its 'fuel efficiency' and reduced 'carbon' emissions,

when you really got it because they hooked an electric motor to a twin-turbocharged V8 engine just to give it extra juice. Like a toaster in a bathtub,

this is a dangerous synthesis of technologies old and new. Does it have the power to finally knock the Tempesta off it's thrown?

May the best vehicle win.

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Uncle Sikee Atric

A tough choice this week....


After some thought, I'll vote T20 as I do own one for time trailling. That's the only reason why I'd vote for it.


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I always found the progen pretty overrated....and now we got times were we actually have vehicles with working spoilers that look better and this vehicle is not top tier in it's class anymore...yea...Tempesta FTW.

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T20 was my first super car. That itself is enough of a reason to vote it. Also I like it's sleek design, active spoiler and the doors. Also it's pretty fast (for that price it has to be!). All in all. I like the car.

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Tempesta all the way.... T20 is still one of the most overrated cars in GTA IMO , although it´s a great car overall,actually ...

Edited by nido997
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IMO both are almost the same performance wise, but I chose the Progen this time, cuz 1- it's what I have and 2- that dynamic spoiler

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Raavi x Spider-Vice FAGS

I vote for the Asea.. Stickers makes it SOOOO COOOOL

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The T20 was out for a early lead but the Tempesta caught back up and passed it quickly. Man, can anything beat this car?

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I just voted for the T20 and it's winning now :D


I've always liked the T20 because of the design and it drives really well imo. Active aero is also very cool.

Edited by KifflomBroBro
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Tempesta, hands down.


When the first teaser screenshot came out, I was like "ugh, do they have to make another Huracan knock-off? Isn't the abysmal Reaper already enough?". Then, the full car came out and I saw the looks and I was quite good. It doesn't have that odd shaping and proportion as the Reaper and looks sleek. Driving it is another story. It handles really well. Cornering while on moderately high speed is really manageable, and it's quite reasonably priced for the performance you get.


If I want active rear spoiler, I'd rather get the Nero instead.

Edited by unbid
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It's been pretty tense the past few days, T20 leads by just one point :panic:


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Mannnn this is coming down to the wire. It can really go either way at this point.

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Forza Harrd

I rarely race it, but as soon as I bought it it replaced my Turismo R as my fave freeroam supercar. I've had a few affairs with the Tyrus and Zentorno but I always come back to #1.



Edited by Forza Harrd
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Gotta go with the Progen on this. Never been a fan of the Lambos' tbh.


The T20 has the lot; looks beautiful, sounds amazing, Love it.

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I'm a day late, but that's all folks! Looks like the Tempesta takes the crown once again!

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