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whomst is the zombie ?

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together we can solve the ultimate mystery of gta 4








the player model has baffled many of us for years


who was the original zombie and what is the significance of his inclusion in multiplayer


is it lezlie The Benz? dan houser? sonny forelli?


whom is the stripper? his significant other?


lets speculate


personally i think he is one of nikos victims, seeking revenge on those whomst caused his untimely demise


what do you think? lmk in comment section below

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Im just guessing but i would say that it was a scrapped zombie idea for multi player amd the outfit is just whatever is left for us to use.


I say this because r* kept track on the social club of how many ppl world wide became infected. And just the other day a buddy of mine who has mods used an interesting mod...he spawned a bunch of the zombie dudes and they were wearing actual pants and clothing items besides those yellow speedos. I mean the speedos were the zombies undies under the jeans lol but not JUST the speedo. They even had a zombie walk and moan to em. . .


So yeah those are my thoughts.


Edit . oh and the naked 10star characters were hints towards gtav imo that's why we unlocked it at the max level. And i always found it odd that the last item of clothing was a blue speedo and sandals in a cold ass city lol

Edited by Dream-_-Traveler

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