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[REL/SA] Drinking At Bars

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1- I will do this.

2- The idea is to give a realism. 1 minute is very little, imagine you inside the LS club, you drink, and you are 1 minute walking the club "enjoying it", the whole effect of the drink will end only this minute, it isn't realistic, and thinking about it, drinking 4 bottles and taking 10 minutes (10 hours in the game) seems realistic... I wanted something like that, but I have not tested whether it's correct or taking longer than I expected.

3- Yes... but if I want to do this it will have to change a lot in the script operation, because I did not think about those possibilities. My focus was a simple script (in fact, it didn't even get that simple, I even wanted to make a configuration file for people to add more bars, useful for map mods)

4- It would be very cool.

5- If yes, optional and with good warning. Because the game has a limit of icons, besides being trapped in the save game (yes, cleo_saves solves, but its operation in the cleo has many many problems), I avoid to the maximum to add icons in mods. I also like mods where you use things naturally, for example, one of the things I liked the most in this mod is that I go somewhere, and I see some bar, and I can drink there, without any information, with no icon indicating that bar, without the game tell me there's a bar over there, I just came in and saw, I like that.



I was experimenting with this, and i tried to add 03FD while you are drunk, to make the car less responsive, and therefore makes driving a mess, like in gta IV, maybe you could add that, you allready got that function on mixsets so you must know how to do your stuff.


It also would be perfect to have the screen blurr sometimes but i think that may be going too far, just some little suggestions.

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I love this "(snip)" Feature


Mate, the fact that you keep coming back, and keep supporting this "Small" project just shows how awesome you are :)

You're one of the few big folks who do this and don't care about the "Popularity" of the mod

Do whatever you feel is best, and keep in mind that that you already did an awesome job with the "recreated" version

Best of luck

Edited by BiPolarBear

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