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GTAForums Weekly - Issue 6

Recommended Posts




Week of April 16th - 22nd






Hello & welcome back! This is the sixth issue of GTAForums Weekly. To celebrate 4/20, GTAForums Staff changed all of the OGA and Certified Group pips to mimic The Yardies. Even BUSTED! members got to join in on the fun.. I guess you could say we were all part of the Yardie family that day. You can check out all of the 4/20 pips here.

In other news, it seems the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption V mod had to cease production due to issues behind the scenes. This was apparent just hours after releasing their 4K teaser trailer. You can read more about the situation in Rockstar Central

Kirsty posted a topic about the new Tiny Racers adversary mode. Let the nostalgia flow through you while you race around a track with a top down camera view!

Spider-Vice posted a news topic regarding the release of the Duke O'Death, along with info about GTA Online bonuses.

Mach1bud posted the sixth round of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. The reigning champion, the Pegassi Tempesta takes on the newcomer, the Armored Karin Kuruma. Be sure to vote before it's too late!

GTAForums currently has a total of 14,745,278 posts (+12,961 from last week) and 702,301 members (+477 from last week) at the time this is being posted.




Welcome to the sixth week of the Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

Grand Theft Auto

This week, GTA Online fans have had the surprise of their Online life, as they have wanted this to happen for the longest time.

The Duke o’Death is now available for all players in GTA Online! Yes, the same Duke o’Death from Story Mode! Returning players will be able to get it for free (a bargain, if you will..) and everyone else will be able to get it for $665K through Warstock!

Along with this, all other Returning Player vehicles have been made available for everyone in GTA Online, with the same conditions as the Duke:

- Marshall Monster Truck

- Dodo Seaplane

- Kraken Submarine

- Imponte Dukes

- Declasse Stallion

- Blista Compact

- Hatchet

Along with this, returning players are expected to have full refunds on ALL vehicles they have bought as returning players, as they are all free now for them! Some players have already gotten some amazing refunds across all platforms, especially those who have gotten three million Marshalls in GTA Online’s Roaring Twenti...-fourteens.Rockstar’s generosity doesn’t end here, as players will have a 2xRP and GTA$ boost on ALL (yes, ALL!) Contact Missions, along with 25% off on all CEO offices and 50% (!) off on Special Cargo Warehouses. A 25% bonus on Special Cargo Deliveries accompanies this, so you can fill your new warehouse as quick as you bought it.

There are also 25% discounts on:

- Progen Itali GTB

- Truffade Nero

- Dewbauchee Specter

- Karin Armoured Kuruma

- HVY Insurgent

- Karin Technical

- Benefactor Turreted Limo

- Benny's Upgrades

- Body Armour

- All Ammo

This Thursday, Rockstar has also treated us with a brand-new Adversary Mode, slated for release on April 25! In what seems to be the replacement for the previously announced Top Down adversary mode, Rockstar has announced Tiny Racers.

In an adversary mode that is supposed to bring back the good old GTA 1 and 2 nostalgia, players will compete against each other in Stunt Tracks, filled with power ups to let you finish with all means necessary - and with a top down view, you can be reminded of how cool it was to have an RC car in the 90s!

You can watch the trailer

Grand Theft Auto Modding

Yesterday, April 21, the .White team released the first teaser trailer in 4K for the Red Dead Redemption V mod! However, this did not come without a catch.

To some people’s surprise, and not to others’, hours after the video released, it was taken down, along with the mod thread locked. According to the mod creator, the team has received a takedown request, to stop development of the mod…

A bit of a sad day for the modding community, as it was one of the most awaited mods this year. Any new developments can be found in their mod thread (unlocked in the meantime), but there is a likelihood we won’t hear much, as is normal with this legal stuff.

Community Highlight – The GTA V Beta Hunt

Because the GTA community is hungry to know how Rockstar develops their games, and what content is cut, a Beta Thread might be something you’ve seen in every single GTA section of GTAForums.

This week’s highlight will be the GTA V Beta Hunt, where I, myself, actively participate, where a bunch of people will basically datamine GTA V’s files to find developer comments in files, cut content, references to old development periods, and many more interesting things. This is the same thread where Rockstar started pulling portfolios down, where a rendition of Liberty City rendered in GTA V was leaked, and where concepts for the old GTA Online Cops n’ Crooks mode were also shown. Plenty of history in this thread!

Those curious can visit the thread by clicking the Highlight title, that is still very active after all this time, and many times with many new things being found! (yes, we might not have a life)


























































GTA Online






As we near E3 and the four year anniversary of it's release this Summer, we'll be taking a look back at the days surrounding the initial GTA V announcement, all the way up until the release. This will be a multi-part topic that we will be covering, so be sure to stick around.

Setting the Stage

It was October of 2011. Max Payne 3 was set to release in a few months' time, but fans in and around the GTAForums community were eager for a new entry in the GTA series. One member suggested that Rockstar wouldn't announce a new GTA due to the fact that MP3 would be releasing in 2012, and that it would kill off hype for it. "That leaves GTA for a possible 2013 release" - it's almost as if he had a time machine! Speculation similar to this and rumors went on for months within the "GTA V?" sub-forum before any substantial evidence or news came along.

It all began with Rockstar posting "#GTAV" to their social media accounts while transforming their website into a single page, consisting of the GTA V logo and the date of the first trailer release - November 2nd. The V sub-forum quickly blew up with tons of posts and celebration as we finally got confirmation of the next title. Members old and new racked up 5,800+ posts within the announcement topic in just one week, but that was only the beginning.




The GTA V subforum on November 1st, 2011






The GTA V debut trailer



All Aboard the Hype Train

Shortly after the trailer dropped, Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V was in full development under the Rockstar North studio, claiming it was the "largest and most ambitious" game Rockstar has ever created. "A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California." - at the time, no ETA or release date was provided. This would also be the last time we hear about Rockstar for a few months regarding the highly-anticipated game.

Fast forward to July of the following year, to an issue of "Asked & Answered", a segment that appears rarely these days where they pick out questions from fans in the community and answer them to the best of their ability. Rockstar explained that the reasoning behind the radio silence is due to them wanting to "release 100% correct information", as well as leaving some surprises for when we all got around to playing it. Nonetheless, they teased us with two screenshots showing the game in early stages. Judging from the screens, the game was no where close to being released, as some polishing was needed. Rockstar reassured us that they will "try and get some more screens for you soon and then another trailer when we are ready."




Just a month later, they released multiple sets of screenshots, each titled "Business", "Leisure", and "Transport". The screens showed much more of the game, including surrounding countryside mentioned previously. Not much else was said besides that they'd be back with some more "in a few weeks or so".

In October of 2012, a year after the game was announced, lots of info was being unloaded onto the Newswire. The first official artwork from the game was posted along with the mention of more info coming the following month. Just before the month ended, they let the cat out of the box and announced that GTA V will be releasing Spring 2013 for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Pre-orders were to start a week after, on November 5th. To this day, the topic that initially leaked this days before it was official is still around.. the only disappointing thing is that the images are dead. To top it all off, Andy McNamera, Editor-in-Chief of Game Informer, tweeted a photo with the caption "In NYC, about to check out December’s cover game #GTAV". These were obviously very exciting times for GTA fans!

Without missing a beat, Rockstar kicked November 2012 off perfectly by announcing that they'd be releasing a new trailer on November 14th. The month also brought us the December issue of Game Informer, with GTA V as it's cover. This would be the first time that all three protagonists are displayed front and center, the second time they would be seen together is in the second trailer. With the new trailer, Rockstar provided a quick look into the lives of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, all while showing new game footage and scenery.

GTA V's Second Trailer



That's all, folks.. for now

We'll be back next week to continue fitting all of the pieces to the puzzle together. We hope you enjoyed this week's segment. Until next time, enjoy the rest of GTAF Weekly Issue 6!




This time around we shine the spotlight on famous Snaptographer and the newest blood on the GTA Series Staff team, @Mach1bud!



Unbid: What made you join GTAForums?

Mach1bud: Hype leading up to the release of GTA V. I was lurker for a very long time up until then. I first started viewing the forums around the time that Vice City released.

U: How did you create your username?

M: I have owned a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 for 15 years or so now and my real name is Buddy. I originally created an account called "thequestfor100percent" but I felt that didn't quite roll off the tongue very easy.

U: Would you tell us the reason behind the creation of Weekly Vehicle Showdown?

M: To be honest, Kirsty approached me and asked if I would like to help with the News section with a regular thread about vehicles. After spit balling an idea or two, we landed on the Weekly Vehicle Showdown and I have been pleased with the participation so far.

U: Would you tell us more about your GTA Online character? What is your inspiration to create him (your Online character)?

M: Some people say that you are only as old as you act, well people have always told me that I act way older than I really am. I think that transfers into my creation process for a character in any game. My character in GTA originally was supposed to be late 40's, with a kind of Max Payne vibe. One day when racing with my old racing crew, the Apex Stalkers, I saw one of my buddy's had an old man character. Several months later I created one myself, the one people have seen in my Editor videos titled "Good Dog". He looked great, but I just couldn't bear to level him up as far as my first character. I ended up deleting him and requesting on Rockstar Support site to edit my first character. They granted my request and the rest is history. It wasn't a far stretch to make my late 40's character into a late 70's character. I feel he is even better than the "Good Dog" old man and is far more popular now. I suppose my inspiration is my own mindset primarily. Old school.

U: What has your experience been like so far in regards to you being GTAForums Staff?

M: Absolutely awesome. The forums has been very supportive of my new position and so far, nobody has had anything negative to say about my performance. I admit it was a bit of a shock to see the "other side" of the forums and there was a bit of a learning curve, but I am getting the hang of it.

U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to? Why?

M: Tough question. I converse with quite a lot of people here, many are on my PSN friends list, many on social media, discord, etc. Honestly though, I don't think of anyone here as "close". Half the community still thinks I really am an elderly man.

U: What's your favorite thing about the forums?

M: Easily being able to find just about any answer to any question about a Rockstar game. The amount of knowledge that people contain around here is outstanding, I would wager that people here know more about the games than many Rockstar employees do. Also I love just interacting with other people that enjoy the same games as much as I do, there aren't a whole lot of other places in the internet that have this many fans in one place.

U: If you were admin for a day, what would you do?

M: Pin the Next DLC Speculation topic and ban a few troublemakers. Snap some necks and cash some checks.

U: What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series? Why?

M: Red Dead Redemption by a country mile. As far as I am concerned, that is the best game ever created. The story, the map, the music, the dialogue. Everything just fit so damn well together. The voice acting was phenomenal as well. Also, I felt Undead Nightmare was one of the best implemented zombie modes ever made. Literally every single thing about RDR is amazing. Hopefully, Redemption 2 will exceed that and take RDR's spot as my favorite game of all time.

U: You have great skills when it comes to creating Snapmatic screenshots. Do you have any photography and photo editing experience in real life?

M: Firstly thank you. No actually, I have no experience with photography or editing at all in real life. I have a decent camera but I rarely use it and I have never used photoshop or any photo editing software (including on my GTA photos). I've never taken any classes or studied on it at all. The GTA photography is just something I have a knack for, not sure how I developed that particular skill set, one day I just decided I wanted to take some nice shots and turns out, I was good at it.

U: Tell us about yourself as a person. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?

M: I am a car guy mostly. I work on cars, I race cars, I build cars, etc etc. I was in the military for the better part of a decade. I am married and have 3 daughters. I have a really cool English Bulldog named Lola. I'm really calm mannered and level headed. Don't get mad easily, don't get excited easily. I'm just a chill regular guy I guess. I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, done a lot of stuff, more than most people I suppose. Oh, and I like rock music generally.




Justice - Safe and Sound






After a 6 year absence, electronic music duo Justice returned into the spotlight with "Safe and Sound", a 5 minute electropop ballad which served as the lead single for their upcoming album; "Woman". The track takes influence from disco and funk music and was positively recieved by critics.



Album: Woman



Genre: Nu-disco



Release Date: July 13, 2016



Label: Ed Banger/Because



Writer(s): Gaspard Augé, Xavier de Rosnay






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News, Blast from the Past



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



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4/20 was a really fun day, I really got startled by my pip on my first post that day. The Yardies know how to throw a party :pp thank you for the fake reliable news as always. Oh, and thanks so much for somehow featuring my snap of the DoD! Cheers team!

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Really good Issue 6, each section just gets meatier every week! That blast from the past brings back a lot of memories. It's funny how we're going through a similar thing right now in that we're waiting for RDR2 info, the first time we got those V screenshots we were all so elated.. they actually look pretty poor quality compared to the final graphics after all that :p Nice interview with Mach too!

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Yeah, looking back at those two original screenshots just makes you think. Lots of us were excited but these days it doesn't look so appealing :p At least the Transport, Leisure, and Business screens made up for it.


Maybe Rockstar will randomly drop screenshots for RDR2 just like they did for V. Only a matter of months now. :monocle:

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Really great with this issue. The Blast from the past brings back memories. Damn! 6 Years already. I remember the Let's be realistic thread. It feels so recent. It's a shame RDRV had to be taken. I never got to watch that 4K trailer.

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Oh man this issue is definitely the best one so far! Especially that interview. Amazing stuff.



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Amazing issue. Whoever came up with the idea of these weekly issues is a genius.

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Amazing issue. Whoever came up with the idea of these weekly issues is a genius.

It's not any singular idea, rather a team effort.

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Great issue again guys loving the nostalgia of the original two GTA trailers but sad to hear Red Dead Mod is no more

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