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GTA SA: Words of Romania [Translation ENG to RO]

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First, I want to remind that this forum base language is English and I don't want to see comments or discussions just only in RO language even so this thread has purpose only for a specific audience. You can, though, write in RO and add the including ENG version of your post. There were few incidents few years back between users.


Download Link!

- http://www.mediafire.com/file/gwhr8rsv2h5gjdp/Cuvinte_Ale_Romaniei.rar [Cu Poze]

- http://www.mediafire.com/file/tepr48q474366d6/Cuvinte_Ale_Romaniei_%5BFara_Poze%5D.rar [Fara Poze]


The Mod!
This is a very old mod that I've made ten years ago. I was a beginner in English at 17 but I had the burning desire to translate this wonderful story of this game and the 80/90' favorites actors that I grew up with, however I was a beginner of such language. The reason of coming back to this mod was because I could not accept, to let this mod in this state, how horrible the translating was made by me over few missions as I was no more than a peasant to such dialect. Today, things are different in my own mentality and I can understand the subjects as they need to be.

Things to know!
- Close to 14.000 phrases were translated out of 16.400 total of sentences. The rest are related to game-credits, developers names, cut-content missions leftovers ever used sentences.
- Ten years ago it took me 2 months half to finish translating. Today it took me only 1 month and 2 weeks to re-evaluate the hole game.
- close to 1 TB of data were made to record any mission to correct any problems and then to record back again to see the final clean correction.
- all main story missions are translated, including alternative dialogs while playing a mission or between cut-scenes like Green Goo mission where Fast / Skinny Carl Johnson has different dialogs with Truth.
- submissions, side-missions, unmarked missions, shops, girlfriends, schools, and any other minor interactions are translated.
- Extra sentences were added during dialogs between two people, words that were never written as only one dialog was chosen from one character.
- Few corrections made on punctuation that they were missing.
- this is not any simple translation. Lets just say that 90% of it was professionally made by following grammatical expressions, true meaning of words representation as how they need to be of past, present and future. This not translated they way I think in my mind and then wrote it down into the game, however I kept my own style. I also went into deep learning American / African-American meanings of slang, archaic expressions and such.
- I tried to keep the order of the translation together with how words are positioned even if in our own RO state, the translation usually is made backwards, starting with the end of ENG sentence and ending it with the start to have a meaning, but it can be done in this way as well. I wanted to keep this form for anyone who has interest to learn a bit or two of ENG between audio hearing and words.
- I also tried to keep some words that have only original names like cars, couple of expressions, places etc.
- a total reduction of offense swearing, cursing, racial words in RO language. In our RO world, our words have more deep and detailed impact when they are spoken. This translation was made with the purpose to understand the story and enjoy it. There's a huge difference between a story told through filthy dialogs that will not show you the true purpose of the story content, than one with cleaner dialogs giving the spectator in front of the screen a good sense of the story and also like when reading a good book or see a movie.

- if our own RO language is more long in words, more expressive, more complex, there will be small delays when the audio of the character will end much quicker than the subtitle, while you will not have enough time to read the hole sentence. This issue was notice by me even to some subtitles of ENG when the dialog was closing faster than the subtitle, rushed work behalf of developers, like any other game and I don't criticize them.
- for such issues verify the BRIEF options in Game Menu. Scroll up and down to read again missed words of the sentences.
- letter with diacritics of normal a; i; s; t - don't exist inside of font.txt or fonts.dat; needs a serious procedure in making them available. I tried and it didn't work very well making the game to crash at loading screen. For us is no problem if both languages have the exact alphabetical symbolism which we are used with it since the dawn of the internet.

Minor Issues!
- GXT Editor being the only available so far that I worked with (known to me), the tool can make some subtitles to not appear. That is a bug made by the tool, however they can be easily fix, therefore any reports are welcomed.
- Words written incorrectly from 14.000 could surface. Give me a break, I stayed even 5 to 8 hours per day to re-evaluate this. Please report, though.
- I may have missed a sentence or two in English. The game is big though.

- Simple drag and drop the files in TEXT folder. Yes, I used the American.txt because of what I've said about alphabetical symbolism.

All credits goes to me.

Edited by BLlTZ

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Finally a proper one :)

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Wew :O
Good job :^:

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Excellent translation! Good job!

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Finally a proper romanian translation!

Good job. :D

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Ori ai tradus prea exact replicile ori suna extrem de penibil in romana.


I think people should use the English text anyway because you may in fact learn to speak the language that way. I learned a lot from movies and games.

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