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Elemental Investments

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Investing in The Future of Los Santos

Hello, my name is Focus. Since RockStar started revealing their glorified DLC's, I knew and understood their motives. I strongly believed they had an honest and true mission in this Grand Theft Auto series. Now it's engulfed in publication and getting us to give them money.

I would like to introduce myself as a fellow GTA player. but I would also like to introduce you to a few services that might catch your eye. If anything and you don't feel like getting anything, then I feel the pride to invite you to a friendly, community oriented, GTA group.

Services I Offer: (All 100% Guaranteed safe)

--Direct money transfer to your Bank Account

--Fast Levels to your chosen account (Includes Level resets)

--Unlock Stats

--Unlock Races

--1Million Snacks

--Unlock R* Awards

All are remote functions and require no local login. any malfunctioned services will be refunded or readministered at your choice.

Bans are not my responsibility because I KNOW I do not cause them.

Other services outside of GTA will be available as well, such as 25% off any steam product

I currently do not possess a running sit until I can but the domain. If this post doesn't get pulled down for some reason or another, then I will attempt to post the upcoming site

Otherwise, you may contact me at my:

Steam-- -removed-

Discord Channel-- -removed-

Discord ID-- -removed-

Apologize to Admin for any possible inconvenience. Plz, do not contact me on this current forum.

Have a wonderful sunny day in Los Santos!

Edited by RedDagger

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Nah we don't do that here.

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