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Francesco Bonomo

Bad Blood: A GTA Fan Fic

Recommended Posts

Francesco Bonomo
Bad Blood
Read the forgotten story that "they" didn't want you to find. Well now I share it with you all and I do hope you enjoy it.

The story takes place after the events of GTA V's "Third Option" and it will also be tied with events that have taken place in GTA IV and EFLC as well as it's characters. I'm open to any and all criticism so please do not hold back. Thank you and please enjoy.
Also note that there will be a new addition (episode) every Tuesday at 12:00AM EST.
Season 1 - Episode 1: Left For Dead

Alamo Sea - Sandy Shores, San Andreas - Tuesday - September 17th, 2013 - 1:28PM
A man is seen floating in the Alamo Sea facing up. His face is badly bruised and bloody and he looks lifeless. He is soon discovered by a local fisherman who then helps get this poor individual on the boat, he checks his pulse and he is still alive, just at the brink of death. He takes the lifeless body to a local hospital in Sandy Shores but then gets transferred to Mount Zonah Hospital in Los Santos.
Room 408, Mount Zonah - Rockford Hills, Los Santos, SA - Wednesday - September 18th, 2013 - 4:03AM
He is now put under intensive care. The nurses search him for some form of identification, but all they could find was the patch on his leather jacket saying "T.L.M.C. San Andreas" and "President" and once they turned him around, they were in total shock after seeing The Lost MC patch taking most of his back.
Nurse 1: Oh my goodness...
Nurse 2: This is real?
Nurse 1: I know for a fact that this ain't a dream.
Nurse 2: Well what do we do?
Nurse 1: We do what we're suppose to do, help him so we can get the f*ck out of here.
The nurses remove his clothes and put him in scrubs then lay him back down. He is completely unresponsive but he still has a pulse, otherwise they would have called time of death. It is quite clear that this man is in a coma, question is, for how long?
Reception Desk, Mount Zonah Hospital - Rockford Hills, Los Santos, SA - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 12:35PM
A man wearing a leather jacket enters the hospital and approaches the reception desk
Receptionist: Hello, how can I help you?
Man: Yeah, I'm here to visit a cousin of mine.
Receptionist: Okay, what is your cousin's name?
The man leans over the desk and whispers
Man: [Whispers] The one they keep hidden from others for about four years.
Receptionist: [Whispers] Oh that one. Let me call someone to bring you to him.
The receptionist calls down a nurse and tells her to take the strange man to room X. She seems quite hesitant but she does it anyway. They enter an elevator and she presses the B button. They speak not one word to each other the whole time, up until he reaches the room where the mysterious lifeless man from the Alamo sea lies with now a scruffy beard about five inches long... Still in a coma.
Room X, Mount Zonah - Rockford Hills, Los Santos, SA - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 12:43PM
Nurse: I'll leave you two alone.
The nurse leaves the two men alone in a downgraded room in a eerie dim lit basement. The man approaches the patient and speaks to him.
Man: Four years and you still haven't woke up. Well, what do you expect? After all those drugs and booze, and not to mention all those blows to the head from a crazy methed up maniac, your body finally gave up. And for what? Huh? For Ashley? I know love is blind but I didn't expect suicidal and just plain stupid as well. You was a real man. A strong man. Now look at you, rotting in a place worse than prison where you can at least molest the molesters over there. But I guess that's that. The club is gone and you're gone. What a waste. The doc gave me a call, he said that this would be my last visit. You haven't responding to anything and the bills are just crippling. They're gonna pull the plug. I just wanted to say goodbye for the last time. Maybe you'll wait for me at the gates of Hell. Who knows, it might be soon. Goodbye Brother, you are lost but not forgotten.
The man stands up and starts walking out of the room until he is interrupte by a voice behind him.
Man 2: [Weak] Wait... Come back...
Man 1: Johnny?
The patient gathers enough strength to adjust his arms as if he was trying to get up but he fell back down.
Man 1: Johnny! You're awake?
Johnny: [Weak] Where am I? Where's Ashley?
He is extremely weak and can barely talk or move. The other man lays him back down and disconnects everything with precaution.
Man 1: Don't worry John, I'm gonna get you out of here.
Basement - Unknown - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 3:51PM
​Two Hispanic males are beating on one man tied to a chair
Man 1: Come on Papa, just tell us where the money is and that's it, We'll let you go
Man 2: I don't know where it is. ​Te lo juro compay que yo no se​! (I swear man, I don't know)
Man 1: I don't f*cking believe you man. You Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) are always trying to bite off our plate. Pero​ (But) no, even that's not enough.
He takes out a gun and points it at the victims head
Man 2: No por favor papi, e'cuchame na'mas​ (No please man, just listen to me). I don't know where the money is but I know someone who does.
Man 1: Bullsh*t man. You woulda told us already Bro.
Man 2: I know but I couldn't remember. I know who has it. I promise I'm telling the truth Pa.
He thinks about while staring unto the victims eyes. He leaves the room without saying a word while the victim prays for his life.
Man 2: ​Dio mio por favor ayudame. No deje que me mate por favor. No deje que me por favor. ​(God please help me. Don't let them kill me please. Don't let them kill me please.
He then returns with a knife on hand and slowly approaches the victim.
Man 2: No e'perate! ​(No wait!) I'm telling the truth man. Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't ki...
The man cuts off the rope that had him tied
Man 1: Get up. El Jefe ​(The Boss) wants to see you.
The two leave the room and make their way upstairs straight outside. They make their way outside and enter the backseat of an all black Cavalcade with Liberty City license plate "I Luv LC". The driver takes them to a junk yard in Northwood where there a white Landstalker along with two white PMP 600's and a total of ten Hispanic looking men armed with pistols. The Cavalcade pulls up near them.
Rusty Schit Salvage - Northwood, Algonquin, LC - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 4:00PM
​The man and the victim get out of the car.
Man 1: Hey! Tell the Boss I bought over Mr. Mayas as promised.
A guard walks to the rear window of the Landstalker
Guard 1: ​El trajo el Bori. ​(He brought the Puerto Rican)
Boss: ​Tato. Vamo a resolver e'to pronto. ​(Alright. Let's get this over with fast)
The back door of the Landstalker opens and out comes the boss himself. He walks towards the man.
Boss: You did a good job Hansel.
Hansel: Thank you Mr. Lopez. Anything for the family.
Boss: Please call me Luis. I got a feeling you and me are gonna be good friends.
Luis looks over at Mr. Mayas.
Luis: As for you, you have some explaining to do, right?
Mayas: Yes. I know who has the money.
Luis: Dime quien ​(Tell me who)
Mayas: His name is Javier Perez. Everyone calls him Pasto. You can usually find him at...
Luis cuts him off
Luis: ... The basketball court on X?
Mayas: Huh?
Luis: About five foot ten. Has three tear drop tattoos on his face.
Mayas: Uhh... I don't know who that is.
Luis: Don't lie to me Mayas.
Mayas: ​En serio Compay! ​(I'm serious man) I don't know. That's not Pasto.
Luis: I know. I'm talking about your cousin, Felix Dejesus. Who visited you two days ago and gave a duffle bag full of money. Money that was stolen from me that same day.
Mayas is shaking nervously
Luis: If you wondering how I know this...
Luis snaps his fingers and two guards open the trunk of one of the PMP's and take out a half dead Felix Dejesus covered in blood. Mayas looks and cries.
Mayas: I can give you back the money. All of it! Please don't kill us.
Luis: You gonna give it all back?
Mayas: Yeah! Every dollar!
Luis: Ok... ​Oye Juan! ​(Yo Juan)
Juan: ​Si? ​(Yes)
Luis: ​Donde 'ta lo chavo que e'te tecato robo? ​(Where is the money this addict stole)
Juan: ​Aqui 'ta. Ahi 'ta to'. ​(It's right here. It's all there)
Luis: Gracia'​.​(Thank you) So what money was you gonna return?
Mayas: ​Virgen de Altagracias no me dejes solo. ​(Virgin Mary, please don't leave me alone)
​Luis makes a gesture to the guards and he walks back to the Landstalker. Hansel drives away and the guards all aim their guns at Mayas and shot him as well as his cousin, killing them instantly. They then throw the bodies in the ocean and they are left floating with only their lifeless and bloody backs showing.
Luis: Yo Raffy, take me to Tone's.
End of Episode 1
​Come back on April 25th for Episode 2
Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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Francesco Bonomo
Season 1 - Episode 2: Hell Awakens
Basement Hallway, Mount Zonah Hospital - Rockford Hills, Los Santos, SA - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 12:49PM
The man, still unknown to us, is pushing Johnny's bed down the hallway until he gets intercepted by a male nurse.
Nurse: Excuse me sir, but what are you doing?
Man: I'm getting him out of here as you can see. He woke up.
Nurse: I'm sorry but, he can't leave the premise.
Man: What the f*ck! Says who?
The nurse points to two LSPD officers walking towards them.
Nurse: Says them.
The officers approach the man.
Officer 1: Please do yourself a favor and put him back in the room.
Man: What the f*ck is this? Is he under arrest?
Officer 2: That is none of your concern, Pal. We have strict orders to make sure this man remains in that room until he wakes up from his coma.
Nurse: But he just said he woke up.
Officer 1: What?
Johnny is seen making small movements and is attempting to talk to no avail. The officers notice this and quickly try to take Johnny away.
Officer 1: Step back now!
Man: Whoa wait a minute, if you think I'm letting you taking him away, you are dead wrong.
Officer 2: If you don't disperse we will hold you for obstruction of justice.
Man: What in the f*ck are you talking about? Has he been doing terrorist acts while in a coma!? What reason could you have?
Officer 2: Like I said before, none of your concern.
The officer pushes the man back.
Officer 2: Now step back!
The man pauses for a second and then reaches for the officers gun from his holster. The other officer gets his gun out and points it at him while.
Man: Get the f*ck away from him.
Officer 1: Think about this. We have units all over this hospital, you're not gonna get far.
Man: I'll take my chances.
Tension grows in this stand off during a silence. As soon as the man hears the officer cock his gun, he shoots both officers killing them instantly. He turns around and shoots the nurse in the leg and continues to push the bed down the hallway. He can hear the elevator coming down in the distance plus rapid footsteps on the emergency stairs.
Man: Well Johnny Boy, looks like we're heading into a fight.
He gets his gun out and hides Johnny in a dark room. The elevator doors are heard opening with more than one man speaking quite loudly.
Voice 1: What the f*ck happened here?
Voice 2: [On radio] We have two men down! Repeat, two men down, here at Mount Zonah hospital. We need immediate back up!
Voice 1: You think whoever did this is still here?
Voice 2: They're still fresh so I would assume so.
Another door is heard opening violently followed by a series of gunshots.
Front Desk, Majestic Hotel - Middle Park, Algonquin, LC - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 4:27PM
Luis walks towards the front desk and speaks with a young woman with the name "Veronica" on her name tag. She is a beautiful young brunette, with a rich light complexion and is heard speaking spanish on the phone. Luis notices and instantly falls in lust for her. She has a very light spanish accent with a touch of Liberty City's accent as well.
Veronica: Hello and welcome to The Majestic. How can I help you?
Luis: You can help with giving me your name.
Veronica: My name tag says Veronica.
Luis: Oh I know. I just wanted to hear you say it.
Veronica blushes
Veronica: Oh well, how did it sound?
Luis: Maravillosa (Marvelous)
Veronica: Thank you Mr...
Luis: Lopez.
Veronica: Well is there anything I can help you with? Apart from telling you my name [Chuckles]
Luis: I'm here to see Tony Prince. But now I'm more interested in seeing you, possibly tonight, for dinner.
Veronica blushes more
Veronica: [Whispers] Well I do get off at 8.

Luis: Don't worry. I can make sure you can leave early and still be paid.
Veronica: Really?
Luis: Pue' claro. (Why of course)
Veronica: I mean... sure. Sounds good.
Luis: Good. So you can leave around [Checks his watch] 5 and I'll have my men take you home and shopping.
Veronica: Shopping?
Luis: I want you to look your best. I promise I'll do the same for you.
The two laugh. Veronica looks at Luis with enamoured eyes and Luis does the same.
Veronica: Well, I guess I'll see you tonight.
Luis: Great. I might be the luckiest man on Earth.
Veronica lets out a small chuckle. Luis extends his hand to her and she does the same and they commence in a handshake. Luis takes that moment to give her a brief kiss on her hand.
Luis: See you tonight.
Luis walks away and Veronica stays staring at him as he enters the elevator. Once he's in the elevator, he turns around and begins looking at her. Right before the doors closes, he gives her a wink then the elevator takes him to the top floor (penthouse) which has been completely renovated with a more 1980's feel to it in terms of the color scheme. Luis enters the penthouse screaming Tony's name.
Tony: [in the distance] What?
Luis: It's me Tone. Luis. Where are you?
Tony: [in the distance] In the kitchen.
Luis makes his way to the kitchen where he see's Tony Prince [Gay Tony] along with a man in a very expensive Italian suit and tie.
Tony: [Laughs] ...and that's why I decided to call Thunder, 2 Backed Beasts.
The two laugh hysterically and Tony takes a moment to introduce Luis to his friend.
Tony: Ah, Luis! How you doing?
Luis: I'm good Tone.
Man: So this your business partner, right?
Tony: Yes, Lou, meet Governor Thomas Stubbs III.
Thomas: Nice to meet you.
Tony: Thomas, this is Luis Fernando Lopez. My business partner, Best friend, and the proud owner of the popular Northwood club, Prestigio (Prestige).
Thomas: Oh! I've heard a lot of good things from that place. It's mainly Dominican right?
Luis: Yeah, pretty much.
Thomas: Excellent. So Tony, shall we talk about business now or later?
Tony: Well since all the people that matter are here, why not now. Follow me gentlemen.
Tony leads them a private offce located at the top of the hotel. They enter and sit down while Tony serves them drinks. He hands it to them and sits down at the far end of this rather long table with Thomas and Luis sitting at the sides facing Tony.
Office, Majestic Hotel - Middle Park, Algonquin, LC - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 4:41PM
Tony: Well Gentlemen. Now that we're here, let's get started.
Tony turns on a projector with images of what seems to be new clubs across Liberty City and other cities as well.
Tony: Thanks to Mr. Stubbs help, we are able to open 3 more clubs. One in Broker, one in Bohan, and one in Berchem, Alderney. With this expansion, we will have the night club business dominated and no one can touch us.
Thomas: That's right. You'll have complete freedom once the construction has begun. Now, how are you guys money wise?
Luis: How much do we need?
Tony: The figures say about 100 million dollars in total for all three.
Luis: What!? That's a little too steep Tone.
Thomas: What's the matter Mr. Lopez? Do you not have enough?
Luis: That's pretty much 90% of my total funds. I would be left with peanuts.
Tony: Luckily for you Lou, you don't have to provide all of the money. You'll end up spending 10 mill at most.
Luis: How?
Thomas: Drugs, son. This country loves drugs. Especially the FIB.
Luis: Okay, and?
Thomas: You're a young bright kid. How old are you?
Luis: I just turned 32.
Thomas: Wow. 32 years old, a multi-millionaire, and half a kingpin in Liberty City.
Luis: Half? I do very well as you can see.
Thomas: Of course, but don't you want a little more?
Luis: What exactly is "more"?
Tony: Dealing drugs with the FIB Lou.
Luis pauses for a moment.
Luis: Isn't that just a li'l bit, you know, stupid and suicidal?
Thomas: On the contrary son. It is perfect. No one woud be able to touch you and you would have guaranteed protection from any investigation and sell your drugs freely. It's the real American dream.
Luis: How much we talking?
Thomas: Once you speak with the FIB Director and shake hands. They'll give you 10 million in advance. And with the first shipment, it totals up to, oh I don't know, 120.5 million dollars. You split it 60/40, they get the 60, I get 15 from them and 5 from you, don't argue. And before you know it, you will become America's biggest drug baron.
Luis: Those numbers are really not convincing me. So it's pretty much 45/20/35? You getting the 20?
Thomas: Precisely. I should be asking for more but, 20% of 120.5 mill? That's about 24 million and that's more than enough for me. They get 54 and you get 42. And on your first shipment. So what's the problem? You get 52 million without lifting a finger.
Tony: What do you say Lou?
Luis thinks about it for a moment then makes a decision.
Luis: I'm in.
Both Tony and Thomas are happy with Luis's decision and they raise their glasses.
Thomas: Gentleman, I feel like this may be the beginning of a beautiful and profittable friendship. Cheers.
Luis and Tony: Cheers.
End of Episode 2
​Come back May 2nd for Episode 3
Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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Francesco Bonomo
Season 1 - Episode 3: Pain and Gain
Lobby, Majestic Hotel - Middle Park, Algonquin, LC - March 21st, 2017 - 5:10PM
Luis leaves the elevator, walks through the lobby directly to the front desk where he sees Veronica ready to go. Luis approaches her.
Luis: So you ready to go?
Veronica: But where?
Luis: Well first, as I promised, shopping.
Veronica: I have clothes.
Luis: I know but, do you have clothes from The Exchange? Perseus? Didier Sachs?
Veronica:[Laughingly] Those places are expensive as sh*t.
Luis: Everything is on me.
Veronica: Oh really? You not trying to impress me Mr. Lopez?
Luis: I don't know. Is it working?
Veronica blushes
Veronica: I'll let you know.
Luis: [Chuckle] Well okay then.
Luis extends his arm to Veronica
Luis: Shall we go?
Veronica grabs his arm
Veronica: Yes.
The two get in the back of the landstalker
Luis: Raffy, take us to The Exchange.
Raffy: Anyplace in particular?
Luis: Veronica?
Veronica: ... Uhhh... Perseus.
Luis: You heard her. Perseus.
Raffy: Yes, sir.
Raffy begins driving through Star Junction
Luis: So...
Veronica: So...
Luis: Sooo, where you from?
Veronica: Where you from?
Luis: I asked first.
Veronica: [Chuckles] I'm originally from Dominican Republic.
Luis: Really?
Veronica: Yeah. I was born in Moca.
Luis: I figured. Moca only breeds beautiful women.
Veronica blushes
Veronica: Thank you. So, how about you?
Luis: I was born and raised in Northwood. My mother is from Santo Domingo.
Veronica: I love the capital. What about your father?
Luis: He... He's from Santiago.
Veronica: Ohh, it's very beautiful there.
Luis: Yeah. I've only been there three times.
Veronica: Why?
Luis: It's a long story. We'll talk about it some other time.
Veronica: [Concerned] Okay.
​Perseus - The Exchange, Algonquin, LC - March 21st, 2017 - 5:37PM
They make it to Perseus. They get out the Landstalker and the enter the shop. Veronica looks around and is completely surprised by the exotic clothing.
Luis: Get anything you want.
Veronica: En serio? (Really?)
Luis: Yeah. Go ahead. I'll just sit here. Take your time.
Dark Room, Basement - Mount Zonah Hospital - Rockford Hills, Los Santos, SA - March 21st, 2017 - 1:18PM
Johnny still remains on the bed not being able to move much in his weak state. There hasn't been another guns shot heard in a while, nothing but complete and suspenceful silence from the other side of the door, until a slow pace set of footsteps getting closer and closer to the door. Johnny reaches out around the room to find a weapon. He finds nothing. But it was too late. Johnny heard the door slowly opening until a dark silhouette is seen standing there. He speaks out.
Man: You alright Johnny?
Johnny: Who the f*ck are you?
Man: You know who I am.
The man reaches to his right to finds the light switch. Once he turns the on the light, Johnny recognizes right away.
Johnny: ... Terry?

Terry: Hello Brother.
Johnny: Wh-where the f*ck am I?
Terry: You're in a hospital in case you could tell from your outfit. [Refering to Johnny's Scrubs] But look, we have to get out of here. I'll explain everything on the way back.
Johnny: Back where?
Terry: Home.
Terry pushes Johnny's bed to a ramp that leads to an underground parking lot. There is a black van with The Lost MC patch on the side parked along with two other Lost MC members.
Terry: Johnny, meet Leon and Vega.
Leon: How you feeling, Mr. Klebitz?
Vega: Now that's a very smart question, dumbass.
Leon: How about you shove that shotgun directly up your ass and I'll pull the trigger for you, you f*ck!
Vega: You'd like that wouldn't you? Mr. 1960's long hair hippie.
Terry: Could you two shut the f*ck up so we can get out of here! There could be more pigs heading this way, lets go!
Everyone gets in the van and takes off. Terry sits in the back with Johnny.
Johnny: So you gonna tell me what happened back there?
Terry: Sh*t happened.
Johnny: Is that supposed to help me?
Terry: Alright, alright. I'll tell you. But listen, everything I'm gonna tell you in this 4 hour drive, you will not believe anything I say right away.
Johnny: What?
Terry: Trust me. Just relax and listen. I'm gonna start off with this, you've been in a coma for 4 years.
Johnny: 4 years?
Terry: Yeah, 4 years. That day, was the worst day of my life. I lost everything. We lost everything.
Johnny: What do you mean by everything?
Terry: What do you remember from that day?
Johnny: I don't know, uhh, going to Sandy Shores for something.
Terry: That's it?
Johnny: Yeah. Why?
Terry: 'Cause it's a lot more than that. You went to see, "Mr. Phillips", at his trailer.
Johnny: Trevor?
Terry: Yeah. You went over to him, pissed as all hell, because he was with Ashley again.
Johnny: Ashley...
Terry: I'll get to that. But anyway, you confronted Trevor but you barely held your own. You were weak. Weaker than you are now 'cause of the crystal. Then that schizo Trevor smashes a bottle on your temple and stomped your head until he was convinced you were dead. Then, he went to your house where me and Clay and a few other brothers were hanging out. We asked him if he saw you and he told us, in his sadistic way, he stomped you to death. We panicked and try to rush to the camp to tell the others, but he went after us. You remember the dirt road along the sea?
Johnny: Yeah.
Terry: Right so, on that dirt road. I'm going full speed but he shot out my back tire and I smashed into a barrier. I went flying and landed on the side of a rocky hill, I was knocked out right away. I woke up maybe hours later, disoriented and bloody. I got back on the road and up ahead I saw Clay just laying there. I ran to him and he was still breathing. His left leg was smashed like Trevor ran it over with his sh*tty red truck. He said only two words to me, "lost forever"... and then he was gone.
Johnny: Oh god...
Terry: Then to add more insult to injury, I went to the camp just to find everyone, all of our brothers. Patched, hangarounds, even the women, killed. By that meth up maniac. I broke down right there. Never cried like that in my life.
Johnny: What about the camp?
Terry: It's pretty much a ghost town. Only people there are me and these two.
Johnny: What about Trevor? Is he buried anywhere?
Terry: Nope. If anything, he's buried in money. He's an actual billionaire now.
Johnny: What the f*ck, how?
Terry: He robbed the biggest bank in the west coast then dominated the stock market. And on top of that, TP Industries is now an international gun smuggling and drug dealing company with ties to the FIB and some private military or some sh*t like that. He's untouchable.
Johnny: f*ck that. A bullet will change that.
Terry: If only it was that easy.
Johnny: What did you do all these years?
Terry: I went back to Alderney for some time. Just to see that everything has changed. Our old clubhouse is now a f*cking condo and the dead beats took control of our old turf. I left after a year and went to Carcer City and worked with Angus.
Johnny: He's still there?
Terry: Yep. Has his own chop shop now. He wants to start his own chapter but, he can't. Other clubs over there got him tied down.
Johnny: There's always someone out there ready to f*ck you over.
Terry: Not a truer word has been said brother.
Lost Camp - Stab City, Blaine County, SA - March 21st, 2017 - 5:23PM
The trio helps get Johnny out of the van and bring out a wheel chair and sit him down. Johnny looks around without saying a word and shedding a tear. He looks at the completely destroyed trailers and looks back at Terry.
Johnny: What happened to the trailers?
Terry: Trevor happened. He came back a second time to finish off the Los Santos chapter.
Johnny puts his head down in sadness.
Johnny: I need a drink.
Jerkov's - Hatton Gardens, Algonquin, LC - Tuesday - March 21st, 2017 - 9:28PM
Luis and Veronica are sitting in a booth having a candle lit dinner and champagne. It's a very relaxing ambient with nothing but the highest of the upper class attending. Veronica looks around in awe of this experience.
Veronica: Oh my God, this is amazing.
Luis: You like it?
Veronica: Yes. Do you come here everyday?
Luis: Actually, this is my first time here.
Veronica: Your first time? Really? Why?
Luis: Well... [Looks deep into her eyes] I wanted to bring a special someone to share the experience with me.
Veronica blushes and tears up a little bit. Luis notices.
Luis: What's wrong?
Veronica: It's just... No one's ever treated me like this before. I only dealt with men that only want aventura (aventure) and leave me right after. Sometimes I feel like I got so used to the pain and ignorance so when something good happens, I don't believe it right away and feel the need to run.
Luis: Do you wanna run?
Veronica: ... No.
Luis: Mira (Look) I'm not gonna give you the whole "I'm not like the other guys" speech. I'm just a man who is grateful that the girl that won't leave his mind since he first laid eyes on her, is here with me. When there are hundreds of better men out there willing to kill to be by your side.
Veronica: Maybe I don't want better. Maybe I want the perfect balance of good [Leans closer to Luis over the table] ... and bad.
The couple share an intimate kiss.
Luis: Check please.
Luis pays and they leave. Luis is driving his favorite blue Banshee convertible north bound towards Northern Algonquin.
Veronica: Where are we going?
Luis: It's time we get the night officially started.
Prestigio - Northwood, Algonquin, LC - March 21st, 2017 - 10:12PM
Luis drives to his night club Prestigio where Club Liberty used to be. He pulls up and lets his personal valet park the car. They enter the club and make their way straight to the VIP Lounge on the second floor.
Veronica: This is amazing. I can't belive we're in the VIP section. Do you know the owner?
Luis: Yes I do. I see him everyday when I look in the mirror.
Veronica's face expression changes to surprised.
Veronica: You own this place?
Luis: Yeah. Used to be Club Liberty but I bought it back in 2010 and then, here we are.
Veronica: So you really do have a lot of money.
Luis: I have enough to make sure you stay happy and fortunate as long as your with me. I feel unstoppable when I'm around you. I'd really like it if you would be my girl.
Veronica: This is only our first date, Luis.
Luis: The first of many. So, que dice? (What do you say?)
Veronica pauses for a brief moment then leans in close to Luis.
Veronica: Vamo' a bailar. (Let's dance)
Luis: [Laughs] Okay.
They get up and dance. They continue to have to good time and stay until close. Both are heavily intoxicated and are stumbling as they are making their way outside.
Front door, Prestigio - Northwood, Algonquin, LC - March 22nd, 2017 - 4:08AM
Luis: [slurs]I don't think I can drive.
Veronica: [slurs] We gonna call a taxi?
Luis: [slurs] No... I live near here. We can walk. I go get my car tomorrow.
Veronica: Okay.
Lopez Penthouse, Westminister Towers - Northwood, Algonquin, LC - 4:25AM
They walk to Westminister Towers which is where Luis currently resides. He took the top two floors and converted it into a penthouse full of luxury. They make their way up via Luis's private elevator and march straight to the master bedroom. The lights then shut off.


End of Episode 3

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Alright, so you've obviously put some time and effort into this, so it's only right that someone responds to it with a few words.


I don't mind a fic of Johnny becoming resurrected (as unlikely as the game's depiction of said death scene makes it look) but it'll have to eventually find a way to distinguish itself from the rest. Not sure what Luis' part is in his upcoming adventure, if any, so I'll let time tell that one.


I'm somewhat torn on the screenplay-like dialogue - I know I always go with that in chain stories, but I'm not sure if it translates that well into a full-blown story. It does smoothen the experience quite a bit, though I feel you could describe the tones in the characters' voices more often, as long as it's relevant to the scene of course.

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Francesco Bonomo

Alright, so you've obviously put some time and effort into this, so it's only right that someone responds to it with a few words.


I don't mind a fic of Johnny becoming resurrected (as unlikely as the game's depiction of said death scene makes it look) but it'll have to eventually find a way to distinguish itself from the rest. Not sure what Luis' part is in his upcoming adventure, if any, so I'll let time tell that one.


I'm somewhat torn on the screenplay-like dialogue - I know I always go with that in chain stories, but I'm not sure if it translates that well into a full-blown story. It does smoothen the experience quite a bit, though I feel you could describe the tones in the characters' voices more often, as long as it's relevant to the scene of course.

Thank you so much for your comment and your opinion. It is most grateful.


This is pretty me much giving Johnny a proper goodbye because his death, as well as the rest of the Lost MC member we all know and love or at liked, I felt was a cheap shot to get rid of him for further GTA stories. I really liked Johnny and I'm going off his personality in TLaD. I want others to connect with him a little more.


As for Luis, he isn't my favorite character due to his dullness but I did like him enough to wonder his future life. I know he feels rather out of place but as the story continues, he becomes more relevant. Other past GTA characters will appear and I'm trying to make sure they don't seem out of place. I need to them to be a vital part of the story the best I can.


And thank you for your advice on the characters voice tones. I will definitely work on that.

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Francesco Bonomo

​Season 1 - Episode 4: No More...


​Johnny K. Trailer, Lost Camp - Stab City, Blaine County, SA - March 21st, 2017 - 9:47​PM


​Johnny, seated on his wheelchair, in his trailer facing the open door looking at the rain storm. With three empty bottles whiskey by his side and half of one on hand, in a drunken state, he softly sings the lyrics of "Hurt". His voice cracks with pure depression and sadness with each lyric. Tears slowly roll down his face but he doesn't bother to wipe them.


Johnny: "...The needle tears a hole

The old familiar sting

Try to kill it all away

But I remember everything"


Johnny sees vivid memories of the good times. The rain is gone, it's no longer night time, it's a clear sunny day. He see all of his old brother's hanging around having a good time, being a family. Clay and Jim are having a laugh, Jason is doing his famous river dance, and Billy is sitting making jokes making everything laugh.


Johnny: "...What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know...[He takes a brief pause to fight the tears] goes away

In the end..."


He then sees Jim walking towards him carrying 2 beers.


[Everything is being seen from Johnny's point of view]


Jim: Here you go Brother. Nice and cold.


Johnny grabs the beer


Jim: You been sitting there for too long. Get up man. It's a beautiful day, Brother.


Johnny gets up and looks around and sees himself in a mirror. He looks healthy, has no beard, looks like his old self. He follows Jim outside and heads towards Clay.


Clay: Hey Johnny! If you had to choose losing either your bike, or women, what would you choose? Before you answer that, let me just say, I'm a multi-tasker. I can handle both bikes and bitches at the same time. [Laughs]


Johnny goes to Jason


Jason: Hey Johnny, what's better than drinking expensive vodka and f*cking a Russian chick from Broker, for free? Exactly, nothing at all. [Laughs]


Johnny looks to his left and sees Brian getting another tattoo on his right arm, you can tell he can't take the pain but he tries to hide it. Even though they hated each other towards the end, Johnny misses him dearly. Johnny finally makes his way to the couch where Billy is seated and sits next to him.


Billy: It's crazy isn't it, John Boy? You look around and see the face of a saint on a dark silhouette of a sinner. But you feel good. You feel safe, protected, and loved. I was never one to apologize for sh*t. But I'm sorry friend brother. For everything. For the club, for my craziness, for Ashley.


Johnny looks confused


Billy: [Chuckles] You feeling a little mind f*ck huh? We all love you Johnny. We all need you actually.


Then everyone surrounds Johnny


Clay: You're the only one that can help us rest Johnny.

Jason: We're all stuck here without a purpose. But you're our purpose.

Jim: All we really want is for our old friend, Johnny The Jew Klebitz, leading a formation of Lost brothers, raising hell all over the town.

Brian: I know we had our differences. But we were still brothers. And right now, you're the only one that can rebuild our legacy and make it better.

Billy: You heard it Brother. No more weakness. No more pain. No more loneliness. We are Lost, but not forgotten. Make sure those bastards down there don't forget that.

All together: Peace and prosperity be damned!


Johnny then wakes up and finds himself standing outside, still in his hospital scrubs, in the middle of a rain storm. He looks towards his trailer and sees the wheelchair he thought he would be stuck on for the rest of his life. He looks up and sees a bright star shining down on him and he feels that it's his brother staying by his side. He takes a deep breath with his eyes closed and holds it in for a couple of seconds, then finally releases a refreshing air of relief then he says to himself


Johnny: No more.


He rushes to his trailer and throws out the wheelchair and throws away his scrubs. He looks through his pantry and finds clippers. He cleans them, plugs them in, and releases a smile when he saw that it still worked. He began to shave his 5 inch long beard and shaves his head. After several minutes of cutting, he splashes his face with water and looks in the mirror.


Johnny: Hey Old Friend. It's been a while since I saw you.


He goes to his closet where he found a grey sleeveless jean vest with The Lost MC and President patch. He dusts it off and puts it on along with the only pair of jeans he could find, plus an old pair of boots. He looks at himself in the mirror one last time and sees his whole body. He is skinny and frail but he knew this was the beginning.


Johnny: No more f*cking up. Time for The Lost to rise with a vengeance.


He rushes out the trailer in the rain and makes his way to Terry's trailer where he is playing Jimi Hendrix songs. He knocks frantically until Terry opens and Terry is completely surprised by the sudden change.


Terry: What the f*ck? Johnny, when did this happen?


Johnny walks in


Johnny: I'll explain that some other time.

Terry: Okay. So what's up?

Johnny: It's time, Terry.

Terry: Time for what?

Johnny: Get those two clowns in here first.

Terry: What? Why?

Johnny: Just do it.


Terry calls Leon and Vega over to his trailer via cell phone. They get there 5 minutes later.


Leon: What's the rush?

Vega: You couldn't wait a few minutes for them to tell us?

Leon: F*ck you Vega!

Terry: Stop it! Shut up and listen.


Leon and Vega look at Johnny's sudden change


Leon and Vega: Uhhhh...

Johnny: I'll explain later, just shut the f*ck up for now.

Leon and Vega: Okay.

Johnny: Alright Brothers. I had a bit of a revelation and had an awakening. Prior to my coma I was a strung weak f*ck controlled by the crystal. After all the sh*t I done in my life and I let one single meth addict get me. I was once a great man.

Terry: Damn right.

Johnny: And I killed that man, but now, Old Johnny is back. And now, my primary objective is... to rebuild the brotherhood. Just like our fallen brothers had wanted.

Terry: Are you sure about his Johnny?

Johnny: More than anything. But look around. Right now, the entire club is in this room, and it's only four of us.

Leon: So what do we do?

Vega: Nice question a**hole.

Johnny: We gotta increase our numbers. But we gotta make them come to us. We gotta show them that we are still here and still fearless. Once we have the foundation structured, it'll be easy from there. We've been down and out and then eventually gone for a while. But we gotta show the world, The Lost don't die that easy. We're back and we're bad. And there's no turning back. Once you're in, there's only one way out. You still wanna be Lost?

Terry: F*ck yeah.

Leon and Vega: Hell yeah!

Johnny: Good. Remember, the Lord forgives, The Lost don't.


​End of Episode 4

Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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