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Question about random events.



Hello guys, so i want to finish GTA V Story Mode completely.

Not only 100% but also all the random events like all 61 of them.

Including all the races absolutely everything.

I was doing it just fine :)

Until i saw a video about killing Simeon wich is a random events that doesn't show on the map,

and has a time limit.

It's like limited time event.

My question is if there is some other random events wich don't show on the map.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day! :)


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4 answers to this question

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I recall the simeon event being the only missable event.

There are some heist characters that can be missed depending on how you go about completing some events. Like I think you can take packie to the altruists but then you wouldnt be able to use him as a heist partner.

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Yeah, i know about all those "special ones" like the driver who has an accident.

My problem was random events like Simeons because i got the game to 100% but now i can't kill Simeon so i'm gonna start from 0 to do it.

Yeah i like GTA V

Thanks for the anwser tho :D


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Actually I don't think they give you the option to kill Simeon

If you try to shoot him it won't do anything but don't quote me on that because I may be wrong

I know you can definitely run him over with a car

Best of luck


Also the list StangOne50 posted Is a really good one to reference if you want to make sure you do everything I used it when I was on first gen and it worked great for a checklist

Edited by Deadman2112

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you can kill simeon but auto-aim will evade him, you have better luck on pc using mouse or with car

Edited by ACM-Jan

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