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Comedy Central overhaul

El Dildo

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seems like the execs @ Viacom have finally decided what to do with one of the most valuable timeslots on cable TV. Trevor Noah has proven to be a strong performer in the wake of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's departure, but for over a year the network had nothing to build around the new Daily Show platform. Larry Wilmore's program was a failure and after that it was just reruns of Chris Hardwick's At Midnight.


but not for longer! CC has signed contracts with several in-house personalities and other comedians to develop 3 new series and experiment with another 9 new pilots.



Reggie Watts is leaving Comedy Bang Bang and lending his talents from James Corden's late-night to create his own variety show. Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik is creating a series that will basically be a 'spin off' from Ronald Reagan's Fireside Chats. current Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is getting his own talk show that may be reminiscent of (but very different from) The Colbert Report.


should make for an interesting Summer.

Edited by El Diablo
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I'm bummed Viacom and Hulu aren't playing well together anymore. I no longer get my daily show fix, nor will I get to see these exciting looking shows.

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  • 2 weeks later...

yeah cable sucks a dick sometimes.

at least you can watch full episodes on CC.com


the President Show debuted this week and it was actually pretty damn good.

you can catch the whole show here.



the guy who plays Donald was doing the rounds last week, too.



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