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B Dawg

Bulletspread Fix (Weapon.Dat Version)

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B Dawg

While the Bulletspread Fix.asi mod by Jenksta works for Singleplayer, it makes you crash if you try to use it in Multiplayer after a minute or so of playtime.

Then after such a long time, my brain had an idea to just try and fix it via the Weaponinfo.xml (and to fix the problem, I had to multiply the accuracy value of all non-shotgun/projectile weapons by at least 36 to emulate default spread size, while multiplying the reticule values by 0.1 so they don't appear massive)


Primarily designed only to be used in Multiplayer (although you can use it in Singleplayer, just don't use your controller otherwise you won't be able to hit a thing)


Bugs/side effects: The 1st shot is no longer 100% accurate, although still accurate enough to make tap/burst firing better than full auto.

Using this on IV will separate you to modded lobbies, but not for TLAD/TBOGT.




Now I can finally be at peace. #IVMPFinallyFixed


Edit: Screwed up title, it should be Weaponinfo.xml*

Edited by B Dawg

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Could be a bad alternative for Patch 8 too, since jenksta's fix doesn't work with it and there's no more source code of the plugin.

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B Dawg

Ah sh*t, this makes the AI innacurate as f*ck then. I thought it wouldn't because one of my previous attempts at giving AI backup super accurate weapons to make them better didn't work :/ (which makes no sense)


Time to remove this sh*t. Really should have done a full test.

Edited by B Dawg

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