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The Tactical Guide to GTA Online

Recommended Posts



Before we get started, if anyone has any suggestions/tips of their own, please leave a comment below or PM me, and your points will be added to this,(on Section 8, Additional Contributions) and credit will be given of course.

Welcome to my Tactical Guide to Grand Theft Auto: Online

What will this guide cover?

  • This guide will cover various different things, which will help you in being able to think tactically and allow you to claim dominance on any GTAO Session which you enter.
  • This guide will feature pictures and videos too, to allow you to get a better understanding of certain aspects.
  • This guide isn't exactly set for "beginners" or "experts" etc, it's aimed for everyone, and I feel that with this guide, and any potential add-ons to this guide through other players suggestions
  • everyone can learn at least a thing or two from this.
  • This guide shall provide tips and strategic info, from the very basics, right up to small features or things you can do, that even some hardcore players might not even consider.
  • This guide will be fairly long, and so, I've shortened this down, to 'Sections', which will specify certain different things, should you want to easily navigate, or skip straight to a specific part of this guide.

SIDE NOTE: I do strongly advise you read through all of this, if you want to try and improve your skills more, even though this is long, and the first section is called "The basics", and even if you do know everything here, it's best to read through it and ensure you acknowledge what's noted down, you might learn a thing or two, which could greatly benefit you, your friends and crew etc.
If you have any questions etc, please don't hesitate to PM me at any time.

Section 1: The Basics / Settings
Section 2: Weapons & Attachments
Section 3: Vehicles
Section 4: Gear & Clothing
Section 5: CEO Benefits
Section 6: Tactics
Section 7: Other Tips
Section 8: Additional Contributions



Section 1 - The Basics / Settings

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover the basics, things that all players should be ensuring they are doing before they go full tactical/combat mode on GTA: Online.
  • This section will cover things which almost all players will probably know, and are doing, but for some players, maybe they haven't considered some of these things, and so this is why this section is here to cover those things and help all players reading this.

Adjusting your Settings
The very first thing that all players should do is view their settings tab from the Start Menu.
Why? Because there are things on that tab, which will dynamically change your playing experience, and hence, will affect your gameplay and ability to work at your optimum performance when taking on a session full on.

Of course, every single player has their own gaming preferences, but these setting adjustments should help most, however, if you prefer playing in a different style to how these settings are adjusted that's fine, these are simply here as guidance, so test around with the settings to get what suits you best.
These settings will most likely help everyone, so here's what I'd advise you to do, as these are the settings I use, and most players I know seem to use.
As seen above, When you're on the settings tab from the start menu, go to 'Controls', from there, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see two options called: "Allow Movement When Zoomed" & "Driveby Control Type". From here, you want to set the "Allow Movement When Zoomed" to "On", and the "Driveby Control Type" to "Aim + Fire".

The Allow movement when zoomed, feature when switched to 'on', allows you to stay zoomed in while using a Sniper Rifle, but continue to move your character, so you're not just standing there, where you can easily be targeted and killed.
The Driveby Control Type, when switched to Aim + Fire, allows you to your weapon, and fire separately, instead of just firing your weapon without being able to aim first, whilst driving a vehicle.
To do this, whilst driving a car, press LB (XB1)/ L2 (PS4) to aim, and then RB (XB1)/ R2 (PS4), to shoot. Otherwise, if you have the option set to "fire", when you press LB/L2, you'll simply start firing, not giving you time to aim, plus you'll be wasting ammunition, hence you'll need to pay for more ammo, and you'll not be able to conserve the amount of ammo you use, and money you spend on ammunition.

Furthermore, you can check the 'Display' tab on your settings, and ensure that you have the settings set to how you need them.
I advise that you don't copy my settings exactly,(I'll explain in a moment), but have the settings as follows:
-Radar: ON
-Weapon Target: (Your Preference, but I advise SIMPLE)
-Siple Reticle Size: (Your preference, but I advise MINIMUM)
-GPS Route: (Your Preference)
-Expanded Radar: OFF (Takes up a lot of your screen, isn't good to determine players position on-foot)
-Player Overhead Display: ON (Helps identify a players position if you can't see them, but the game notices you're aiming at/near them)

-Safezone Size: (Your Preference)
-In-Game Depth of Field Effects: OFF (Clearer to see if set to off, I have mine set to on because I frequently do work on the R*E)
-Screen Kill Effects: (Your Preference, but I advise ON)
-Subtitles: (Your Preference)
-Measurement System: (Your Preference)

The Basics
Now for some rather straightforward tips which will in turn help players, especially new players, in combating against other players, NPC's and more.
One thing some players often do, is playing in 1st Person, a whole new separate perspective added to the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise, as fun as it may be at the time, it's really not the best when it comes to fighting others. Your Field of View, for instance, is very restrictive and limited. To see more of your surroundings, you're 100% better off with being in 3rd Person.
Sticking to 3rd person, especially when in combat, will greatly improve your performance, and ability to have situational awareness, and to be ready to move from places of cover out into the open, whereas if you're in 3rd person it's harder to check your surroundings and know when to do certain things, like moving in and out of cover (even though there is an option to switch to 3rd person cover whilst in 1st person). Anyhow, I strongly recommend staying in 3rd person, or at least while you're in combat etc.
See below for an example of how being in 3rd person, gives more Field of View than being in 1st person:


Section 2 - Weapons & Attachments

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover all the weapons which are the most useful and reliable in certain situations you may find yourself in.
  • This section will cover some basic things which most, if not all, players should know, however, we will cover it to ensure that all players can take note and acknowledge such details about weapon classes and specific attachments.

Let's get started off with Weapon Classes. There are 8 slots on the Weapon Wheel in GTAV, going from the top, round, clock-wise, you have:

  • Handguns
  • Machine Guns
  • Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Melee
  • Shotguns
  • Heavy
  • Throwables/Projectiles

Handguns are most effective at close range.
Machine Guns are most effective at medium range
Rifles are most effective at close-medium range
Sniper Rifles are most effective at long range
Melee weapons are most effective at close range
Shotguns are most effective at close range
Heavy Weapons are most effective at close-medium range but are still effective to an extent at long range
Throwable/Projectile weapons are most effective at close range.

Which are the best weapons to deal damage to other players?
See this video below from [CGH] - Central Gaming Hub, to get more info regarding this.

Some players may think that attachments don't really make much of a difference to the performance of a weapon, but I can confirm that a weapon's attachments will alter a guns performance, and so, all players should consider the attachments they purchase for their weapons.
For instance, did you know, that buying a scope for your assault rifle, will actually allow you to zoom in more, hence giving you more accuracy in aiming and firing at your opponent?
Or did you know that buying a suppressor/silencer for your weapons will decrease the range at which they work at, and decrease the damage it does when you're firing at someone?
These may seem like straightforward and logical to some, but maybe not everyone knows this, so consider buying scopes for your rifles, and only suppressors for guns you need them with, not the guns you will be using most in combat or tactical situations.
See below for an example of how Scopes increases the amount you can zoom in:


Section 3 - Vehicles

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover all the main vehicles which can be used to a tactical advantage
  • This section will cover the main Pegasus vehicles which will give you the upper hand against other players

Let's get started off with Pegasus Vehicles. Something many players should be familiar with by now.

Vehicle NameWebsitePriceTactical AdvantageBenefactor XLSLegendary Motorsport$522,000Armoured Varient availableEnus Cognoscenti 55Legendary Motorsport$396,000Armoured Varient availableEnus CognoscentiLegendary Motorsport$558,000Armoured Varient availableGallivanter Baller LELegendary Motorsport$374,000Armoured Varient availableGallivanter Baller LWBLegendary Motorsport$513,000Armoured Varient availableBenefactor Schafter v12Legendary Motorsport$325,000Armoured Varient availableBenefactor Schafter LWBLegendary Motorsport$438,000Armoured Varient availableKarin Kuruma (armoured)Southern San Andreas Superautos$525,000Bullet Resistant Armour not Explosive resistantBuzzard Attack HelicopterWarstock Cache & Carry$1,750,000Missile & Machine Gun mountedRhino TankWarstock Cache & Carry$1,500,000Heavy Armoured TankSavageWarstock Cache & Carry$1,950,000Excellent missile fire rate, and mounted explosive cannonKarin TechnicalWarstock Cache & Carry$950,000Mounted .50 cal Machine GunValkyrieWarstock Cache & Carry$2,850,0002 Mounted .50 cal machine guns & explosive cannonMammoth HydraWarstock Cache & Carry$3,000,000VTOL Fighter JetInsurgentWarstock Cache & Carry$675,000Bullet & Explosive resistant Armour (no window armour)Insurgent PickupWarstock Cache & Carry$1,350,000Bullet & Explosive resistant Armour (no window armour), with mounted .50 cal Machine GunTurreted LimoWarstock Cache & Carry$1,650,000Mounted .50 cal Machine GunImponte Ruiner 2000Warstock Cache & Carry$4,320,000 - $5,745,600Machine Gun & Missile Payload, able to Jump + Parachute attachedArmoured BoxvilleWarstock Cache & Carry$2,200,000 - $2,926,000Heavily Armoured with mounted .50 cal Machine GunBlazer AquaWarstock Cache & Carry$1,320,000Amphibious Vehicle with Machine GunKarin Technical AquaWarstock Cache & Carry$1,120,000 - $1,489,600Amphibious Vehicle with mounted .50 cal Machine Gun[/table]


Section 4 - Gear & Clothing

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover some essential gear and clothing items which will, in one way or another, help you out when in combat under certain circumstances.

This may sound like a strange section, and Section 4 is a fairly short section too, however, Gear & Clothing can actually benefit you in some cases. So let's get into it.

Gear is without a doubt more crucial than clothing, so we'll go to gear first. There are a few sorts of gear, and we'll go through them now. I've listed some important pieces of gear, and explanations to why they're important, and how they'll help.
Some important items of gear you'll need are:

  • Body Armour
  • Bulletproof Helmet
  • Parachutes
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Rebreather

Be sure to keep stocking up on Body Armour & Rebreathers!

Why are these important and how do they help?
Let's start off with the most obvious; Body Armour. This, of course, helps give you extra protection against gunfire at your torso. This, alongside your Bulletproof helmet, will give you extra protection to your head too. Though technically Bulletproof Helmets can be classed as clothing, we're putting it on our gear list, as the clothing aspect has a slightly different purpose to the gear, as you'll discover in a moment.)
Parachutes (which are given to you for free when you enter aircraft, once you've unlocked and bought one for the first time), are an obvious essential piece of gear if you're in a combat or tactical situation while airborne, whether you're a piolet, co-piolet or a passenger, if you need to skydive and parachute into a certain area, or if you need to ditch your aircraft as a last resort, you must have a parachute, or you may as well mutter out your last words to be engraved on your tombstone.
Night Vision Goggles are optional, and most people don't seem to like them or think they have any use. However, you'd be surprised, they actually do help when in certain combat situations. Night Vision Goggles do help show more light in dark areas, and in the event that you're sneaking into a fortress in the dead of night, or if you're in a jet, flying over at 6,500ft, at night, the Night Vision Goggles will enhance specs of light, so they are more visible. How does this help?, I hear you ask. Well let's say you're in a Jet, and someone is in an aircraft, in front of you, but you can't quite get a visual on them, and maybe they're not within the lock-on range of your Heat-Seeking Missiles, well, with most aircraft, they have flashing lights, on their wings or tail, so if you have the Night Vision Goggles on, you're able to see these specs of light much clearer and quicker without them on, allowing you to have more time to think about the next steps into tackling the aircraft in front of you.
The Rebreather is also an important piece of equipment you might want to consider stocking up on and keeping on as much as possible, especially if you're on a vessel or aircraft flying over a body of water, you may have a parachute, but you can be shot down before you make land, or maybe you need to hide somewhere (ie. underwater), to get your pursuer to leave, and the rebreather can help, even if you decide to swim underwater and go off the radar to try and escape your pursuer or through him off.
See below for an example of how the Night Vision Goggles help enhance light.

Clothing isn't necessarily the most important thing to consider tactically, however, believe it or not, it can give you a slight advantage over your adversary. How? Good question, now consider this:
You're in the valleys of the Land Act Reservoir, in the middle of the night, with a silenced sniper rifle, and on the other side of the valley, a hostile who is dressed up in either a 'deadline suit' or a 'bodysuit', since he is dressed up in a bright lit up suit, he is an easy target for you to snipe, however you're wearing an all black tactical suit, in the shadows of the valley, you're much harder for that hostile to locate and snipe you, giving you a slight advantage over him.
Clothing can be used as a form of Camouflage, when you're out in Sandy Shores and the Grand Senora Desert, or on the long beaches of Vespucci, Del Perro, Chumash & Paleto, how about stick on some sandy looking clothes, and when you're sneaking around in trees and bushes, how about put on some green clothing. Or, of course, if you're out on Night Maneuvers, stick on some dark/black clothing. NEVER, wear those damn illuminated clothing, absolute no-go for your Tactical Adventure.

Here are some examples of some tactical clothing you could use:


Section 5 - CEO Benefits

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover the benefits you will receive as being a CEO/VIP

To those who have been a CEO/VIP in the past, this might be fairly obvious, but for those who haven't decided to become a CEO/VIP, this will explain what benefits you'll get on the tactical side of things whilst registered with SecuroServ.

The Benefits:
The first benefit to this is you can recruit up to 3 players in your GTAO Session to work with you, and be part of your "protection detail", this means you'll have extra firepower, and a few associates to help tackle your opponents and take on missions without any trouble.

As well as this, when you're signed up as a VIP/CEO with SecuroServ, you will get a SecuroServ CEO/VIP tab on your Interaction Menu. From here, you'll see a few more tabs, but more importantly, you'll want to focus on the two tabs marked as: "CEO/VIP Abilities" & "CEO/VIP Vehicles". The Abilities tab, as several options which will help you and your organisation out. Th most important for your tactical use will be:

"Drop Bullshark"
Drops Bullshark Testosterone, allowing you to take more damage and do more damage to others,

"Drop Ammo"
Drops an ammunition box,

"Drop Armour"
Drops a single piece of Body Armour,

"Ghost Organisation"
Takes you (and any of your associates), off the radar for 3 minutes,

"Bribe Authorities"
Will call the cops off of you (and any of your associates), and allow you to commit crimes without being reported to the police/sheriffs dept. for a short period of time (Like Lester's 'Cops turn blind eye', feature.)

The "CEO/VIP Vehicles tab", allows you to call in a vehicle instantly (so long as you're not near, or any of your associates aren't near a vehicle already called out).
The vehicles you can call out to your location include:
-Turreted Limo
-Baller LE LWB
-BeeJay XL
-Rumpo Custom
-Schafter LWB
-Super Diamond
You'll need to pay a fee each time you request the specified vehicle, unless, you already own the vehicle yourself, in that case, you can request that vehicle free of charge.

Use this to your advantage, and you'll most certainly gain the upper hand over those you oppose. Just keep watch of your money, as you can imagine, running an
organisation, and using all the possible abilities as much as you like, can become costly.


Section 6 - Tactics

What will this section cover?

  • This section will cover the tactics you'll need to be successful in your tactical maneuvers across Southern San Andreas.

There are many things here which may sound like obvious things, but it's easy for you to forget these things, and actually, use such tactics when you're in combat since you have a lot to process into how to go about your tactical maneuvers. So we shall cover them here, to help jog your memory and get you fully prepped for the next time you're shoved into a free-for-all deathmatch in your freeroam GTA Online Session. (Or when you're chucked into a Bad Sport Lobby, which is pretty much the same thing... trust me, I know.)

The Tactics:
There are many different ways to go about performing things and coming out with a success, be this with tackling a rival MC or Organisation in your session, or if you just feel like causing chaos map-wide on your session for no apparent reason whatsoever.

"The Combat Roll"
Perhaps the most obvious for common GTA Players, but maybe not so much to new members of our community who wish to progress further tactically. To perform a combat roll, simply press X (XB1) / Square (PS4), whilst aiming your weapon, whilst pulling on your
analogue stick in the direction you wish to roll. This will help make it harder for someone who is firing at you, to lock on, and to actually shoot you. If you notice that your opponent is doing combat rolls too, you should aim to do your rolls just after they do there's, so by the time they get back up from the roll, they can't lock onto you properly, as you're still mid-way through your combat roll.

"Setting Booby Traps"
This is one tactic, that I don't see almost any player ever using, however, I do find it very effective working against players. So I think this is one tactic that you can all very easily learn and use to your advantage. The usually booby traps I set, use Proximity Mines, instead of Sticky Bombs. This helps as you don't need to keep watch, to know when to detonate the explosives yourself. The areas I put these explosives are at the top of the ladders at the Central LS Hospital (one of the main Pegasus Helipad spots) This is to kill players who may intend to retrieve an attack helicopter or even a Hydra. You can also place explosives on the driveway into the La Puerta Helipads (Another main Pegasus Helipad spots). Beware though, you need to remember you've set these so you don't end up walking/driving over them and killing yourself, so ensure you have other means of entering these places without getting yourself killed by your own explosives. Also, remember you can only have 5 explosives out at a time. So if you set 2 Proximity Mines down, and a few minutes later, you throw 4 Sticky Bombs at someone, one of your Proximity Mines will despawn, so take notice of your explosives usage.

"Quick Projectile Throw"
It seems that only a few players seem to know that you can throw your projectiles much quicker, and whilst actually shooting at someone, without the need to go to the weapon wheel, select the projectile section, through the projectile, and then switch back to their weapon. It's actually pretty simple too, so I would definitely recommend that you try this, as its easy to pick up, and will sure save you time when you don't have all that time to think about how to react when you're gettingshot at, or have a car racing towards you.
All you need to do is ensure you have the projectile you want (Eg. Sticky Bomb), on the weapon wheel, so you can see that projectile (So if you want the Sticky Bomb, make sure the sticky bomb is the one visible when you're looking at the weapon wheel). Then, when you're aiming with a weapon (This only works with: Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles & Shotguns, not with Heavy Weapons or Sniper Rifles) and while doing so, press 'left', on your D-Pad. You'll then see your character throw the projectile in the direction you're aiming.
See below for an example of how the 'Quick Projectile Throw' works:

"Jet vs Jet Combat"
There are many different tactics throughout the whole 'Air Combat' tactical section, so we shall run through them one at a time. To start off, we'll get to the main one, Jet vs Jet combat.
There are a number of ways to take down other players, but that's all dependant on how you 'intercept' them. Let's say you're going head-on towards the other Jet, and they decide to try and divert or pull back, you want to use your cannon while swooping around to follow them.
Here's an example of how that can be done:

What if the other player is already swerving around as you intercept them?
When they are swerving around, launch a missile or two at them, to keep them focused on evading the missile, this will help divert their attention from simply having to outrun you, use this to your advantage and as they keep swerving around, cut in and take them down with your cannon.
Here's an example of how that can be done:

Now, let's say these two methods haven't quite worked, and you're now both circling in the air, trying to launch missiles at one another, how do you deal with this? First of all, don't even try to break the circle that you're both flying in, if it's going to be broken, let your adversary break it. If you break it, you make yourself vulnerable to a missile or cannon hit, so let them break it first. If they don't seem to be breaking, then you should try and get the nose of your jet, just ahead of their jet. You literally only need to get this right once, remember. Then just as your nose is facing in front o their jet, use your cannon, and jolt back on your analogue stick, as if you were to break the circle, causing you to essentially 'swipe' the enemy jet with your cannon.
Here's an example of how that can be done:


Section 7 - Other Tips

Other tips:
Some of these may seem rather straightforward, however, they can help switch the tables easily when you're in combat against someone, be that with AI's or other players. So let's get to it.

"Using Snacks & Armour"
Some players often forget that they can use snacks and armour that they've bought or picked up, from their inventory menu, to help protect them, and regain health quicker. To do this, simply go to the Interaction Menu, and go down to the "Inventory" slot, and go to either "Armour" or "Snacks", and select the armour you wish to equip, and the snacks you wish to eat. To eat snacks quicker and skip the animation, so you're not standing in the open unable to protect yourself from enemy gunfire, eat your snacks whilst aiming your weapons or whilst in cover. This will help you eat the snacks and regain your health immediately.

"Off the radar"
One very effective thing to do when you need to sneak up on someone, or if you need to take on a group all by yourself quickly and swiftly, is to go Off the Radar. This can be done by phoning up Lester and selecting to go off the radar. You'll only be given 1 minute to be off the radar, and so you should time it just right to get the most out of your time off the radar. To extend your time off the radar, if you're a VIP/CEO, you can select "Ghost Organisation", to take yourself (and any associates you have), off the radar for 3 minutes.

"Getting rid of the Police"
It's a fact pretty much all GTA Players can agree with, the Police never really seem to help you out much. So, try and avoid getting their attention, and use Suppressed weapons if you're not in desperate need of using the full force/potential of your weapons damage capabilities. If you phone up Lester, you can remove the Wanted Level you've attained, and even Bribe the Police, into ignoring any crimes you commit, this can allow you to focus on killing other players, without worrying about the LSPD being up your arse within seconds.
If you're a VIP/CEO you can select the "Bribe Authorities" ability, which does both things, it removes any wanted level you (or any of your associates have), and allows you to commit crimes without the Police being informed and sent over to screw up your parade for a period of time.

"Keeping Watch of Key Areas"
This is a pretty important one, especially if you have reason to believe other players in your session intent to challenge you in the form of getting our their Insurgent Pickup, Tank, Hydra etc. One thing you can do is to keep watch on your radar/map of key points on the map. For example:
-Los Santos Int'l Airport
-La Puerta Helipads
-Central L.S. Hospital (helipads)
-Fort Zancudo
-Sandy Shores Airfield
-McKenzie Airfield
If you see a player heading towards these areas, be ready to engage.
You could of course, if your airborne, especially if you're in a jet, fly overhead these areas, and if you spot someone's Hydra or Savage, then obliterate it.

"Situational & Spatial Awareness"
It's very important, especially if other players are off the radar, for you to be aware of what's going on around you. The last thing you want is to notice something too late before you're mowed down. So always be on the lookout, keep constant watch of your radar, look around yourself, checking places of cover, and if you're airborne, keep look around you too, including behind you, you don't want someone sneaking up behind you.
Below are 2 examples,
The first, is an example of how staying on the look out, and help you spot off the radar jets and intercept/engage quickly.
The second, is an example of what can happen if you dont keep watch behind/around you.ZeMA7yl.gifh3mcAYh.gif


Section 8 - Additional Contributions

Additional Contributions:

This section shall cover info, tips, tricks, etc. from other players here on the GTAForums regarding how they go about their tactical business, and ensure that they prevail over other players.
Credit will be given where due.
Why get info from one player, when you can get it from many more? If you want to submit your own contributions, PM me and I'll get back to you, where we can discuss your own tactical tip and more.

- Heist Heavy Combat Gear only affects you whilst you're in a Heist, not in freeroam.

Credit to @ALLWORLD19, for mentioning the gear and reminding me.

Edited by SA's Most Wanted

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nice alot of info didnt see anything about heavy combat gear for heist

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Surpressors do nothing. Damage is the same, range is the same, accuracy is the same. The stats are lying.


Bulletproof helmets (aka buckets) are for people who are bad at this game and can't get kills without the extra hp.


Ghost org and off the radar are for people who are bad, too. Should only be used for defensive means. Otherwise, you're scum.

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nice alot of info didnt see anything about heavy combat gear for heist

Heavy Combat Gear only has an effect in heists, not on freeroam shamefully, so it wasn't


Surpressors do nothing. Damage is the same, range is the same, accuracy is the same. The stats are lying.


Bulletproof helmets (aka buckets) are for people who are bad at this game and can't get kills without the extra hp.


Ghost org and off the radar are for people who are bad, too. Should only be used for defensive means. Otherwise, you're scum.

If you have the money, and the ability to use it, to not use it effectively to your advantage would be somewhat stupid.


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> If you break it, you make yourself vulnerable to a missile or cannon hit, so let them break it first. If they don't seem to be breaking, then you should try and get the nose of your jet, just ahead of their jet.


It would be nice to see how exactly the player is suppose to do this if you are flying the same jet. Any actual maneuvers, tricks with breaks, gear, etc.


Also, it should be mention that the guide is oriented for the Auto-Aim lobbies. Third person will get you in trouble in the free aim deathmatch.

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Surpressors do nothing. Damage is the same, range is the same, accuracy is the same. The stats are lying.


Bulletproof helmets (aka buckets) are for people who are bad at this game and can't get kills without the extra hp.


Ghost org and off the radar are for people who are bad, too. Should only be used for defensive means. Otherwise, you're scum.

If you have the money, and the ability to use it, to not use it effectively to your advantage would be somewhat stupid.



Yeah, no. It's cheap and dirty. You may as well add ewo to your guide, with that mindset.

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jolly swagman's guide is better than this.

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