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GTAForums Weekly - Issue 5

Recommended Posts



Week of April 9th - 15th


Hello, and welcome to the fifth issue of GTAForums Weekly! It's been a bit quiet since our last issue, and not much has happened besides the usual. You may have noticed a slight forum restructure as the Announcements sub-forum now resides in the GTA Network section, just below the News sub-forum. This week also saw the banning of Natasha, a member that was known by many in General Chat.

Mach1bud has also posted the fifth Weekly Vehicle Showdown poll in the News section. Going head to head this week are the Pegassi Tempesta and the Western Company Besra. Vote now before it's too late!

Arthur Fookin Shelby as posted the tenth issue of Snapmatic Spotlight: Custom Rides & Garages and includes a variety of snaps from the community. You can view the latest edition here.

Spider-Vice has highlighted the popular Liberty City in V modification which brings the GTA IV map to the V Engine, while providing many other features as well. Inside the topic are exclusive screenshots of the mod, with an exclusive interview (in French). Check it all out here.

GTAForums currently has a total of 14,732,317 posts (+12,595 from last week) and 701,824 members (+511 from last week) at the time this is being posted.


Welcome to the fifth week of the Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

Grand Theft Auto

This week, GTA Online players did not get a new car, as expected by many (and even tweeted out by Rockstar this Friday, April 14 due to a mistake!), but there was a new Adversary Mode, “Land Grab”.

In Land Grab, which is basically a PvP version of Turf Wars, players must cover the most territory they can with their own team’s color before the other teams do so, while also using your weapons and the terrain to your advantage. According to Rockstar, the Adversary Mode pits “up to four teams against one another and with seven maps to choose from". This new Adversary Mode is also with a double GTA$ & RP bonus through April 24.

No other weekly bonuses this week, other than the pre-existing ones from last week. This week, the double GTA$ & RP bonuses for Stunt Races ended.

Seems like Rockstar has been clumsy this past week! Land Grab was announced pretty early in the morning (EST) this Tuesday, only for it to be reposted in the afternoon and immediately deleted, as noticed by a couple eagle-eyed Twitter users! It even had a different logo. Along with this, the Duke o’Death was mistakenly announced, as shown on the header of this GTA section! Allegedly, it seems like a mistake in scheduling and reading release plans led someone at Rockstar to tweet it out possibly days before they’re supposed to. I guess it’s likely coming Tuesday.

It doesn’t end here, however. As a possible Good Friday present, Rockstar has added some pajamas for you to sleep (whatever that is) tight at night in the GTA Online world… only for them to remove them hours after. And put them back. Definitely a bad day at the office!

Red Dead Redemption 2

After a painful week of expecting some more news, especially because Rockstar again extended the weekly bonuses to bi-weekly, this did not happen, continuing the cowboys-to-be spiral into madness, as Rockstar refuses to talk about the game. Speculation continues being rampant over at the RDR2 forums.

In fact, I think this explains the situation quite well… (cred MostWantedMVP from the RDR2 General Chat Thread)



Do you think you’re the pinnacle of the Los Santos fashion scene? Do you have that special posture to be a model? Is your criminal attire attractive? Then you’re in the right place!

Created by @REXX, the GTAForums Weekly Outfit Showcase allows people to show the best of their character using any apparel available in the GTA Online world, according to a given theme. After posting the best pictures you have with any apparel that fits with the theme, five outfits will be selected by REXX at the end of each week, and are posted in a Top 5 in the News section of GTAForums. The official explanation for this is as follows:

“The idea of the GTAF Weekly Outfit Showcase is to allow the community to get creative with the current apparel GTA Online provides. Anyone can post their outfits in the thread and it doesn't matter whether you are playing as a male or female character.”

Participating is very easy, you just have to follow a set of very simple rules and be confident you will be selected for the weekly top five!

You can find a link to this week’s thread in the title of this section and in the GTA Online forum, and a link to the current Top 5, hot off the press, right here!


Welcome back! Here's another fresh batch of snaps from GTAF's finest.


- Link


- Link




- Link





GTA Online


Blast from the Past will return next week!


This week, we managed to nab an interview with notorious mod creator @Thundersmacker. Check out his workshop here, if you're interested.

Unbid: What brought you to GTAForums?

Thundersmacker: Well I had been shadowing over the site for quite a while, looking at news regarding GTA V and following some modders that had topics. Then the first version of my Turismo Classic just came out and some people were saying how similar it was to the real Ferrari F-40. I just wanted to say my reasons as to why I made the way I did, so I made an account and chimed in.

U: How did you come up with your username?

T: I was a big Transformers fan several years ago and my favorite Decepticon was Thundercracker. When it came time to create a username for my then brand new fat PS3, I wanted something original and funny. So I changed Thundercracker's name a little and made it into Thundersmacker. Ever since then it has stuck and it has been the username I've always used.

U: Why do you choose to make mod content for GTA IV?

T: Because GTA IV is a great game despite it's flaws, and it's easy to mod once you get used to it.

U: Have you ever thought about releasing mods for other GTA titles?

T: I know I've been asked several times if I'll ever do mods for GTA V, and the simple answer is no. While GTA V is a good game and can be fun, for some reason I just never got really into it like I did with GTA IV. As far as other GTA games go, I did do some small stuff for San Andreas. It's not my favorite GTA title but the sheer amount of toys that you can play with is awesome, and adding even more content makes it even better.

U: Have you considered creating non-vehicle based mods?

T: I did create a custom player mod for GTA IV. But I really didn't want to release that to the public seeing how the character is a woman, and we all know how some mod users can be regarding female video game characters. Making weapons had my interest for a little bit but I never got into doing them for GTA, instead I made some for Fallout: New Vegas.

U: How does it feel to be one of the more well-known GTA IV modders?

T: The experience has been really great. I was quite surprised that people think so highly of my work and it really is cool to see people's reactions when I unveil my new projects.

U: What would you do after you feel like you don't want to make mods for GTA anymore?

T: Play the game like any normal person would, and enjoy the fruit of my labors.

U: Have you been interested in joining any GTAForums groups? If so, which one?

T: I never really was a person to want to join online groups or clans. I always like being free to do what I want and not be joined up with any certain group.

U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to? Why?

T: I do feel a sort of kinship with G.C.T. and JoeVK. Those two are like my brothers from other mothers in a modding sense. G.C.T. has a talent for making some amazing rides. Most of his creations are completely different from the car he started out with, and look like the original developers themselves made them. JoeVK is a cool guy to talk with and has made some great high quality mods himself. He has also uncovered some great tricks regarding GTA IV mods. Without him, I would have never known how to fix the annoying low camera bug that plagued IV vehicle mods for a long time.

U: What's your favorite thing about the forums?

T: The people and their want to share their thoughts. Mostly everyone on my workshop and been really nice and respectful, and ever sense I started my workshop my mods have never been better. It's just great to hear other people’s opinions as you are working on a project, rather than after you have released it.

U: If you were admin for a day, what would you do?

T: The same thing I do as a normal user, just check my workshop and look at various discussions.

U: What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series?

T: GTA Vice City has to be my favorite. As some who loves the 1980's, it was awesome to play a game set in that time period. The music, the cars, and the crazy styles were so great to see in a videogame. It's a shame that there really hasn't been any game since that has had the magic of Vice City.

U: Finally, tell us about yourself as a person. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?

T: I'm actually a very quiet person in reality, and really only say what needs to be said and that's it. I can be a very picky person who can go crazy at the smallest problem. This can explain the high quality of my mods, but it can be a gift and a curse at times. Travelling is something I really like doing, as it's cool to go out and see all of the amazing things this world has. And as far as hobbies besides modding, I have done some graphic design work, if you look at the liveries I made for my Sahara and Ensenada trophy trucks you'll see my work. Collecting 1:64 scale diecast cars is another thing I love doing. I literally have a shelf full of them right behind my computer monitor like a tiny car museum full of cars of various origin and type. I also own a first generation Toyota 4Runner, and I'm working on restoring it to top condition with my father. It's great to actually fix up something that I own with someone I love, and enjoy all of the hard work we did together when it's all done.


Tame Impala - Let It Happen


Let It Happen was released as the lead single of Tame Impala's third studio album, Currents. An almost 8-minute track filled with hints from multiple genres, including a section reminiscent of a scratched compact disc, as well as spoken-word vocals near the end of the song.

According to writer Kevin Parker, the song is about "finding yourself always in this world of chaos and all this stuff going on around you and always shutting it out because you don't want to be part of it." - a recurring theme on the aforementioned album.

Album: Currents

Genre: Psychedelic pop

Release Date: March 11, 2015

Label: Modular

Writer(s): Kevin Parker


- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week

- GTAForums News, Blast from the Past

@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central

@Testarossa - Track of the Week

@unbid - Interviewer

@slohbur - Graphics Assistant

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>the banning of Natasha


How'd that happen?

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Voit Turyv

>the banning of Natasha


How'd that happen?

This. How come the general public never learns for what reasons certain members are banned? I DEMAND TO KNOW.

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Femme Fatale

>the banning of Natasha


How'd that happen?

Turns out that "she" wasn't the girl that was posted in the selfie thread.

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Let's not take away from all the hard work the guys have put into Issue 5 by talking about the banning of one member. It due to multiple accounts, that's all, pretty routine.


Loving the Rockstar Central piece this week, great work as always from Spider, and thanks for highlighing the other new topics that get posted in the News section. It definitely feels like this little section is growing and I'm glad we have you guys contributing to it. Enjoyed the interview with Thundersmacker as well, it's always cool to have the spotlight on members who contribute something different to the forums other than topics and posts, i.e. mods in this case.

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Sivispacems Mother

"Natasha" was just someone who would agree with just about anyone and pretend to care about your issues for just a few likes. He/She had her eyes set on a badge under that profile and to be a moderator or something like Kirsty. It was way too obvious. Glad the dude behind that profile along with his need to be feminine are gone for good.



Nice issue by the way :^:

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Great issue thanks for the mention. It's a shame we haven't heard anything it's been a crazy week.

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I love the comet retro, a really pretty shot, like all the others. can't say I've heard of thundersmacker but it's always a good read. you guys are doing great.

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Thanks for posting about the Weekly Showcase. Had a good read, as always :D

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Great stuff!

One minor issue I figured I should point out as I noticed; the link to _MK's 'US Army' Snap, is wrong, its the link to FutureClassic's picture instead. The other links all seem to be fine though.

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Nice job guys. This is the first issue I've read. Good content and coverage of the week's happenings. Keep it going. The interview is a nice touch. Really brings the community together.

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