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Beta 4.0


Recommended Posts

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City -- Beta 4.0
(last updated 2017-04-15)

Thank you for downloading Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Beta 4.0, a total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ever since GTA: Vice City was released, ongoing work has been done to bring the world of GTA III into the new game engine. This allows you to play with features that are not present in GTA III (like motorcycles, helicopters, ability to kill vehicle occupants, and tire bursts). Although there are many similarities between the two game engines, there are enough complex differences that people are still working on the project to this day.

Getting Started
This release currently requires you to have existing installations of GTA: Vice City and GTA III. The installer will delete and replace files so remember to backup the original copy of the game. After you run the installer, you have to copy the audio files from GTA III to the installation's audio folder. You must run gta-lc.exe to play the mod.

What's New in Beta 4.0
Since Beta 3.3, the project has taken huge strides in faithfully converting features from GTA III to GTA: Liberty City, in fixing bugs, and in improving gameplay. Features that have been faithfully converted include:
  • All mission garages.
  • All cranes.
  • The lift bridge.
  • Vehicle sound effects.
  • All remaining opcodes that were used in GTA III.
  • Nearly all ped sound effects.
  • Script-specific special character sound effects.
  • Motion blur effects.
  • Weather tint.
  • Nearly all cheats.
  • All looping script sounds.
  • Car alarms.
  • Police scanner audio for zones and vehicles.
Visit Bugs, Glitches, and Incompletes for a list of bugs that have been fixed.

Future Work
The mod is far from complete. Major features that are missing from the release or need more work in the future include:
  • Cutscene head animations.
  • Car crusher behavior.
  • Train behavior.
  • Statistics.
  • Textures.
The Team
Visit Meet The Team for the most up-to-date list of all who have contributed to the project and details of their contributions over the years.

Personal Note
I am happy that Beta 4.0 is now released and I can finally move on from it after months of testing and preparations. Beta 3.3 is nearly five years old and sorely needed an update. As a team, this new baseline will allow all of us to better contribute to the project more effectively. I can begin to use my time to work on improvements to the mod on this new baseline. It is important to note that this release is by no means final. I know there are many things that still need improvements and you can still contribute to the project! All the disagreements on what should go into a beta release is one reason why I dislike taking a leadership role.
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Gah, the textures are still all over the place for some things :p I guess it's just all the different contributions over the years leading to some things looking re-compressed and others just thrown in PS2 textures. :D

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Unable to determine the version of gta-vc.exe.
GTA:Liberty City will not be executed.


I have Windows 64 bit and the Steam versions of the two GTAs.

Edited by glenster
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spaceeinstein--sorry to bring you trouble right after you say you don't want
leadership trouble. I got the mod to work! For some weird reason the VC
install stopped after the Install disk and I had to manually Copy the audio
folder files from the VC Play disk. But after doing the rest it works! There
isn't as much traffic or as many peds as in "III" but it looks good!

Edited by glenster
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From the 3.4 topic:

Treadables hack modified so that if you're using TAG's limit adjuster it won't crash.

Has anyone had any luck using TAG's limit adjuster? Game almost immediately crashes in debug mode (haven't tested main script).


Edit: Okay, now it crashes at load. Weird, it kinda worked earlier.

Edited by Kurropt Antagonist
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Open Limit Adjuster v1.5.5 works fine on my end. Are there any error messages when your game crashes?


EDIT: I have a very nice update coming up: III-style environment maps ("reflections") on vehicles! The following screenshot uses a Borgnine directly from III without any modifications to the model and texture dictionary:


This allows direct transfers of all of III's vehicles without additional modifications. This also allows Xbox vehicles from III to have a "reflection" if you don't have SkyGfx installed.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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No, no error messages. I grabbed 1.5.5 (not sure which versions I have already tbh) and will try again later. It's not a big deal honestly, just a curiosity.

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"EDIT: I have a very nice update coming up: III-style environment maps ("reflections") on vehicles!"


At the risk of asking too many questions--is it too soon to make a starter save?

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You can make a starter save anytime you want. Just inform people that it's only compatible with specific updates, like Beta 3.3 or Beta 4.0. I'm already making changes to the main script in the SCM so future updates will not properly load saves created on Beta 4.0.

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Okay, so 1.5.5 still crashed on startup with modloader enabled. With ML disabled, it would randomly crash.


HOWEVER, after changing the numbers in III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.ini to match those in gta_lc.ini, the game runs without issue so now I can use Project 2DFX in LC! So thank you for that space!


Also, random thought while messing around with vc_traffic again, the cfg file notes two different opcodes to be used as density multiplers in main.scm: 03DE for peds, 01EB for vehicles. I'm guessing they are called for, but for whatever reason during missions they're nullified? And this is why rampages were so tough before and why the Toyz van missions are such a pain.

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Sorry. Getting ditsy in my dotage. I must have been thinking of how you can
pause the game to put in a code and not change your radio station. Thanks for
the correction.

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A great thing about the EXE is that it acts as both an installer and a compressed archive. If you choose to not run the EXE, you can extract it using 7-Zip.

I don't like Mods specially 4.0

EXE zip are no longer acceptable auto-installers?

This Mod 4.0 ruins the grandest game of the GTA series,

Liberty City or Vice City all Mods suck!


Can we all act against Mods, as responsible gamers!

Stop the Mods , standalone stand up gamers!

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