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Cheats and walkthrough in one

Spiky Crown

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Spiky Crown



    This is your first boss of the game, and his missions are pretty easy and

    self explanitory, but I must include them for the sake of the guide. He

    can be found by going to the "L" on the mini-map.


    1. *The Party*

    Difficulty: 1/10


    Head to the clothes shop showed on your mini-map and grab some threads.

    Feel free to take that Freeway showed in the cinematic.  Now follow the

    next blip to Cortez's yacht, and watch the cinematic. You can now take

    his daughter with you in your car (or bike). Take her to the club.


    Reward: $100 -- Street Clothes delivered to save point.


    2. *Back Alley Brawl*

    Difficulty: 1.5/10


    Follow the blip to the club and meet Kent Paul. He will tell you to meet

    a chef in an alley. Go the blip shown on the mini-map. Use your fists to

    punch is lights out and take his cell phone. Three more chefs will appear

    after the cinematic with Lance. Feel free to kill them and take their

    Meat Cleavers, or just follow Lance. If you do kill them, make sure to

    grab the nearby Police Bribe. Take Lance and his Infernus to Ammunation

    where you can grab some nice artillery. Now drive back to your hotel.


    Reward $200 -- Cellphone


    3. *Jury Fury*

    Difficulty: 2/10


    *Note: Just before this mission, you should get a meaningless phone call.

    I mention this so you can keep count of phone calls.*


    Two juries are about to sentence a very important man, convince them that

    he is innocent by scaring the bageezes out of them. Grab the hammer in

    front of you and head south. Go up to the jury's car and beat it to a

    pulp with it. The jury will come out of the building and Tommy will say

    something (the phrase is random, I've done it 3 times).


    Now head back North and find the other jury. Hit him with the hammer and

    watch as he gets in his car. Wait a second, as a van is about to box him

    in. Hit his car with the hammer until he gets out. Ignore the police if

    they come, as the wanted level will go away after the mission.


    Reward: $400


    4. *Riot*

    Difficulty: 2.5/10 (see a pattern yet?)


    *Note: Before this mission, you should receive a call asking where the

    money is. This is meaningless except to add story. However, a few minutes

    later, you get another anonymous call. You can now receive missions

    from a phone near your save point.*


    Some workers are protesting, but you have to make it a full-blown riot.

    First, head to the clothes store and grab your Coveralls, then drive over

    to the point of riot. Attack four workers then run out of the area for a

    bit. The four workers you attacked will follow you, so beat them down

    one by one. Next, grab a weapon (you should have a pistol at least), and

    run back in. Shoot the explosive barrels near the van and watch as they

    explode. Do this for all three and claim your reward.


    Reward: $1000 -- Coveralls at Tool It Up


    *Note: Just after this mission, you get a fourth phone call. This is from

    Cortez saying that you can come work for him. Avery Carrington is already

    on the map, so we'll go see him next, as Ken is done with you.





    After finishing Riot, you'll get a call from Cortez. Find him on his

    yacht, located by the 'C'.


    1. *Treacherous Swine*

    Difficulty: 1.5/10


    Easy easy mission. Take the chainsaw and hop into Cortez's Cheetah. Go

    to the blip to find Rodriguez. Try to kill him in his house to make it

    easy, but if not, unequip the saw and run in front of him, grab the

    chainsaw, turn around, and kill him. You now have two measly stars, so

    head to the Pay-and-Spray to finish the mission.


    Alternate strategy:


    Buy a gun before the mission, or find one. I had a Shotgun, so I blew

    him away as soon as I saw him.


    NOTICE! There is a hidden package in his house! If you do not kill him

    before he leaves, you cannot pick it up until you can come back with a




    Kent Neale has this strategy:


    Simply park the car you drove over in outside.  Walk in the building.  

    The dude you're after runs away.  Jump in your car and run him over.

    Simple yet effective.




    Reward: $750


    2. *Mall Shootout*

    Difficulty: 3/10


    A bit harder than the previous, but easy nonetheless. Take the Cheetah

    again and head to the mall. Watch the cinematic and try to cap the French

    man in the mall. Otherwise, run after him, grab a bike, and get ready for

    a chase. Either drive-by him or force him to fall and run him over. Now

    depending on your location, go to a Pay-and-Spray, or directly to Cortez.

    Two stars is nothing.


    Alternate strategy: Same as with Treacherous Swine, come in with a gun

    and kill the Frenchman before he even exits the mall.


    Reward: $500


    3. *Guardian Angels*

    Difficulty: 4/10


    The hardest mission just far, and it reminds you of Bomb Da' Base from

    GTA3. Go the car park near your hotel and grab the Ruger. Now go with

    Lance to see Diaz. Get to your vantage point and crouch if you'd like to.

    Watch as the waves of Cubans come out to attack, and pop them. The Ruger

    is a one hit kill, so aim once and move on. After a while, two dirt bikes

    will come buy and take the money. Grab the bike that gets left behind

    and follow the other one. His path is winding, so try to keep up. Again,

    either push him off his bike or drive by. Take the money back to Diaz.


    Reward: $1000



    Lots and lots of people have this streagy:


    Who said you have to stay at the vantage point? Jump down and take a

    weapon with auto-aim and blow the crap out of everyone you see.




    After the mission Diaz calls and tells you to come see him for work.





    Diaz is located by the large 'D' on your minimap, on Starfish Island.


    1. *The Chase*

    Difficulty: 3/10


    This mission is very easy as long as you can run long enough. The more

    you sprint, the longer you become able to sprint. First, drive to the

    blip on your minimap, which is located northeast of your locating, at a

    hotel. Do as the game says and peer through his window, when the short

    cinematic shows your man, RUN. Follow him on his butt, ignoring all gun-

    fire and random cinematics; they can't hurt you. Now when he gets in his

    BF Injection, and his friend gets on top to play turret, take your super

    fantastic vehicle--the Faggio. He drives slow, but erratic, and the gun-

    fire is annoying, as it can do damage to you, but inevitably, it blasts

    your tires out. Stay on the tail of him until you end up at Prawn Island,

    and the location where Diaz's associate was stashing the money. Mission



    What? You don't kill him?! Not yet at least.


    Reward: $1000, and the opening of Starfish and Prawn Islands, but no

    access to the second huge island yet. Keep waiting.


    2. *Phnom Pehn '86*

    Difficulty: 3-6/10, depending on your aim


    This mission is a test of aim, something that must be acquired, not

    learned in a guide. The Ruger is your weapon and you'll be firing from

    a helicopter. There is manual aim, but no scope. Watch as you head

    over to Prawn Island as Lance flies you there. When you see some gang

    members standing and shooting (and you'll be very slightly moving),

    kill them all. Make sure you don't look over one as it can do some

    damage to the helicopter. The Maverick's (helicopter's) health is very

    courteous, so unless you are taking constant fire, you'll be fine.

    Repeat the killing four or five times until you get to a very short

    cinematic. These guys have hellacious guns, so kill them FAST. Shoot

    the explosive barrels if you can't hit the people directly. Phineas T.

    Arbuckle states that if you duck, your aim is much better.


    Lance will land and let you go off on your own. Ignore the gunfire that

    is coming from nowhere; it never hits you. Your ammunition will run out

    on the Ruger if you waste it, so save it for the gang members. Duck and

    fire, or take quick shots and run as you get to the first set of gang

    members. Go up the stairs and turn left, going through the hole in the

    wall. Repeat the proceess you did for the first section, and head up

    the last set of stairs. Take the briefcase and do a dance. You've

    reached a huge breaking point in the game.


    Reward: $2000, Avery Carrington reopens for business, and ACCESS TO THE

    WEST ISLAND! HOORAY! Helicopters and stuff are now yours for the taking!


    Note: You receive a phone call from Cortez after this mission, and he

    reopens as a boss as well. Continue on with Diaz for now.


    3. *The Fastest Boat*

    Difficulty: 5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Fly one from Diaz's to the boatyard, then shoot

    the guards from the roof of the boat garage.


    I did this mission once, had no problems, died on the way back to my

    hideout, reloaded, tried again, and died the second I stepped into

    the docks...after numerous tries, I have a strategy.


    First, go behind Diaz's mansion in the hedge maze and take the Sniper

    Rifle. This will help a lot throughout the mission. Get over to the Vice

    Port Docks, and keep going as the game tells you to get to the switch.

    Run the workers with hammers over, click the switch and GET BEHIND YOUR

    CAR. It is your shield for about 30 seconds.


    Using the snipe-and-duck technique, kill as many people as you can. When

    your car catches fire, switch to a weapon you can sprint with and sprint-

    jump to the boat (by this, I mean sprinting and jumping occasionally;

    this throws off the AI shooting). Get in the boat and FLOOR it. You have

    three stars. Ignore the police boats, they can't do anything to your

    Squalo. It's a straight shot to Diaz's mansion.


    NOTICE! There seems to be a huge glitch in the game that prevents the

    door that leads to the switch from ever opening! I don't know to fix this,

    but beware of it!


    Reward: $4000


    Note: You will receive a phone call telling you to get to the phone in

    Washington Beach. Ignore this for now.


    4. *Supply & Demand*

    Difficulty: 4-7/10, depending on your aim


    Get to the boat and see Lance, he'll be your turret for a while. Follow

    the lead boats until you pass them, then navigate to the yacht. This is

    the easy part. Now, if you had trouble with Phnom Pehn, this will be

    your Hell. You're going to have to use the Ruger from a boat, and hit

    people on boats. I can't teach you how to aim, so you're on your own.


    The first bit is to shoot two boaters that are behind you. Feel free

    to wreck their boats too. You should take minimal damage from this. Next,

    a Sparrow flies overhead. Blow it out of the sky. Here comes the hardest

    part--There are men lining the dock up ahead. As soon as you see someone,

    fire. Keep firing until you've crossed the dock. I took a lot of damage

    here. Lastly is a nice break. When you speed in front of a boat in front

    of you, cap the shooter and destroy the boat. End of mission. Now claim

    your lovely prize. Sorry for not being able to help much on this; it's

    all about your aim.


    Reward: $10,000!


    Note: After this mission, Lance calls and has a small, meaningless to

    anything but storyline phone call.


    Now we go back to Cortez for one of the easiest missions in the game.



    D. Colonel Cortez II


    1. *Sir, Yes Sir!*

    Difficulty: 1/10


    First, my strategy sucks. Ignore it. Seriously. The one submitted below

    is a lot better. Sorry for misleading a lot of people earlier.


    Make sure you have Grenades from the Ammu-Nation in the mall, a Sniper

    Rifle from Diaz's hedge maze, a melee weapon that can damage a vehicle,

    a fast car, and about $300-$600 you can blow on the Pay-and-Spray. Drive

    across the bridge towards the convoy. When you see the Patriot drive by,

    lob a grenade at the Barracks OL (the huge army transport truck). Now get

    back in your car and drive! Drive north to the Pay-and-Spray to rid you

    of your wanted level. Now drive back towards the tank, which has now

    stopped. Run over all the army troops you see. Continue until you know

    that all of them are dead. Go to the Pay-and-Spray when you need to. Now,

    there may or not be a Barracks OL with some men in it. If there are, get

    behind a somewhat nearby median (road divider), and snipe everyone out

    of the truck. Go to the Pay-and-Spray one last time. Last to kill is the

    guy holding turret on the tank. Just snipe his head off. Now, pull out

    your melee weapon and knock off one of the tank's doors. Get in.


    Although on your minimap, it looks like the garage is up a ramp, between

    a little alley, but it's not. Drive through the alley and turn left, you

    should see the pink dot now. Drive the tank into the garage, and get

    out. You have roughly sixty seconds before the tank auto-detonates, so

    drive as fast as you can in a slow tank.


    Reward: A pathetic, measly, lame, $2000...


    Now isn't that reward lame? Well, I've came up with this! Well, probably

    someone else has already, but I need some glory here. You have to own

    the Hyman Condo to make this work. Instead of taking the tank to Cortez's

    garage, take it to yours! If you know the path, you can do this with

    roughly ten seconds left. Just get out to where the garage is open, but

    you're decently far out of it. Watch the tank detonate, and let the door

    close. Open it again, and you should have a fully reconstructed Rhino.

    Add that to your $2000...



    Jason Story and many other have made me feel stupid with this:


    Instead of bothering with the grenades, just drive alongside the Convoy,

    and after about two minutes, the sergeant yells "PRIVATE! Go get some

    donuts!" To which he responds "Sir, yes sir!" Then, When the convoy stops,

    just hop into the tank and drive it to the garage.




    Another strategy by others is:


    Park a car in front of the convoy. A trooper will get out. Now saw the

    door down and take the tank. Easy as Pie.



    I know I said that I'd put four submissions in, but these are just too

    easy to even bother with. God, I feel so stupid. Paul Kent is open. Let's

    go to him.




    Difficulty: 6/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Use the copter to fly from the Malibu to ontop of

    where Lance is being held. Snipe everyone from up there, then take the

    copter back down and fly away.


    Kent is marked by large 'K' at the Malibu Club.


    1. *Death Row*


    And now, back to the hard stuff. Really, this is a hell of a wake up,

    although it's not amazingly hard, it is a change of pace. You'll need

    a sniper rifle, a nice weapon with a long auto-target, and fast car.

    This time limit actually has purpose, and we don't want poor old Lance

    to get killed.    


    Cross the Leaf Links bridge, cross the road, make a few turns, and stop

    about halfway down the road to the junkyard. Pull out your Sniper Rifle

    and kill the three guards around the car. Now get back in and ram the

    "road block". Pull out your auto-target weapon and start blasting the

    Haitians. Once the close ones are dead, pull out the Sniper Rifle again

    and kill the three or four in the distance. Next, drive up a little, and

    MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you kill the guy on the tractor. He will kill Lance

    easily. Pull up a bit farther and switch to the auto-targeting weapon.

    Kill the guys around Lance's hostage point. Your time should be slim

    now, so run over to him.


    Part two is easy. Run over to the Trashmaster and let Lance get it.

    Get out in front of the four Comets and watch as they bounce of you. It

    isn't too far of a drive from the junkyard, and once you get a decent

    lead on the Comets, they'll be hitting too much traffic to bother you.

    Drop Lance off and save. Mission passed. Don't bother trying to destroy

    the Comets either--another one will just respawn.


    Reward: Nothing, nada, zilch! Diaz is now open for business. Let's go

    back to him.


    Note: Cortez also calls, but as I said, let's go to Diaz. It continues

    this mission.




    Difficulty: 6/10


    Ahoy there! Yarrr...there be massive spoilers ahead! Beware! You have

    been warned.


    1. *Rub Out*


    This is the mission where all Hell breaks loose. This isn't much of a

    Diaz mission, more of a Lance and Tommy mission. Here comes the spoiler!

    Lance and Tommy have decided that now is the time to kill Diaz, and take

    over this town. Now, you're going to be given an M4, and that's nice,

    but you'll need a Sniper Rifle for my strategy, which is the safe, "take

    no damage but take twenty minutes" method. Lance is not your friend. He

    only makes the mission easier to fail. Keep him behind you.


    Start the mission by capping every single one of Diaz's men around you.

    Beware of the one or two in the pool. Run up to the doors and find out

    that they are locked. You're going to have to head to the hedge maze.

    Cap the two men near the start of the maze, and head in. Lance will rush

    ahead. Follow him with an auto-targeting weapon. Take all the hits that

    Lance would be taking. Grab the Sniper Rifle a little bit down the way.

    Once you get out of the maze, you'll enter part two, Diaz's mansion.


    This is where my panzy strategy comes in. As soon as you see a guard,

    blow his arm or whatever off with a sniper rifle. To your disadvantage,

    the AI is very good and usually sees you before you see them. If you

    have full health and armor, you'll survive no problem. Just make sure

    Lance isn't taking damage. Once you get to the stairs, go into Solid

    Snake-style stealth mode. Get as close as you can without being shot and

    nail anyone you see on the stairs. Head up slowly, and when you see a

    bullet, back off. Head up a little bit and blow his arm off (as that's

    all you'll be able to see. There's three or four guards here. When

    you get level to the dot that is Diaz, head through the door.


    Now you'll have to bust some heads fast, there's quite a few guards in

    here, and Lance is in massive danger. When Diaz comes out, auto-target

    him with a machine gun and start blasting him. When he runs into his

    little office, finish the job. Watch Diaz's final words and rejoice.

    You are now the owner of Diaz's Mansion, or should I say, the Vercetti

    Estate. You open for your own boss, and even though Cortez and the Cubans

    had first dibs, we'll be doing the Vercetti mission first.


    Reward: A whopping $50,000, Diaz's entire mansion, a respawning Shotgun,

    and an M4 in a room, and a two-car garage. Enjoy.


    Note: Paul Kent will call saying that he's at the studio with some

    work for you. These are the Love Fist missions. Sonny will call soon

    afterwards, and this is just for storyline purposes.


    Alternate strategy: Instead of going through the hedge maze, go to the

    left side of the hotel. I had a Python on me, but any one-hit kill weapon

    will do. Keep firing at anyone you see, then run in through the back door.

    Use the same "snipe before you get seen" strategy as I used before. When

    you get to Diaz's room, kill everyone before he comes out, then just take

    out the M4 until he runs. After he goes back into his room, finish him





    Difficulty: 5-7/10, depending on your aim


    Cortez needs to get out of town, and boat is his only way. However, there

    is a nice force blocking his exit. You're given a Ruger for this, so use

    use it to your advantage; it does good, fast damage.


    Start by killing the guys on the boats behind you, and then run to the

    front of the boat. There's a huge blockage out front; destroy at least

    two or three boats, but save your ammo. Use a different weapon to kill

    the people trying to climb up the yacht. Helicopters come next, and the

    hardest but fastest way to shoot them down is by killing the pilot. Men

    will repel down a rope continuously, so make sure you shoot the first

    two copters down quickly. Now, head back to the front of the boat and

    kill some of the stragglers still heading up the boat. In about ten

    seconds, an Apache helicopter will come out from the right and begin

    firing its massive guns. I was lucky as hell as I capped the pilot in

    about three shots. If not, keep firing as it makes its passes, it will

    either catch fire or crash as the pilot falls out. If all of Cortez's

    men die, you fail, so hurry. If you have a Rocket Launcher (found in the

    pool of a hotel near Sunshine Autos, next to the airport), you can

    knock it down in two shots. If not, pray that you have enough ammo. Clear

    a path for Cortez and watch as he sails to safety, away from the damned



    Reward: $5000 and a nice speed boat. I felt really stupid after finishing

    this mission because I feel off the damned boat as I rode up the docks.

    I was too lucky to try again. If you have a better strategy, submit it

    to me...


    Note: You'll get another call from Paul Kent saying that there's a price

    on your head and to be weary. I'm not sure what this means...yet.


    Head on to the rest of the Vercetti missions if you haven't already done






    1. *Shakedown*

    Difficulty: 4/10


    It's time to take over this town! To show that he means business, Tommy

    needs to offer some protection. Still, stores need a reason to want

    protection. That's where you come in. The North Point mall has many

    windows on stores that need busted, grab a good melee weapon that can

    break stuff (Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Hammer, Screwdriver, etc.) before

    this mission.


    You have five minutes to get to North Point Mall and smash all the stores'

    windows. This is harder than it sounds, but grab the Infernus or Stinger

    outside and drive. When you get there, find a logical order to hit the

    stores depending on your entrance. The Gash has a ton of windows, so

    you may want to do those as soon as possible. Run around and bust the

    windows on your mini-map. You'll slowly gain stars, but you can divert

    the first two with a change of clothes, after that, it gets hard.


    RUN! Run and jump and sprint and fly or whatever to every window you can

    find! By the end, you'll have four stars and a mall crawling with cops!

    Hopefully, you have enough armor to live. Ammunation has some though,

    but depending on location, it may be hard to get to. There are about

    twenty or twenty-five total windows.


    Reward: $2000 and the all amazing ability to buy assets. YAY!



    Lots of people have this strategy:


    Instead of using a melee weapon, use an Uzi. The cops will come anyway,

    so it doesn't matter. For an even easier way, take a PCJ-600 into the

    mall and drive by them. Easiness.




    2. *Bar Brawl*

    Difficulty: 5/10


    You NEED grenades for this. Buy them at the Ammunation in the mall. Start

    by capping the two guards at the bar and talking to the bar owner. He

    tells you to get over to the security building, so do so. You have five

    minutes, but that's no problem; it's around the corner. Get over to the

    wall and wind up a grenade, it'll take a few practice shots, but once

    you lob one or two over, every security guard and car will blow to bits.

    Drive back to the mansion, or hit a Pay-and-Spray first.


    Reward: $5000


    Lance will call afterwards. He's pissed that you're not giving him a fair

    cut. Meh...


    3. *Cop Land*

    Difficulty: 5.5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--After getting your uniform, grab a copter and fly

    to the mall. Park it outside, set the bomb, and get back in. Fly over

    to the mansion without harm.


    This is a fun mission! Seriously! It's fun!


    One of your men has screwed up and mis-wired a bomb that was supposed

    to destroy a coffee shop. Now, cops are roaming like flies, and they're

    bound to find Tommy's tracks. You have to get in and blow it yourself.

    Start by running a cop over or something and getting two stars. Get a

    cop car to follow you to the lock-up. Listen as Tommy and Lance mug the

    cops and take their clothes. Now get in the squad car and head to the

    mall. Walk in and get to the coffee shop. Step into the circle and RUN!

    Watch as it blows. You now have FIVE stars. Try to get a non-police

    vehicle and drive it to the Pay-and-Spray, because five stars is no joke.

    Do that, and take the easy ride home.


    Reward: $10,000 and Cop Outfit delivered to Washington Police Station.


    The Vercetti Mansion has now become an Asset worth $5000 a day. Take note

    of that.


    Lance calls again and he's still pissed. Is this leading to something?

    Probably not. Who cares?





    If you have done EVERY SINGLE ASSET! Not all but two, not all but one, ALL

    OF THEM!, you'll get a call from the Earnest telling you to come down.

    He's been beat up by Forelli's goons, and they're taxing all your assets.

    Thus, the more you have, the better and easier. I suggest owning them



    The first mission is at the Print Works.


    1. *Cap the Collectors*

    Difficulty: 3/10


    The Mafia are on Sanchez's (what the hell?), so this is amazingly easy.

    They start at the Boatyard, then Sunshine Autos, then the Ice Cream

    Factory, then Kaufman Cabs, Film Studio, The Malibu Club, and The Pole

    Positions is last. I hit them at the Ice Cream Factory and Sunshine

    Autos. Just get some speed up in a car and ram the Sanchez. Run the

    survivors over. The Mafia keep coming to the same asset, so this makes

    this very easy. Just kill them at one place and camp.


    Reward: $30,000


    Lance will call and tell you that Sonny is coming, so come back to get

    ready. That mission is INCREDIBLY hard, so lets do some of the somewhat-

    side missions, like the Cubans and Love Fist. Or, if you're feeling

    lucky, keep reading. Beware! *SPOILERS ARE COMING!*


    2. *Keep Your Friends Close*--SPOILERS AHEAD!!! YARRRR!!!

    Difficulty: 7/10


    Head back to the mansion to start this mission.


    Well, you've done it. This is the last storyline mission of the game. Now,

    that wasn't so hard now, was it? Ok, it was, but that's beside the point.

    Tommy's plan goes sour when it turns out that Lance is a backstabbing

    prick. You start the mission in your main office. Pull out a shotgun of

    some sort (I had a Spas-12), and auto-target any one that comes near you.

    Blow them away. When Lance shows up, get as close as you can to him and

    keep firing an Uzi as you run. If you're lucky, you'll kill him before he

    can get all the way up the stairs. If not, pull out your shotgun and get

    ready for some skillful duck-and-fire. Once everyone but Lance is dead,

    run back downstairs and grab some health and armor from your closet (if

    you've completed level 12 Vigilante and Pizza so you have 150/150, this'll

    be much easier, by the way). Head back up and charge Lance, eventually

    killing him.


    Ignore whenever the game says that the Mafia is stealing your money,

    unless they're draining you down to about $10,000, you're fine. Run back

    to the safe for a second, and watch as Sonny bursts in. NOW RUN! Get away

    from the gunfire! This is where we play cheap. Run down the stairs and

    out back, then walk out to the front of the mansion. Blow up the limo's

    and any Mafia you see straggling around. Get behind the now-destroyed

    limosines and crouch down to get better aim. Take out your heaviest weapon

    (hopefully a Rocket Launcher or M60), and blow Sonny away while his back

    is turned to you. Much easier than trying to get about seven or eight

    shots off while being fired at now, isn't it? When Sonny hits the floor,

    the credits roll. Congrats.


    Reward: $30,000, Hunter now appears at Fort Baxter military base.


    After the mission, Paul Kent will call. He just met Mercedes and he is in

    love. Good for him. Cortez will call next, and wonder if the rumors of

    Mercedes becoming a lawyer is true. Tommy assures him that she won't be,

    and the Colonel is relieved. Next, Paul calls again, now drunk off of

    his ass. Ignore him. Last, Earnest from the Print Works calls and tells

    you that he's doing fine. Good for him, too.


    Well, onto the side missions and to finish the non-storyline stuff.



VIII. *Non-Storyline Walkthrough*


There are other missions that don't concern the storyline, but are much too big

to go under the next section, "Side Missions." There are phone missions, and

missions for gangs, bands, and other stuff. I'll start with the Phone missions.




    Your caller is found by the telephone icon at different locations. These

    are the assination contracts you see on your stats page.


    1. *Road Kill*

    Difficulty: 2/10


    Very easy mission, just grab a fast car and keep looking at the yellow

    blip on the mini map. When you see a place you can cut him off, ram

    the pizza delivery man's pathetic little scooter. He'll fly off, and

    you can just run him over. Feel free to take the scooter and use it for

    some Pizza Boy Missions.


    Reward: $500


    2. *Waste the Wife*

    Difficulty: 3.5/10


    I loved this mission. Head to the new phone in Vice Point, and grab a car.

    A police car is very good for this as it's both fast and durable. Stop

    in the pink marker as our caller's wife gets in her Comet. She drives

    damn slow for the car she's in, so ram her until she catches fire, then

    get the heck out of there. Easiness, but worth it...


    Reward: $2000


    3. *Autocide*

    Difficulty: 6/10


    This phone is in Washington Beach. You'll need a Rocket Launcher (found in

    the pool of the orange hotel near Escobar International Airport), and a

    Sniper Rifle. The first guy you can kill by driving up to the top of the

    Washington Mall car park, and sniping him off. Head back down and drive

    relatively close to the Securicar. Fire TWO rockets, and blow it to bits.

    Your next target is in a Bobcat. Fire just one rocket, and he's gone.

    The next target is hard, but possible. Drive over to the closest land you

    can get to him, and snipe him off his boat. You may have to take a couple

    of tries on getting the best vantage point. The last one is driving along

    on a PCJ-600. If you're in a car, run him over. If you're on a bike, just

    shoot forward and watch him die.


    Reward: $4000


    4. *Check Out in the Check In*

    Difficulty: 5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Park the copter outside, kill the target, then

    get back in and fly to Ammunation.


    This phone is INSIDE the airport terminal. You lose ALL of your weapons

    when you go in, and they're left outside along the wall. Start by taking

    the Sniper Rifle and walking until the meter is about half full. Zoom in

    on your target, and kill her acquaintances. Take the briefcase and run

    outside. Grab all your weapons and get to a car as fast as you can!

    Not only do you have two stars and the police after you, but you also have

    guys in Sentinels shooting M60's after you...this is a lot easier if you

    own Sunshine Autos, because you can use its Pay-and-Spray and grab a nice

    car. If you don't...it'll be a long drive...


    Alternate Strategy: Same as before, but get in the car and drive north,

    across the grass and towards the far runway. To the right of that plane

    is a little space in the fence. Drive through and down the little path

    and watch as you end up inside Little Havana. No black Sentinels and the

    cops will scarecly bother you.


    Reward: $8000


    5. *Loose Ends*

    Difficulty: 4.5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Take a helicopter up to the top of the factory,

    ignore all the other idiots, and just kill the two guys up top, take the

    briefcase, and fly away. To hell with doing things legitimately.


    This phone is in Little Havana, and is the last phone mission. Head into

    the Cherry Popper factory with a shotgun or Colt Python and just blow

    anyone you see away. Auto-target can help you or kill you, depending on

    who it wants to target. Just keep firing until you get to a safe point.

    Make sure you kill the snipers up on the bilboard. The only trouble on

    this mission is the fact that it's very easy to miss one person. Just go

    around every corner and blow anything away. When you get to the top, make

    sure to kill the guys behind the vents. They have Spas-12 Shotguns.

    Grab the case and head into the helicopter. Fly away safely.


    Reward: $16,000


    That's it for the phone missions.





    After you finish Riot, Avery opens for business. His missions are a bit

    harder. He's at the construction site located with an 'A'.



    Difficulty: 3.5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--If you wait a long time to do this mission, you

    can fly into Leaf Links and kill the target with weapons.


    A big man in town is teeing off at the local golf club. Avery gives you

    a membership card so you can now get in. Drive in and let your weapons

    be discarded (no guns in the golf course, state law). First, head over

    to the sports clothes shop and grab some dorky golf clothes. Now head

    to the golf course down the road.


    You should have a bat, knife, machete, meat cleaver, or some melee

    weapon, and those are acceptable. If you don't, you'll get one from the

    Caddie sitting out at the beginning of the course. Drive that over to the

    blip and get out of your car. He will tell his guards to get you, so get

    in your Caddie and drive away for a bit. Now turn around and mow down all

    five of his bodyguards. This makes the mission _THAT_ much easier. Now

    just follow the guy in his Caddie until you can push him in the lake.

    Mission accomplished.


    Reward: $500 -- Golf clothes at the clothes store in the mall.



    Sasha Gajic has another method:


    I was having no luck running his cart into the lake, and before I knew it,

    he made it to the parking lot and escaped. My method was a cheap as hell

    one, but it worked really well.  Go up the stairs of the driving range,

    just enough to hear him tell his guards to get you.  Immediately run back

    down, get in a golf cart, and drive back to the country club entrance.  

    Go through the metal detector, grab the Uzi gun sitting there, place

    yourself a little ways away from the metal detector on the outside,

    crouch, and wait for the yellow blip to reach you.  As soon as the target

    runs through the metal detector, gun him down.  Simple, and it worked





    Various People have these methods:


    1. Take the Caddy inside and just ram all the other ones into the water

    first, watch as he tries to run to the door and flatten him.


    2. Stay outside the course, and park your car near the little gas

    can on the left side. Jump on the car and over, and retain all your

    weapons, thus making him an easy target.





    2. *Demolition Man*

    Difficulty: 5/10


    This is a pretty challenging mission, because the helicopter controls are

    wacky. You may want to do a test mission just to learn how to fly it.

    Head up the street to the Top Fun van, and grab a bomb. Fly to the

    construction site and drop it in the pink area. Try not to get hit by the

    workers' hammers, as they will eventually destroy you. You have to go up

    the stairs for the next ones, you cannot fly around through windows.

    Repeat the process for the first one trying not to get shot down or

    hammered. The time limit is very gracious, so ignore it. It just tries

    to scare you. After you've done this, enjoy the fireworks.


    Sasha Gajic also says: "Your helicopter is a mean, lean, construction

    worker slicing machine…if you’re getting nervous about all the hammer

    swinging workers, get ahead of them a bit, lower yourself close to the

    ground, and fly back into them.  Instant salad, and no pressure!"


    Reward: $1000


    3. *Two Bit Hit*--Available after the Diaz mission "Phnom Pehn '86".

    Difficulty: 3.5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Doesn't really matter, but you could just fly to

    to the funeral, kill the gang leader, and fly away.


    Ah, a nice, easy mission. Don't be too excited...


    The cinematic will bring back memories for the GTA3 players, as Donald

    Love is in it. Avery's speech is similar to one Love gives to you as

    well. "Nothing drives down prices like a good old fashion gang war,

    besides maybe an outbreak of plague or a bomb, but that may be going

    too far."


    Anyway, drive over to the clothes shop and grab some Cuban threads. For

    an extra feel, take a Cuban Hermes. It doesn't matter. Now, park a bit

    in front of the first car, and get out. If you get the "spotted" message,

    good. If you don't move up a little. Now, since you're not that close,

    the gang lord won't get in his hearse, so kill any Haitian that's

    bothering you, then snipe off the head of the gang lord. It's a short

    drive out of Little Haiti.


    If you miss or move to far up, you'll have to chase the hearse. This is

    pretty easy, just dodge the exploding coffins he drops behind him, ram

    him into walls and poles until the man finally gets out. Then run him

    over. Drive-bys make this faster.


    Reward: $2500, and a call from the Cubans, opening them for bosses.





    1. *Stunt Boat Challenge*

    Difficulty: 3/10


    Easy mission, very similar to Checkpoint Charlie for the Boatyard. Just

    hit every checkpoint you get to, making sure you don't overshoot one.

    There are a few of them that you'll have to hit a jump to get, make

    ABSOLUTELY sure that you don't miss one of those. There's plenty of time,

    so just follow course.


    Reward: $1000


    Note: Auntie Poulet will call, these are the Haitian missions. Stick with

    the Cubans for now.


    2. *Canon Fodder*

    Difficulty: 5.5/10


    Get a car that seats four and head over to the war zone. Pull out a big

    weapon and blow up the car. Pick off any remaining Haitians. When you get

    the short cinematic, blow the sniper's head off. Head forward a bit more,

    and kill some more Haitians. In the last area, find some safe ground and

    blow away as many Haitians that you can find. Make sure that you don't

    hit any Cubans, as that fails the mission instantly. When you have a

    break in the waves of Haitians, grab the van and floor through the alley.

    Head back over to the cafe, ignoring all the Haitian gunfire.


    Reward: $2000


    3. *Naval Engagement*

    Difficulty: 6/10


    Drive over to Rico and get into his boat. When you get to the Haitian

    base, pull out your Rocket Launcher or M60. Blow the boats to bits, then

    take out the few on the docks. When on land, finish the last few off.

    Pull out a sniper rifle and kill any Haitians on the building. Make sure

    to get the one on the roof, and the one around the corner. Collect all

    of the briefcases, then watch as Rico and his boat are blown to bits,

    and your wanted level shoots to four. Run out to the road and pray that

    you can get a getaway car. I was lucky enough to come upon a Stinger,

    and on the second time, a Phoenix. Anyway, head across the bridge to

    the west island, and take your choice of either going to the Pay-and-

    spray, or straight to the cafe. Either way, you pass the mission.


    Reward: $4000


    You can't do the next Cuban mission until you finish the Haitian's.


    4. *Trojan Voodoo*

    Difficulty: 5/10


    The opening cinematic is great, definitely one of the best. Anyway...


    This isn't too hard of a mission, but it is fun. GTA3 players relate this

    to the mission "Blow Fish", where you get to wipe out the Triad Fish

    factory. But I digress...anyway, start by jacking a Voodoo, the Haitian

    gang car. Take Pepe over to where the other Cubans are, across the road

    from Kaufman Cabs. Head over to the Haitian factory and wait for them

    to open the gates. Park at the blip, get out, and start blowing Haitians

    away. Before arming a bomb, kill all the Haitians, then go up the stairs.

    Arm the first bomb, run downstairs, arm the second one in the corner, then

    hit the last one near the door. Now here's where a lot of people get

    confused. The gates won't open on your way out, but run over by them, turn

    right, and you'll see some stairs. Run up them and onto the roof (you'll

    have about ten seconds left), once you get out of range, you'll get to see

    a nice cinematic of the factory becoming nothing more than a junkyard.


    Reward: $10,000


    Umberto calls afterwards, and he's proud of you. You've got big cojones

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Spiky Crown



    Seriously, I kept waiting for her to say, "Call me now for your free tarot

    reading!" She's probably the strangest character of Vice City, as she

    gives Tommy a tea that makes him forget where he is, who he is, and what

    the hell is going on. She's found in Little Haiti and marked by a voodoo

    doll on your minimap.


    1. *Juju Scramble*

    Difficulty: 5.5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Just fly from briefcase to briefcase. Screw the



    This is a lot harder than it sounds. Start by grabbing the first case up

    top of a building. You now have two stars. Get off the roof and drive over

    to the second one. You now have four stars. On your way to the third one,

    you'll run into a police bribe. Take that, and then head over to the Pay-

    and-Spray. You have enough time. Take the easy drive to the final case,

    and then head back over to Auntie Poulet's house. The hardest part comes

    with the three-star drive over to the Pay-and-Spray, as it's pretty easy

    to get your car spun out and wrecked, and you'll lose a ton of time.


    Reward: $1000


    2. Bombs Away!

    Difficulty: 4.5/10


    Dammit, another RC mission. Drive over to the Top Fun van. The hardest

    part of this comes from the horrendous handling of the plane. Learn to

    fly it first. Make sure that your first bomb is well aimed, as it'll make

    the rest of the mission much easier. Try to hit the back of the middle

    boat, as that should take out at least two boats, and most everyone on

    the dock. If you can hit the last boat before it takes off, great. If not,

    chase it down and blow it up. It never gets away, it just circles around.

    A couple of Cubans will make a getaway in a car. Get as close as you can

    to it and blow it away. If there was anyone left on the docks, take them

    out now. If you screw up on your first bomb, just restart. The first one

    is key.


    Reward: $2000


    3. Dirty Lickin's

    Difficulty: 4-6/10, depending on your aim


    I don't know why everyone thought this mission was so hard. It really

    isn't. Start by taking the adrenaline pill under the stairs, then head

    up. Do as the mission says and get up to your vantage point. Crouch

    down and start picking off Cubans. Once the first batch is dead, two

    vans will come. Pull out a Rocket Launcher or M60 and blow them up before

    they even get out. If you don't get them, just pick them off. Lastly,

    a group of about six Cubans will run out from an alley. I took an M60 and

    just did a spread fire. It took out all of them. Don't bother with the

    sniper rifle except for the first batch, it's worthless on the vans and

    the last bit. If you don't have an M60 or Rocket Launcher, use the biggest

    thing you have. Failing the mission once is good, as it'll let you get

    used to the location of where the vans come.


    Reward: $5000


    You can now go back to do Umberto's last mission. Auntie Poulet calls

    now. You're not welcome in Little Haiti anymore. Every time you see a

    Haitian, they'll be firing at you. Don't do this mission if you haven't

    covered all the unique jumps, rampages, and hidden packages of Little

    Haiti. It makes them hard as hell.





    This is the band set up by Rockstar themselves, and are found at the

    music studio in Downtown. This is marked by a skull icon on the mini-map.


    1. *Love Juice*

    Difficulty: 2.5/10


    A nice, simple mission. Take a fast car and drive to the blip down the

    road. Face towards the road to save time. When the drug dealer rips you

    off, flatten him off his bike and take his money. Love Fist needs some

    lovin', so go over to Mercedes house. Face towards the road if you can.

    When she gets in, be ready to FLY. You have a minute and thirty seconds

    to get over to the studio, as the Love Fist concert is about to start.

    I made it with about ten seconds to spare, even in a Deluxo...


    Reward: $2000


    Note: After this mission, Paul calls and says that Love Fist could do

    with some security work. The Biker gang should do that. They open for



    2. *Psycho Killer*

    Difficulty: 3/10


    Someone is out to kill Love Fist, and its your job to stop him. Drive

    over to the record store in the limo. When you get there, you'll watch

    a cinematic that makes _NO SENSE_ at all, but whatever. Follow the car

    in the limo and ram it. Then drive-by it until it pops. Hooray.


    Reward: $4000


    You can't do the last Love Fist mission until you complete the Biker

    gang's missions. See the next section.


    3. *Publicity Tour*

    Difficulty: 4/10


    This mission is absolutely hilarious. The Love Fist limo is rigged to

    blow, and the band members that have to diffuse it are drunk off their

    asses! Nothing is funnier than drunken Scots! Just keep driving down the

    main highway of the west island, making a U turn at the end. You should

    have enough speed to not blow when you make that turn. Do this a couple

    of times, trying to not to drop the controller laughing at Love Fist's

    comments, and the bomb will be diffused. Drive them over to the concert

    hall, and you've completed the mission. For fun, while the bomb is still

    active, go full speed, then bail, and watch Love Fist explode and kill

    a huge group of people. It's pretty funny.


    Reward $8000


    That's it for Love Fist and Paul Kent.





    1. *Alloy Wheels of Steel*

    Difficulty: 4/10


    This is another racing mission, so it's up to you. I can't come over to

    your house to teach you how to drive, so...Start by taking an Angel parked

    next to you. Go to edge of the block, get a lot of speed, and just tap

    one of the bikers. This gives you a good two second lead. Now, it's just

    a matter of not wiping out. I had such a large lead by the end that I

    was able to fly off my bike, end up in the Police compound, run around it,

    and get back on my bike. So it can't be that hard...


    Reward: $1000


    2. *Messing with the Man*

    Difficulty: 6.5/10


    A lot of people e-mailed me saying that this was a hard mission...it

    really isn't. You have two minutes to show Mitch how pissed you are by

    causing as much chaos as you can in two minutes. My weapon arsenal was

    the Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktails, and a Spas-12 Shotgun. I blew up

    any car I saw, torched any pedestrians, and fired at any cop. I hid in an

    alley behind the Greasy Chopper to keep from being flattened. I had about

    20 seconds left when I filled the chaos meter.


    Now, if you have a tank, which you could've easily gotten in the mission

    "Sir, Yes Sir!", or by getting six stars and taking one the hard way (like

    me), then this is cake. Just fire the turret and run over anything in

    your way. With my tank, I did this in about 35 seconds.


    Reward: $2000



    SoccerOwl has this strategy:


    All you gotta do is blow up a car outside and repeatedly shoot at it.

    That's all. Just shoot at the blown up car and your chaos meter will

    fill. It took me a few days to find that one. Slainte!



    3. *Hog Tied*

    Difficulty: 5/10

    HELICOPTER COMPATIBLE--Instead of making the jump, fly to the bike.


    Some gang has stolen Baker's bike, so you have to get it back. Start by

    taking a PCJ-600 or a Sanchez. Go over the the stairs you see in the

    short cinematic, clear the road, and land on top of Ammunation. Jump down

    and take the bike. Now is where a bit of luck comes in...if you didn't

    sit with a shotgun and pick off all the nearby gang members, you'll have

    to hope that your tires don't get flattened. If they do, you're going to

    have a lot harder time getting back to Mitch. To get out of the little

    complex, go up some stairs and out. When you do, three Gang Burritos

    will be on your ass. This is why having flat tires is really bad. I had

    both of my tires flat, but I managed to get back. Just weave in and out

    of traffic, as that will throw the Burrito's off.


    Reward: $4000


    Note: You'll get a call from Mitch after this saying that he'll do the

    security job, so you can go back to work for Love Fist.


    That's it for Big Mitch Baker and the Biker Gang.





    After you finish "The Job" for the Malibu Club, you can do work for Phil.

    These are marked by *gasp* a 'P' on your minimap, in the junkyard.


    1. *Gun Runner*

    Difficulty: 5/10


    Bah, this misson is evil. Take Phil's Patriot and drive it north. Ram the

    two trucks you see there, then drive-by them until they explode. Try not

    to rack up a wanted level. Take the weapons, even if you have to swtich

    out another weapon. Once you take these, Faggio-riders of death will

    appear. They can shoot out your tires, but are worth $100 each if you kill

    one. Ram the other trucks, and do the same thing, taking heed of the

    stupid moped guys firing at you.


    Reward: $2000


    2. *Boomshine Saigon*

    Difficulty: 4/10


    Phil happens to be drunk off his ass on 'boomshine' (moonshine mixed with

    some battery acid), and Tommy's just in time to watch him show off some

    fireworks. Sadly, it doesn't work at first. He walks over to get some

    new batteries, and BOOM. His arm flies off and becomes a bloody stump.

    You just have to get him to the hospital. The catch--his boomshine is

    so strong, that you're drunk too! Sho shtake yoush and Phil to sthe

    hoshpital drunk. If a cop sees you, you get one star, and the mission

    gets a bit harder. Try not to run one over. Once you get to the hospital,

    Phil tells you that he knows a 'specialist' in Little Havana. Thankfully,

    that's right down the road. Drop him off and complete the mission, and

    get your vision back.


    Reward: $5000, Phil's Asset Completed


    You can now buy some heavy weaponry for a price at Phil's place. Let this

    be known that this is how the Phil in GTA3 loses his arm. Some war eh?


    Phil will call after saying that he's thankful for saving him. Yak yak...


Well, that's it! There's every side mission. You've now completed every single

mission in the game. Onto the R3 missions, arena challenges, and all that good

stuff. You're a long way from 100%.



IX. Side Missions

    A. 'R3' Missions


    In certain cars, pressing R3 will begin a special mission. After          

    completing a certain amount of them, you get something. That's a good

    thing. Vice City has many of these missions to offer.


    1. Firefighter

    Available Vehicles: Firetruck

    Difficulty: 6/10    


    Description--Circle fires the hose, the right analog stick aims it. It

    starts with just a burning car, then a burning car with one person, then

    a burning car with two people, then a burning car with three people, etc.

    At level 5, 9, 13, and so on, another car is added, and thus more people.

    This is pretty hard, so learn how to aim your hose.


    Best Place For: Anywhere--I used Downtown because that's where you find

    the parked truck...I'd assume Escobar International would be a good place

    because of a lack of stuff to run into; however, the tunnel may cause

    lots of a mapping problems.


    Reward for completing: Level 12 = Always Fireproof on foot


    2. Distribution

    Available Vehicles: Mr. Whoopee

    Difficulty: 5/10


    Description--People around the town need their "ice cream"! Drive to them

    and deliver. Easiness...or not...For every four you sell, you get a star.

    This is because it's not ice cream...it's magic powder. Yea...magic...

    Drive around for a bit to get rid of the star, then do four more. For

    the best results, stay near a Pay-and-Spray.


    Best Place For: Vice Port has lots of druggies and very few narcs. Yup.


    Reward for completing: 50 in a row allows the Cherry Popper factory to

    earn you daily money.


    3. Pizza Delivery

    Available Vehilces: Pizza Boy

    Difficulty: 4/10


    Description--Someone needs his pizza! Pick it up from the pizza place

    and deliver it to him. For every level, you must deliver one more pizza.        

    You have five minutes for every level. You are your own worst enemy.

    Don't hit any cars. You can carry six pizzas at a time, so levels one

    through six are damn easy. After that, you'll have to plan your paths

    well. You only get thirty seconds for dropping off six pizzas and coming

    back for more. This is pretty easy, and well worth it.


    Best Place For: The east island--gotta love that beach!


    Reward for completing: Level 10 = 150 Max Health


    4. Paramedic

    Available Vehicles: Ambulance

    Difficulty: 8/10


    Description--You have a set time limit to drive to a patient on the

    street, and get him back to the hospital. For every level you go up,

    you have to pick up another patient. You gain time by picking a patient

    up, and for dropping 3 off. For every bump you make (hitting something),

    their life ticks by faster. Drive safely.


    This is the only time I condone cheating. Put the perfect handling code

    on, enter the health code to heal your ambulance, it's that damn hard!

    I haven't broken down yet...but I'm coming to that point.


    Best Place For: Ocean Beach is the best and really only place where you'll

    ever pass this. The beach makes for easy clumps of patients, so use it

    wisely, and pray you don't flip.


    Reward for completing: Level 12 = Infinite Sprint


    5. Taxi Driver

    Available Vehicles: Cabbie, Kaufman Cab, Taxi, Zebra Cab

    Difficulty: 2/10


    Description--Find a person who needs to be taxied, then take him to

    his location in a certain amount of time. You get money for delivering

    people faster, and the money goes up incrimentally. You get bonuses at

    five, ten, fifteen, et cetera. If your taxi gets too beat up, your

    passenger will flee. If you have enough time, get to a Pay-and-Spray.

    Otherwise, start over and get a new taxi.


    Best Place For: Anywhere. It doesn't matter at all.


    Best Vehicle For: Zebra Cab--it's the fastest and best handling of all

    the taxis.


    Reward for completing: 100 Taxi Passengers = Hyrdraulics on all taxi



    6. Vigilante

    Available Vehicles: Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI Washington, Police, Rhino,

    and the Ultimate Vehicle (Hunter).

    Difficulty: 5/10


    Description--You have a set time to find a criminal driving around the  

    city, force his car to stop by ramming it, flipping it, forcing it to a

    corner, anything, and then kill the driver and the passenger.


    There's a pattern here. For every level, another criminal gets put into

    the car. For every four, a new car is added. After 12, the cars split up,

    and you'll occasionally end up with a sniper as a criminal, or someone

    inside somewhere. The Hunter has a special Vigilante mode called 'Brown

    Thunder' that is incredibly easy. The challenge comes from not wrecking

    yourself. I made $400,000 in the Hunter just by getting to level 22.

    It gets boring after a while.


    Best Place For: I liked the west island the best, because of the winding

    turns that make for crashing criminals.


    Best Vehicle For: The Rhino or Hunter are the only vehicles that even make

    this possible...


    Reward for completing: Level 12 = 150 Max Armor



    B. Arena


    At 20:00-23:59, the downtown arena holds challenges. The money earned

    depends on time, number of other things done (destroying cars, etc.), and

    how many other arena challenges you've done.


    Bloodring--A demolition-derby style race for checkpoints.

    Difficulty: 5/10


    This is fun! If being rammed to bits will trying to grab one damned

    checkpoint is your idea of fun. This sucks I tell you! You only have to

    get to one minute, so it isn't too hard, but the other cars will ram you

    and force you to spin. Flipping costs you between five and ten seconds,

    so beware. As soon as you hit one minute, you win. You get more money

    for destroying cars as your race.


    Complete this mission and you can grab a Bloodring Racer on the left side

    of the arena. Thanks to Racer #27.


    Dirt Ring--32 Checkpoints, 1 Sanchez, No Time

    Difficulty: 6/10


    Reward for under 5 minutes:  $50,000!

    Reward for under 10 minutes: $10,000.

    Reward for over 10 minutes:  $5,000.


    I absolutely DESPISE this. Some of the checkpoints are hell to get. My

    record time is about fifteen minutes. Feel free to laugh. Grab the

    checkpoints along ground in the small track first. Then, hit all the ones          

    that require you to simply gain speed and jump. Then, go to the loops

    and other semi-simple ones. Fourth, go for the ones that require you to

    cross a slim piece of wood or piping, but don't involve cars. Lastly,

    get the ungodly hard checkpoints that involve crossing a slim board over

    uneven cars. To note, you cannot get a checkpoint on foot.


    Hotring--A 12 lap race

    Difficulty: (for first) 8/10, (for second) 6/10, (for third) 5/10


    This is not easy at all. I was off my nut when I posted the first info.

    The first six cars want to race. The last six are hell bent and destroying

    everything around them. Get a quick jump into the top five off the start

    and try to get up to first or second within a couple of laps. There will

    be the occasional pile of cars in the middle of the track that will ram

    your car and slow you to a halt. If your car reaches a sliver of health

    get to the pit stop! Losing a few places is better than losing the race.

    You get $500 for third, $1000 for second, and $2000 for first.



    C. Rampages


    There are 35 Rampages hidden throughout Vice City. In these, you have

    a certain amount of time to kill a certain amount of a certain type

    of people, or destroy a certain amount of cars. These can be very

    challenging. As I find these, I will post the location and how to pass

    them. You get incriments of $50 for every completion.


    Unlike GTA3, there's only one location per rampage. Hooray. You have two

    minutes for every rampage.


    Major, major credit to qwertyuiopasd of GameFAQs.com for writing a truly

    awesome rampage FAQ, and then letting me use his locations and number

    order. He helped me get the last six I needed, and thus, you can see

    them here. For his FAQ go to:




    Tips: 1. All of these are easier with 150 health and armor.

    2. If you've pissed off the Haitians, it's all that you'll get. This makes

    melee rampages evil.

    3. Always come in full health and armor, so you don't die as fast.

    4. This is dishonest, but it does all of your tough rampages for you.

    The tank turret, the Hunter missiles and minigun, and the Sea Sparrow

    minigun can do the rampages for you! Abuse the hell out of this if you

    have to. Thanks to Feitclub.

    5. Try to get a score of 45 at the Shooting Range after the mission "The

    Shootist". You'll have a quick reload ability that makes this amazingly




    1. This is on the beach south of your hideout, near a bush. It's pretty

    easy to find.


    Weapon: Molotov Cocktails

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: Keep the Cocktails as far away from you as possible, as they

    drain 69 health everytime one hits you. Keep chucking them, and ignore

    the police. Not too hard, just throw them far.


    2. Between the lighthouse and the main beach. Look around, it's in plain

    sight as well.


    Weapon: Running Over

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: Make sure you already have a car, as it'll save a ton of time.

    This is incredibly easy. Just go up and down the sidewalk running over

    packs of gang members. I had 90 seconds left when I finished.


    3. On a hut south of Colonel Cortez's docks. You'll need to have completed

    the first set of Cortez's missions to access a boat. Go out to the

    uncompleted hut, and it's right there.


    Weapon: Rocket Launcher

    Misssion: Destroy 10 Vehicles

    How to do: Boats are your targets. Just hope that enough spawn out there

    and just keep firing. Don't destroy your own boat; you need it to get

    back. You could also use a helicopter to get there, then fly back to

    mainland and do this easily.


    4. On top of the Washington Mall (check the map that came with the game).

    Use the spiral ramps to get up there. It's in plain sight.


    Weapon: Shotgun

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: The hardest part is that you won't always kill in one shot. So

    when a target hits the ground, fire a security shot. You can either jump

    down from the roof, or "snipe". Whatever works for you.


    5. Drive south from the Washington hospital and look for a grey 'L' on

    your map. It's in there. It's hard to find the general spot, but once you

    get there, you'll find it.


    Weapon: Katana

    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members

    How to do: This is patheticly easy. Go up to a couple packs of gangs and

    cut them up. Laugh as they fall to the ground headless.


    6. Directly across from Rafael's clothes shop, in an apartment conplex.


    Weapon: Chainsaw

    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members

    How to do: This is pretty easy. Go up to a pack of gang members and slice

    them up. You can keep the chainsaw attacking by holding down circle.


    7. In the car park near your hotel, drive up the little ramp at the top

    and fall off. In the corner, you'll find this.


    Weapon: PSG-1 (Sniper Rifle with Laser Scope)

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: This thing has rapid fire. Keep tapping Circle and watch as

    it blows the heads off a group of gang members. The cops won't touch you,

    and they won't either. Just have fun watch limbs blow off.


    8. Down the road from the Ocean Beach hospital, in the second house with

    stairs. It's on a wall, run and jump to get it.


    Weapon: M4

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: Whee! Just aim the weapon manually and blow a pack of gang

    members away. Before they realize what's going on, they'll be dead. Stay

    on the ledge where you picked this up from, as you have a nice vantage



    9. Right next to the bridge leading to Starfish Island (I mean RIGHT NEXT)

    is a set of stairs. Run around up there to find this rampage near a long



    Weapon: MP5

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: No, you can't drive by with this. Just keep aiming and re-

    aiming at any gang member you see, kill them, and wait for his cronies

    to come after you. Cap them one-by-one.


    10. South of the Malibu Club is a huge hotel. Go around back of it and

    you'll find this in the bushes.


    Weapon: Spaz-12 Shotgun

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: Man, this is too easy. You can take out two or three people in

    one shot, and then kill them six more times. Overkill doesn't count, so

    make sure to re-aim.


    11. Same location as the last one, but keep heading north. It's at the

    top of the diving boards.


    Weapon: PSG-1

    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members

    How to do: Stop laughing. Aim. Fire ten shots. Yay.


    12. In the little cul-de-sac near Leaf Links. Very easily found.


    Weapon: Drive-By (Uzi)

    Misson: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: Drive around the cul-de-sac firing until you have enough

    kills. This is easier on a motorcycle because you can fire forward.

    Just keep killing them. If they come up to your car, kill them before you

    get pulled out.


    13. Near Leaf Links, on a dock behind the apartments.


    Weapon: Chainsaw

    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members

    How to do: Rev it up and charge at a pack of gang members. By holding

    down Circle you can keep attacking with it. Just mow them down one-by-one.

    Twenty isn't that hard to do.


    14. North Point Mall, second level, near the escalator.


    Weapon: RPG (Rocket Launcher)

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: You are your own worst enemy, one wrong shot and you're

    in more pieces than you'll ever find. Just keep firing near the packs

    of gangs, and try not to hit police, as it racks up wanted levels.


    15. Outside the doors of the North Point Mall's east side.


    Weapon: M4

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: Same as the other M4 rampage. Just aim at a pack of gang

    members and kill them before they know what hits them. The M4 fires mad

    fast, so this is pretty easy.  


    16. Along the huge beach, behind a house. It's between the North Point

    Mall and the beach.


    Weapon: Colt Python

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: Ready. Aim. Fire. When you see a pack of gangs, aim and cap

    them one by one. If some run at you, great! Easy kills! The Python is

    a one-hit death, so this isn't too hard. You can sprint as well, and that

    makes any rampage easy. Cops will come, but ignore them.


    17. Go to the very north of the island, just north of the North Point

    Mall's parking garage is a house with two ramps. Go up one of them around

    back and grab this.


    Weapon: Drive-by (Uzi)

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: Same as the last drive-by one. Motorcycles work best, but you

    can do it in a car. Just keep firing at anyone you see. Except cops. Cops

    aren't supposed to be shot. Don't get pulled out of your car, either.


    18. Heading west on Starfish Island, go to the very center and look right.

    There's a small alley there. Turn left as you go down it, and at the very

    end, head into a housing area. At the beginning of the drive-way (at the

    house), is the rampage.


    Weapon: Running Over

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: Man, these are easy. Take the car near the rampage, and drive

    it over the ramp. Now that you're on the street, run over any gang members

    you see, and laugh as they crunch. Damn, I'm evil.


That's it for the east island and Starfish Island.


    19. On that huge ship at the docks. It's between some of the boxes.


    Weapon: Rocket Launcher (RPG)

    Mission: Destroy 15 Vehicles

    How to do: Argh. This is the suck. Vehicles never spawn when you need

    them, so destroy any you see. If you have to, blow people up and get

    some cop attention. Cop cars are vehicles too.


    20. Near the airport is a huge orange hotel. Go around the left of it

    to find this rampage.


    Weapon: Grenades

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: This is a hard one as well. You can easily blow yourself to

    bits, and if a gang member chases you, you can't kill him so easily.

    Try to stay away from the packs and lob them far away, so you have time

    to run if they start following you. There is some luck in this.


    21. Hit the unique jump at Escobar Airport--the one in the Surf VC bil-

    board. Fly off this on top of the airport terminal. It's at the very north

    edge of it. You can use a helicopter as well.


    Weapon: Rocket Launcher (RPG)

    Mission: Destroy 12 Vehicles

    How to do: Whee! More of this crap! Use the same strategy as in #19.


    22. Inside the airport terminal, it's in the back.


    Weapon: Spaz-12 Shotgun

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: All right, a fun and easy one! The Spaz makes all things easy,

    so just lock and load. Cops won't bother you much as you're inside.


    23. Near the Fort Baxter Air Base, behind a sign.


    Weapon: Minigun

    Mission: Destroy 15 Vehicles (DAMMIT!;)

    How to do: If you can get a car to stop traffic beforehand, you'll pass

    this easily. I was able to get about seven cars in about fifteen seconds.

    If you rack up a wanted level, great! Cop cars are vehicles, aren't they?

    The hardest part of this is to get enough cars to come, and you can't run

    with a Minigun on hand.


    24. Down the road north of Sunshine Autos, in a little alley. Head up

    the stairs and grab this on the roof.


    Weapon: Ruger

    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members

    How to do: Anything less than 30 is easy. Use the same strategy of the

    M4. Find a pack of gang members and blow them to bits. The Ruger has some

    choppy aim, but since one hit kills, it's no matter.


    25. Take a helicopter and head the Starfish Bridge. Head directly west

    from it to find this rampage on the corner of a roof.


    Weapon: Crappy Sniper Rifle

    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members

    How to do: This thing reloads after every shot, very slowly at that. If

    you can't find enough gangsters, let go of R1, turn around, then aim

    again. A bunch of people should show up. You have a long scope, so just

    kill them as fast as you can, and ignore anyone that runs away.


    26. Behind the "El Corrupto Banko Grande", which is down the main road

    north, on the left side. It's not too far from the Starfish bridge.


    Weapon: Katana

    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members

    How to do: Finally! Some pathetic easiness. Just run up to a pack of

    gang members, do some kung-fu fighting, and watch your enemies bleed,



    27. In the very center of Little Havana, in the middle of some basketball

    courts. Very hard to miss.


    Weapon: Shotgun

    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members

    How to do: As said, this usually takes two shots to kill, so always fire

    an insurance shot. Stay behind the fencing of the courts, as it wards

    away a lot of gunfire and leads your enemies into uncertain doom. Twenty-

    five isn't hard to do.


    28. In an alley behind the Print Works in Little Haiti.


    Weapon: Tec-9

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: This is ungodly difficult...the gun has no aim, and takes like

    two seconds of fire to kill one bloody Haitian. What I did to beat this

    was got on a PCJ-600 and drove to the main road. There's a lot more space

    and a lot less violent Haitians here. You can't drive-by in this rampage;

    I tried.


    29. Head north towards Kaufman Cabs, but stop when you see a large

    bilboard reading, "Welcome to Hell". Look to your left to see an alley.

    At the end of this, and around the left corner, is the rampage.


    Weapon: Spaz-12 Shotgun

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: This should take out two or three gang members per shot, so

    just watch as they fall to the floor in a bloody heap. Hehehe..."heap."

    The Spaz is a beautiful gun.


    30. As you head north down the main road, you'll find a huge pool of

    water. In the same little area is a parking lot, and in the the east

    corner of it is the rampage. Just go into the lot and turn around.


    Weapon: M60

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: Ah, some nice heavy weapon, and my weapon of choice. Just

    find a pack of gang members and hold down circle. It kills in one hit,

    and is very accurate, so have fun.


    31. Behind Rock City and Well-Stacked Pizza in Downtown.


    Weapon: Drive-By (Uzi)

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: This rampage is pretty hard. Make sure you have a car before

    you start...I messed up on that bit the first time. Drive up and down

    the road firing at the packs of gang members. If one comes up to your

    car, drive away and run him over. One missed kill is better than being

    torn out of your car. The cops can get annoying after about 25 kills,

    because if they ram you, your aim gets thrown off.


    32. Across the road from the Downtown Ammunation, up a long flight of

    stairs that are also a unique jump.


    Weapon: Colt Python

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: Run down or just jump off of the staircase. Aim, fire, re-aim,

    fire, and continue the process until you've killed 35 gang members. The

    cops will probably come, but as always, ignore them. They go away after

    the rampage.


    33. On the road that has Ammunation on it in Downtown, keep looking

    to your left. When you see a building with long, winding stairs, walk

    up them to find the rampage.


    Weapon: Molotov Cocktails

    Mission: Kill 40 Gang Members (wow...)

    How to do: If you've completed level 12 of the firetruck missions, you'll

    love yourself, and love this rampage. If not, throw them far and stay away

    from your targets. Cops hate fire and you'll have three stars by the end

    of this. This is the single hardest rampage in the game, unless you are



    34. In the V.A.J. Finance center in Downtown. Starting from the Hyman

    Condo, go east out through the construction blockades. Look to your right

    as you go down until you see the big "V.A.J. Finance" sign. It's in the

    very back. Thanks to Robert for fixing a mistake here.


    Weapon: Minigun

    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members

    How to do: Have fun. Stay a decent distance away from the gang members,

    because if one gets up close, you're screwed. You can't run or jump, and

    you'll get killed by one guy with a fist because you can't stand still

    long enough to shoot. With that in mind, hold down Circle and just let

    'er rip. It took me 37 seconds to do this.


    35. Near the helipads on Hyman Arena.


    Weapon: Flamethrower (burrrrnnn...)

    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members

    How to do: When fire is around, you'll be your own worst enemy. A couple

    of poorly shot flames and it will come back at you. Full health and armor

    is a must for this. For the strategy, just walk around finding gang packs

    and torch them. I was lucky to only get one star, but if you get two, the

    police won't do much to you, as they'll never get up the arena stairs.


Again, major credit to qwertyuiopasd and his rampage FAQ.





    D. Unique Jumps


    There are 36 Unique Jumps in Vice City. These are sometimes hidden,

    and sometimes blatant. By hitting a certain jump and landing in the

    correct spot (sometimes), you complete the jump. These are shown in

    cinematic view and are very cool. You get incriments of $100 for every

    jump. Unless specified otherwise, every jump will be hit best on a PCJ-600



Let's start with the huge alley south of the Malibu Club and north of your

starting hotel. There are lots of jumps here.


    1. There's a wooden plank set up against a wall along the road. Rev up

    from the grass and hit it. The jump is before the alley, just to note.


    2. As you head down the alley, you'll see a flight of stairs (the ones

    you used in 'Guardian Angels'. Hit it and fly onto the next roof.


    3. Same alley, different staircase. These are the ones Lance used in

    'Guardian Angels'. Rev up the beach wall and hit the staircase, landing

    on the police station's roof.


    4. Farther down the alley is another flight of stairs, hit them and land

    on the ajacent roof.


    5. Even farther down is a little wooden box, get a ton of speed, and hit

    it facing slightly left. Land in the middle of the alley to get credit;

    DO NOT LAND ON THE ROOF! That's not the jump.


    6. Still farther down, and facing north, is another box. Get some speed

    and hit this one, landing on the roof across the road.


Now, we go to the Malibu Club, where a few jumps reside, or at least, I can

give good directions to the stuff from here.


    7. To the west of the entrance is large cement barrier, hit this, and

    go across the river.


    8. Facing south from the same spot, rev up and go down the grassy area,

    where you'll see another cement barrier, hit this, and go over the bridge.


    9. Go across the bridge you just jumped, all the way to the Starfish

    Island bridge. Turn around, get some speed, and hit the little dirt

    mound, and go over the river.


    10. Now, turn around from number 9, and you'll see yet another cement

    barrier. Hit this, and fly over the river.


    11. Now, we go over to the construction site. There's one that has

    some partial windows, and one that doesn't. Go to the one that doesn't,

    all the way up to the third level. Get a decent amount of speed as you

    go somewhat north off the edge of the rail.


These ones have some hard locations to describe, but I'll try. They are all in

the Ocean Beach area.


    12. There's a large car park west of your starting hotel. It looks like

    a capital T. Go up to the top and hit the ramp, facing south.


    13. There's a building with white stilts and a staircase leading to a

    useless door in Ocean Beach. It's right next to the south Pay-and-Spray.

    Anyway, go down the alley and hit the stairs facing south. Fly over

    and land on the adjacent building.


    14. Now, if you're on the same roof where you landed, hit the staircase

    in front of you. Now you should see three vents. Two face south, one

    faces east. Hit the left vent facing south and go over the ajacent

    building for this jump.


    15. Find the Washington Mall car park, which I believe is near the police

    station in Washington Beach. Go up to the top, and face east, towards the

    shotgun pick up. If you had enough speed, you'll fly over to the next



    16. Hopefully, you're still on the roof that you landed on in jump 15.

    You'll see a bunch of vents, but rev up and hit the one on the far left,

    clearing the next building.


    17. If you have completed the first set of Colonel Cortez missions, you

    can access the northernmost docks. Go in, and turn left at the first split

    in the docks. Get a ton of speed and hit the jump.


    18. Continuing your steam from jump 17, hit the next jump on the docks.

    Slam on your REGULAR BRAKE (not the handbreak) or else you'll end up in

    the water. If you're paranoid, bail as you land, then take a boat in to

    shore. Hooray, halfway through.


There is only one jump on Starfish Island:


    19. Coming from the east, make the first right and head to the inter-

    section in the center. Stop, look right, and you'll see an alley. Go

    through it and turn right. You should see a large orange house. Go around

    it and find a small staircase. Go as far back as you can from it and

    use it as a ramp. There's jump 19.


There is also only one on Prawn Island:


    20. On the far west part of the island, turn right to see a long white

    staircase, hit this, hit another ramp, and you'll be on the correct roof.

    Look right to see a long ramp, rev up and hit this to fly over the film

    studio doors and complete the jump.


Now, we go to Escobar International Airport, which has eight jumps, all of

which are in the main airport...place. It's the largest one, and it contains

the main airport terminal (the one with a sloping roof).


    21. As you go into the airport, you'll see a large "VC Surf 3D" bilboard.

    Heading south, it has a ramp. Hit this and land on top of the main

    terminal building.


    22. Inside the main section, along the side and facing east, is a mobile

    staircase (okay, there are a lot, but this is the right one). Hit it,

    and land in the street or on the VC Transport building.


    23. Further south is a large lift ramp, it's pretty hard to miss. Hit

    the left one and land in the street.


    24. There's another set of mobile stairs that is facing west and leading

    over the easternmost loading bridge (the long white things =P). Sail

    over it and try not to face plant into the plane.


    25. There's another loading bridge west of the one you just jumped.

    Do the same thing, still heading west.


    26. Now turn around after this jump to seee yet another set of mobile

    stairs facing east over the same loading bridge. You guessed it; jump it.


    27. Farther west from the loading bridges is a large red radar. Facing

    east of this is a mobile staircase. Hit it (wow), and sail over the low

    part of the radar building.


    28. Get a ton of speed facing west and hit a yellow and black striped

    runway marker. Use it to jump the radar building. Face a bit to the right

    as you hit it so you only jump the low part. You'll never make it over

    the radar.


Now, to Little Haiti and Havana, where four jumps reside.


    29. East of Kaufman Cabs are a bunch of containers and a floating police

    bribe. Head around the road left to see the ramp you need to hit to grab

    it. Get some speed and go over. This is incredibly easy, but try to go

    over the bilboards as to avoid some head trauma.


    30. Now south of Kaufman cabs is a broken down bus near some houses.

    Look north to see the ramp you have to hit. Jump the bus.


    31. From where you are now, there's a large sewage channel that runs

    north to south. Facing east, in the middle, is a ramp. Hit it and clear

    the channel.


    32. This one too me ages to find. Go north from the Cuban's cafe. You'll

    eventually come to a set of alleys that make a '+' type intersection on

    your minimap. Take the south one, and keep hitting the ramps until you

    end up hitting the one you need to.


Lastly, we go to Downtown.


    33. Facing Ammunation is a long flight of stairs. Get some speed and you

    can land on the building. You do this in the Biker mission, 'Hog Tied',

    but you can do it any time.


The last three can be hit anytime, but it's stupid. You do them during the last

Film Studio mission, G-Spotlight.


    34. When you start the mission, you get this one as you crash through the

    glass onto the huge building opposite.


    35. Eventually, you'll come to a ramp on top of the hospital. Use it to

    clear the road and land on the Secondhand Circuitry shop.


    36. The last one! Are you psyched? No? Meh, you shouldn't be. You don't

    get $1,000,000 when you complete all the jumps. Just $10,000. Poopy foo.

    This is the last jump of the mission; the one that leads to the spotlight.


Lots and lots of credit to an e-mail by Wayne Taylor. I know he copied it from

somewhere, but who cares? It was good info. O, and let me laugh at VICKAKERS,

who tried to rip this section of my guide off. May he burn in hell for his

insolence. Send him hate mail at [email protected]. He deserves it.


    E. Hidden Packages


    Again, there are 100 packages in Vice City. These are absolute HELL

    to find, however, the rewards are very good. For every 10 packages you

    find, something is delivered to a location. It can be armor, a weapon,

    a car, it just depends. However, I am much too lazy to post the

    locations of all of these, and I couldn't tell you how to get to them if

    I had to...


    Read bradsnet's Hidden Packages FAQ for a very detailed list of how

    and where all the packages are. He's the best. I swear.




    Here's a list of all the prizes you can get:


    10 hidden packages: Body Armor at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    20 hidden packages: Chainsaw at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    30 hidden packages: Colt Python at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    40 hidden packages: Flamethrower at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    50 hidden packages: PSG-1 at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    60 hidden packages: Minigun at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    70 hidden packages: Rocket Launcher at hotel and Starfish Island mansion.

    80 hidden packages: Sea Sparrow behind the huge mansion on Starfish Isle.

    90 hidden packages: Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base.

   100 hidden packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle (Apache Helicopter) at Fort

                        Baxter Air Base.



    F. RC Races


    These are spawned from Top Fun vans. Each one you complete is worth

    incriments of $100.


    1. RC Bandit Plane Race--Located at the top of the multi-story car park

    near the North Point Mall.

    Difficulty: 6/10


    This is very hard, as the plane likes the mishandle up and down, and the

    checkpoints always seem lower than they are. As long as you don't miss

    a checkpoint, you have a smooth victory. The other planes are very slow.


    2. RC Bandit Car Race--Near the Dirt Bike track at the very north of

    the beach, at the starting line.

    Difficulty: 5.5/10


    Not easy, not easy at all. Try to get a lead by the first lap, if you

    get into first place and stay there for about 10 seconds, all the other

    cars will virtually disappear until you wipe out. So get a quick lead,

    and drive *gasp* safely.


    3. RC Raider Checkpoint--Escobar International Airport, near the southern-

    most entrance.

    Difficulty: 7.5/10


    This is, in my opinion, absolute hell. It's not that the checkpoints are

    hard to get to, find, or that you even have a time limit. The handling

    on your stupid helicopter SUCKS. You press forward too far, you crash

    into the ground. You press R2 or L2 too hard, you'll spin out. You

    can pass this by going about five miles per hour and crawling to every

    checkpoint, but to try to go full speed is another story.



    G. Checkpoint Races


    You get $100 for the first completion every time.


    Trial by Dirt--There's a huge dirt track around Downtown on the west

    island. Hop onto the Sanchez next to it to start the checkpoint race.

    It's kind of hard on the second lap because three Haitians with

    Machete's will come after you, and it rains...you get money every time

    you beat a record time...so do like 10 minute races and then milk it.

    Difficulty: 5/10


    Test Track--There's a Landstalker next to the Sanchez. Same thing, only

    now the challenge comes from not flipping.

    Difficulty: 4.5/10


    PCJ Playground--On the side of the building across the street from the

    Malibu Club, there's a PCJ-600 resting next to the wall. Start by hitting

    the first jump and grabbing 1 and 2. Go off the wall and up the stairs,

    grabbing number 3. Grab 4-6 in the alley below while gaining speed to

    hit the wall and take 7 and 8 from the roof. Drop down off the wall again

    and pick up 9-11. Hit a little ramp and grab 12. Take 13-17 in the alley.

    Drop down into the mall for 18 and 19. Go up the stairs for 20. Grab 21

    and 22 along the road. Go down the alley and rev up. Get full speed and

    hit the stairs in the parking garage. You'll grab 23 in the air. SLAM

    on the brakes and stop on the roof for 24. I beat the 120 second time

    limit by 30 seconds...

    Difficulty: 6/10


    Cone Crazy--On the roof of the parking garage near your starting hotel is

    a Stallion. There are five checkpoints with cones around them. Collect

    them all. You start with 12 seconds, and get 12 more for every one you

    grab. Start in the top right corner, and take the two up on the ramp. Go

    down to the opposite corner and grab the other one. Turn around and go

    through the 'U' turn of cones, taking the fourth, then park into the last


    Difficulty: 3/10


    The next four checkpoint races are all done with Sparrows, and have

    unlimited time, like Dirtring. They're very easy. You must have the west

    island opened to do these.

    Difficulty: (average) 4/10


    Ocean Beach Sparrow--Behind the Pay-and-Spray in Ocean Beach is a pink

    building. On top of it is the Sparrow that starts the checkpoint race.

    This is a pretty easy one, just watch out for palm trees.


    Vice Point Sparrow--Across the street from the Pay-and-Spray is a large

    apartment complex. Turn right as you enter and you'll see it in plain

    sight. A bit harder than the Ocean Beach version, but still easy.


    Little Haiti Sparrow--This one is best reached if you already have a

    helicopter. A few blocks behind Kaufman Cabs and on top of a roof is this

    race. Pretty easy, but watch out for Haitian gunfire when you fly low.


    Downtown Sparrow--If you remember the mission G-Spotlight, it's on the

    same building you used to start it. It's down the road from Ammunation

    and on your first left. Look for a white staircase. It's in plain

    sight. This is the hardest one as you have to fly through the hospital

    and a large skyscraper. You have to have G-Spotlight completed to do this

    checkpoint mission.    



    H. Street Races (Sunshine Autos)


    If you own the Sunshine Auto Car Showroom, you'll notice the pink circle

    with the map in front of it. These are the street races, and they are

    one of the best ways to make lots of money fast. Tour! is the best for



    For all of these, the Hotring Racer is your best bet. It's fast, it's

    durable, and it handles well. It's the prize for completing all four

    Showroom car lists. Remember, hitting a cop car is one star, running a

    cop over is two. Losing a few seconds on a race is better than ramming a

    cop. If you get a large enough lead, you'll never see the other racers

    again, so drive like a panzie after that. Some suggest blowing the other

    cars up with a Rocket Launcher before the race, but that's stupid. Two

    stars only makes the race harder. If it's raining, don't bother. You'll

    have too much trouble on corners.


    If you want to win easily, take out the Rocket Launcher before the race

    and make sure to blow up all the cars at once. Don't let one survive...

    then, take an easy drive back for the win.


    ALWAYS start the race by getting speed and knicking the front car. This

    automatically starts the race and gives you a good two second lead.


    Difficulty: (average) 4/10


    1. Terminal Velocity


    Length: 1.1 Miles

    Entry Fee: $100

    Difficulty: 3/10--Pretty easy, just watch out on some of the sharper

    turns. This is a short race, but don't blow it by hitting a cop. You

    should finish this with flying colors.

    Reward: $400


    2. Ocean Drive


    Length: 1.65 Miles

    Entry Fee: $500

    Difficulty: 2/10--It's longer, but the turns are so easy it's hilarious.

    Just drive.

    Reward: $2000


    3. Border Run


    Length: 1.93 Miles

    Entry Fee: $1000

    Difficulty: 3.5/10--If you've pi

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Spiky Crown

A. Cheats


U = Up

D = Down

R = Right

L = Left

X = X

O = Circle

T = Triangle

S = Square

R1 = R1

R2 = R2

L1 = L1

L2 = L2


Gameplay Cheats

R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U----All Weapons #1

R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L----All Weapons #2

R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D----All Weapons #3

R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U-----Full Armor

R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U-----Full Health

R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1--------Commit Suicide

R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R-----------Raise Wanted Level

R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D-----------Lower Wanted Level

O, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, O, T--------------Ladies Man (Girls follow Tommy)


Character Skin Cheats

R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R------------Change Clothes

L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2-------------Ricardo Diaz

O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1----------------Lance Vance

O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2---------Candy Suxxx

R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1--------Ken Rosenberg

R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2-----------Hilary King

D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X----------Love Fist Guy 1

R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1--------Love Fist Guy 2

R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1 ,R, O---------Phil Cassidy

O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X----------Sonny Forelli

R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T----------Mercedes


Vehicle Spawning Cheats

O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T----Rhino

D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L---------Bloodring Racer

U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2------------------Bloodring Banger

R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1---------Hotring Racer 1

R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2---------Hotring Racer 2

D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R---------Romero's Hearse

R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R-------------Love Fist

O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R----------Trash Master

R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L---------Sabre Turbo

O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X---------Caddy


Other Vehicle Cheats

R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1--Blow Up Cars

R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2----------Aggressive Drivers

O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X----------Pink Cars 1

O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, O----------Pink Cars 2

O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O----------Black Cars

R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1---------------Low Gravity

T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1--------------Perfect Handling


Weather and Other Cheats

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D--------------Sunny Weather

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T--------------Cloudy Weather

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S--------------Very Cloudy Weather

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O--------------Stormy Weather

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X--------------Foggy Weather

O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T-----Speed Up Time

T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1---------------------Slow Down Time

D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1-------------Peds Riot

D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2-------------Peds Hate You


New Cheats

O, L1, D, L2, X, R1, L1, R, X-------------Robocops (don't ask)

R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T-----------Media Level Meter

R, R2, C, R1, L2, S, R1, R2---------------Hovering Cars (DRIVE ON WATER!;)

R1, X, T, R, R2, S, U, D, S---------------Weird Wheels

R1, R2, L1, L1, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U----Car Speed Doubled





i had to do it like this coz im only alowed 76800 letters in a post and i had over on the first two attempts

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wow thats a lot of work. Nice job. Even tho i finished the game i would have used it if i hadn't finished it already.

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thats real good but isnt there a similar pinned topic? ooh well its good anyways :)

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Yeah its pretty weird that you just typed that...or did you take it?  I think I saw it somewhere



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Unfourtanelty, this was a copy from the Cheat planet wlakthrough. Anyways, good copy and paste ;) I only wish I could do it as good as you :)

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