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Claiming Account



I have an account named "Cambridge" and it was banned because it was registered on the same system or IP as another account(s) and the reason for banning it was for being suspected as being an inactive fake/duplicate account. My friend was in talks with a moderator/administrator named sivispacem and apparently it could not be confirmed if it is a genuine case or not, so the situation here is pretty much null if not more inclined towards the fact that it still is banned on the suspicion on being bogus, precisely the reason for me making this thread. The earlier issue apparently was that being created minutes apart on the same system, having names of similar nature, etc caused the case to remain in the state it is in right now, even though I saw my friend's messages with sivispacem and it appeared that multiple users using the same system was an okay thing but according to sivispacem, this case was a bit different and hence the matter was taken to someone even higher and over there apparently the matter was not resolved because understandably the suspicion remained. Our request to you guys was a simple one that we do not have access to a different system and in my support email messages with another gta forums support person named Kirsty I do mention that I avoid spending data pack usage of my phone for surfing and the wifi on my phone is not a reliable provider hence I alternate the same system with my friend. Today however, I have made this temporary account from another system away from the one me and my friend work on, to appeal to possibly un-ban my account because it would seem that the issue being pressed on earlier was that one account per person as your policy states so it took me some trouble but since I wanted to talk about my account on my own rather than through my friend which I hoped would work, but clearly did not, I'm sitting in a cafe typing this to you guys to hopefully have my account un-banned and then I can later figure a way out to access it not on the system I work on because apparently that is a big sin here, but maybe I'll drop by the cafe every now and then to check out the forums if that what it would take for me to access my own account until I find a more permanent way to have access to the forums. I hope someone can help me, it's a kinda funny smelling internet cafe, worse that [email protected] in IV so yeah, I hope it's worth the trouble. I also made this temporary account and created this thread with it because I was waiting for a reply on my email by the support (I can show you the conversation that happened between me and Kirsty if you like, but I'm sure you must have seen it by now?) and I got the answer to my initial email but not to the one I wrote I think 2-3 days ago? So yeah. Can I get some help now possibly? Our mutual friend or rather my friend's relative more or less, has had his account banned along with mine as well for more or less the same reason but he as of now shows no interest in getting it un-banned but I do want my account un-banned and I speak for myself so kindly keep that in mind while reading all this.





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2 answers to this question

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My eyes! Some paragraphs wouldn't go amiss ;)


I hadn't got around to dealing with your email yet but you seem pretty insistent about this so I've checked it out. As far as we can tell the accounts are innocent so far, so I've unbanned them. If any more pop up though we're going to get suspicious, as I'm sure you can appreciate this is an excuse we hear a lot.

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Thank you so much Kirsty! Yes I do appreciate and understand that fact way more than you can imagine lol...Thank you for your time and understanding once again! You may delete that temporary account and lock the topic if you wish. :santa:

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